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Hey I’m postging today today I’m getting my hair done and last time, I got had done. So many of you asked what we were doing, I think we are doing a little bit more highlights today just to get a little bit more color that’s what, I want. So right now I’m just quickly gonna get ready do my makeup really quick you guys will join me for the post to get my hair done. So I’m actually gonna keep my makeup very simple gonna do some airborne BB cream and then a little bit of concealer. So last night actually self tain’t something about me actually, I do not like self tanners they make me feel very like icky and gross and they usually have like a really strong scent to it afterwards, I do not know how to even explain it smells kind of like a burnt chemical in a way probably. Because, I used really crappy self-tanner.

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So my sister my baby sister she recommended an organic self-tanner that’s actually really nice they saw it on Amazon and tried it out it is kind of expensive, I think was like $29 brand does have better ingredients and better quality supposedly and it was rated really good. So, I tried it out for the first time last night and it was actually really easy to use, I bought a mitt to apply the self-tanner on my body and it was actually really nice the scent was really Pleasant and, I woke up this morning to wash it off and you can see that I’m a rookie at this still, I have blotches on my legs which means, I either didn’t blend it out as good as, I thought, I did or, I didn’t let it dry down as much as, I needed to. Because supposed to let it dry down and then put some clothing on. So basically, I just let it dry I will let it dry down maybe like 10 minutes and then, I put some clothes on yay for self tanners I will actually link it down below. Because a lot of people really like that self-tanner I’m gonna keep using it and see how which, I like it and the best part is it does not have a weird scent that Smee whenever, I wear self tanners next month quickly fill in my brows I’m just putting a little bit of wax on them. Because my brows they are sparse. But my hairs are longer.

So if that makes any sense like, I have a lot of bald spots right here that’s where, I usually fill it in to kind of make it a little bit thicker and more of a bushy brow. Because, I love a good natural bushy brow and then this right here is the brow product that, I love this is the kabob a benefit brush of my eyebrows make sure the wax is combed through a protective map up my eyebrows at the bottom just. Because, I like to post it a little bit more towards the bottom and then, I like to do feathery strokes going up with my hairs all right brows are done pretty quick and easy I’m gonna do the rest of my makeup a little bit of concealer underneath the eyes not too much just to cover the dark circles I have been thinking if, I should go shorter or not my hair has been doing pretty good enough SiC can’t believe how long it is getting. Because, I always see my hair every single day, I touched my hair, I play with my hair. So I’m kind of like yeah it looks the same it is not growing and then, I look back at some of the posts that, I did three months back in my hair was. So short. But I’m kind of like for this summer, I hope, I do not want to cut it then, I do not what do you guys think should, I cut my hair and I’m using a little bit of bronzer this is by Kat Wendy her shade and light palette and I’m using the Loreal voluminous lash paradise in the waterproof formula crazy difference, I decided since I’m keeping the makeup.

So simple I’m just gonna apply some lip gloss this is by buxom and there we go super simple I’m gonna get dressed and we are gonna head out let’s go get my hair done oh it is so chilly, I just looked, I was like 58 degrees outside that’s Moulton Florida alright. So we are here and we are getting ready to paint yes we are gonna put some baby lights in to refresh everything it is absolutely gorgeous. But it is like a cooler tone right now. So we are gonna highlight bump up everything add some contrast and then just do a clear glaze to keep a really nice bright contrast and keep the blonde that’s right as possible. So we are not going to tone down we are not going to give it a tone really we are gonna see how it lifts and then links over with a Twitter to keep it as bright as possible that’s why we are using the cool tones lightener really pretty currently you will just give it the shiny back and some great fun can we just say how awesome Amanda’s haircut is it looks. So stunning, I love my hair. So beautiful thank you, I did two curly hair, I use a one-inch curling iron.

But I dragged the ends out. So make them a little straighter. So pretty thank you and then touch your spray yeah it is fine hair needs extra spray which one is your favorite right now, I really love the camera dry texture right okay and Paul Mitchell makes one that’s like an invisible wear. So it is not crunchy it is not really heavy rushes in. But it gives gesturing another breakfast you do not want to really feel it in your hair sorry it is really like we are just taking my little tiny baby we just to blend it in that way it stays nice and blending. So wherever you part your hair for your hairstyle there’s no straightening part. So this you are always you are gonna do it at a diagonal yeah right here feel like like how your hair naturally Falls like kind of this diagonal if, I were to go in and make a section that’s more horizontal yeah a lot of times people do that’s not how your hair naturally right.

So that’s when you get light change look there lots of different places highlights and a lot of times I will start like this and then, I work more than horizontal cuz you get a bigger payoff look for on the bigger spread yeah. But it is okay. Because your hair ends up going to Bridal they will fall straight down way about here at Dominic Toretto nice. So it is really listening than the hair and everyone’s is different yeah. So you have to kind of go as a diverse natural fall for it to look. So we are gonna do a little dusting not change anything drastic like, I said I’m still trying to grow who’s always like your surface area on everybody that’s where the most free radicals attack we are not having any kind of like dry spots five. Because your enemies are in great shape yeah.

