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So if you follow me on Instagram or if you just you know if you have been following me for a while you probably know that for the most part, I do prefer wearing my hair down, I do not know it just makes me feel, I guess more feminine more like woman, I do not feel really confident and good wearing my hair down. So I’m always thinking of different ways that, I can wear my hair while still having it down and today I’m going to show you one of those hairstyles I’m going to show you how to create a really cool fishtail headband braid cuz that’s all right fishtail headband, I get Sisto headband free yes and you are just gonna need a few things that I’m gonna walk you through it. So let’s begin alright.

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So one of the things I’m gonna be using for this tutorial which is kind of crucial is to webs from my older side of luxy hair extensions. So this was a chocolate brown color and the reason, I chose this over this said that I’m wearing actually right now which is an ombre is because when, I just have the ombre it just it is half of it is dark and half of it is like it is kind of cool but, I actually wanted something to pop. So if, I just put this color on you see how it kind of pops, I mean if you are not into it you can just use your own hair or you can use the same color of extensions but, I really prefer to have something that’s popping.

So I’m gonna be using two was and it is gonna be the two clip weft and then what we are gonna need is a hair brush we are gonna need some bobby pins we are gonna need a hair elastic and I’m also gonna be using a hair pomade alright. So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna put the two together just like that and I will just give it a quick brush and then in order for the hair to stay put and to have less flyaways and for the braiding to be easier I’m just gonna take these two just fold it in half. So you just kind of have one section of hair this is what I’m gonna be working with and I’m going to take my hair pomade I’m gonna go into it you know grab a little bit of product maybe that’s too much a little more and I’m just going to run my fingers through the hair just to slick it over are the hair this kind of makes it look greasy looking but this actually helps when you are braiding the hair okay.

So now, I can show you how I’m gonna braid it alright. So first I’m gonna just lay the hair down and like, I showed you already, I just fold the two weft together in half and I’m just gonna run my fingers through it I’m going to split the hair in two sections of course try to make them equal and then I’m just going to start doing a fishtail braid now I’m gonna be alternating from a bit thicker section to a bit thinner section as, I go down one thing to keep in mind to hold the braid tight. So you want to make sure it is tight and not loose.

So I’m going to show you what I’m doing. So I’m just going with my index finger grabbing a section of hair from the left bringing it to the right and then I’m going with my index finger from the right taking a section of hair bringing it to the left and just going to be repeating the steps all the way down and like, I said I’m going to be alternating from thicker to smaller section just for like more interest, I think the braid looks cooler when you are working with different sections as you go down. So, I just have to warn you that this does take a bit of time you know especially if you are working with longer extensions and, I just use this sort of as a practice to just breathe and calm myself it is sort of like, I guess kneading.

So just relax and look at it as braiding meditation and when you get to the end of your braid just grab your hair elastic and secure the ends then just fix the braid sort of strain it out and then I’m gonna go in there and just pull on sections of the braid just loosen it up just a little bit be careful at the ends now that, I have my fishtail braid the next step is attaching it onto my head a little bit and I will show you how to do that. So the first thing I’m gonna do is that, I already didn’t place any extensions around my ear because, I need that space. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna separate this here near my ear and just make sure there’s nothing sticking out and then I’m gonna go with this clip I’m going to just open one clip on the extensions and I’m gonna go as low as, I can just to find some hair if you are right at the bottom of the ear I’m gonna go in with this clip and just attach it there.

So you are gonna feel you know a big bulge right behind your ear but then I’m going to cover it with my hair and you can’t really see it once it is covered and then I’m gonna take this braid and I’m just gonna bring it over all the way to the other side also separate it here and then go as far as it goes in the back right. So it goes almost all the way to my neck and I’m just gonna grab my bobby pin and just secure the ends of the braid there in the back and then again you are gonna bring the hair over it. So nobody can see anything it is gonna feel a little weird, I mean you are gonna feel the bobby pin you are gonna fill the Bulge but nobody can really see it alright.

So the cool thing about this hairstyle is that once you have braided the section you can just leave it and use it whenever you need it. So you do not have to redo this hairstyle every time let me know how you like this fishtail braid down below leave me a comment, I love reading your comments like this post and also when you do recreate it make sure the poster on your Instagram will actually here at hashtag, I still love checking out your recreations you can also post it on Facebook I will be checking them out as well thank you. So much for tuning in my love’s have a beautiful day bye hello my name is Mimi.

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