So and barely gonna touch that wasn’t starting up much higher than down here you right. But we are trying to grow it out, I do not want to take that away you need all of it, and it is solvent like it all right. So, I just got a little on my camera died look at that color, I just Minna always always kills it, I mean every single time, I come there, I expect the best, I get the best of the best like she is amazing she knows exactly what she’s doing all right I’m home let’s go get Andrews reaction and see. If he actually notices he knows that, I did what he knows that, I want my hair can, I speak he knows that, I went to get my hair done. So he’s expecting some fun and sorry for the closest what are you dying for a golden RP. Because that’s call them yes can you show it off to them, I didn’t show them the final result after getting out of salon my camera died maybe you want to go out there on the Sun. Because it is so yellow right there that’s fine just.

So nice looks. So healthy, I love the color like, I said I’m obsessed it looks like, I do not know what what gold gold okay. So this is kind of like my office area where, I get ready in the morning and this is kind of where we started posting. So today we are gonna post another hairstyle tool and this is kind of what it looks like some of our lights, I have the mic and that’s what we are posting this thing right here today Mic Check 1 2 3 okay alright well Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post today we are testing another hairstyling tool alright my hair looks like a hot mess. Because we were testing out stuff. So now we are gonna go to the gym and, I’m not bringing my camera with me. But I think, I might take some shots on my phone and maybe have Andre take some shots on his phone and after the gym make smoothie to finish editing it got to go to Sally’s to pick up some things for a project that we are doing and, I want to see my parents aren’t, I didn’t talk to my mom and today alright let me quickly change to is a gym.

So my outfit very simple today, I have what is this the gsella top from Nordstrom Rack and then, I have petula leggings are these a gorgeous plum color they’re. So comfortable, I came in like feel them on and they are pretty good and squat proof out of get them like ninety percent they are really nice and they have pockets on the side which is nice. If you’d like that and then on top I’m gonna put like a black sweater or something. Because it is kind of cold outside right we are back from the gym and I’m gonna make the protein smoothies right now. So I’m gonna quickly run through the ingredients that, I put in, I used those antioxidant berry blend they are all organic again blueberries strawberries and raspberries a fall lemon zest and juice and then half a banana for each just. Because, I do not want too much sugar this psycho natural 100% coconut water, I like this one. Because they do not add any sugar and then this is the protein powder that I’m using the amazing grass vanilla flavor and then we have the beauty elixir also by mazing grass this one’s really good, I really like it and then some hemp powder great stuff let’s go see how she likes it thank you taste test perfect yeah yeah is there enough lemon yeah he loves his lemon the lemon in here really helps cut down the protein taste and feel that makes any sense.

But the lemon is a must in my protein smoothies. So good all right. So, I finished my smoothie answer some emails I’m into a quick shower fix my hair and then, I have to run to Sally’s and run some errands all right a little Anna turn the heat on coz it is cold in the house you are not I’m gonna do it my hair, I think I’m just gonna put it in a low ponytail or a little bun. So better the refreshed and the tan looks really good from yesterday, I feel like it is picking up a little bit didn’t look like at this Marty, I do not know Hydra decided you wanted to come with me. So we are gonna go run some errands and then we are gonna go get some dinner cuz yeah we both do not wanna cook today he’s going to go see what’s dinner yeah alright. So got the stuff, I just want to quickly show you guys and my favorite bobby pins, I had to stock up on those you guys always ask these are the ones by better grip. So champagne blonde and then, I get the bronze I will show you the different colors these are a little bit darker they still have like a nice blonde gold undertone to them which is perfect for my hair color and now we are on our way to get some dinner where are we going go to our favorite place one our favorite one of our your places in st.

Pete ciccio’s we love there we love their food they’re. So good they are really good price you always get really good portions and they are just good they have a lot of great healthy options also got people in here all right. So we made it back home after dinner it was a very good we did some work and then, I had to relax. Because, I pulled my back pretty bad and I’m trying to take it easy right now I’m going to remove my makeup right now I’m gonna use some coconut oil to remove my makeup and then I’m gonna double cleanse with the pixie Caroline here ins this is a coconut jar that, I use basically for everything it is kind of warm it up between my hands and then very gently work it into my face and I’m very gently working it onto my eyelashes since, I’m wearing a waterproof mascara just to make sure everything comes off nice and easy I’m going to take a con pad and some of this vici product and then just gently wipe off all the makeup that’s. So satisfying to see all of that come off and, I love using the coconut oil first cuz it also hydrates my face and the leaves are. So soft, and it is so gentle I’m gonna use one more do it one more time and then cleanse with the pixie Caroline all right face is clean now let’s go finish my skincare this right here is what, I use first the rose water tap it into my face and the next, I have been really loving this vitamin C serum, I do not know if, I even have any more left good thing, I already ordered some more, I really enjoy this time putting my skincare on and just making sure to take care of my skin just makes me feel good when, I have good skin. So this right here is the eye cream I have been trying recently by niara Beauty super easy it has a pump it is very moisturizing.

So, I have to be very cautious when, I do use it during the day. So use very little. But at nighttime I have been really like you should go a little bit extra just to make sure my my eyes are hydrated and then last. But not least we need some retinol cream Lilliana naturals my sister turned turned me on to this she always likes to try new products and, I always like to take her recommendations all right let me show you what my face looks like in better lighting like, I said that vitamin C serum is incredible, I definitely noticed that it is lightened a lot of my sunspots and some acne scars that, I have left over and my face has been doing. So good lately and those are the products that I have been using for the past month and a half and, I have been really really really liking and they have been doing wonders feels really good and looks good alright. So, I really want to post tomorrow. But if, I do not thank you guys for reading and spending time with me and just hanging out with me throughout the day maybe I will see you tomorrow.

But if, I do not a good night and I will see you the next one.

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