How Is Hunting Similar To Dressing For Success Style Tips For Men Who Want To Dress Sharp

How Is Hunting Similar To Dressing For Success Style Tips For Men Who Want To Dress Sharp Hi. Iím Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog. And today Iím going to be talking about how hunting is similar to dressing for success. All right. If you havenít already, please comment to our my blog. By doing this, these posts will come right to you. In addition, if you like the post, you find it useful, go ahead and click on the like button down below. Important for this post because Iím kind of taking a non-traditional approach to it.

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And lastly, if you want to learn more, go ahead and click on the article right down here below. I always link you to an informative article, which teaches you more about what I talk about here in the post. Okay. Itís getting close to hunting season here in Wisconsin. I just had this idea for this post because it made me think. I look at how well the hunters here prepare for the season because this is a big deal in Wisconsin. And these guys ñ I mean, the hunters are out there and theyíre getting their gear ready. So, these guys realize we live in a pretty harsh environment here. It gets cold very quickly. And they may be out for a long period. Itís going to possibly rain on them. You know, it could snow depending on how late we get into the season.

It could freeze. Theyíre going to be going out very early in the morning, so weíre going to have a wide range of temperatures. So, these guys are buying the right gear and then theyíre testing their clothing. I know guys that go out there and they you know, theyíll wear it and theyíll go out and almost sleep in it. Just to make sure itís going to keep them warm, that theyíre not going to have to come back because thatís the worst thing. As you go out there and youíre not prepared and you end up coming back from the hunt, youíre sick. So, these guys are paying a lot of attention to their clothing and how theyíre going to be dressing themselves and their tools ñ their rifles. Very ñ and their shotguns. They are very much making sure that these things are ñ the sights are set. If theyíre going to be scopes, that the scopes are set. That theyíre well oiled. They are test firing.

Theyëre making sure that all of the rounds they were taking out there are good to go. None of the ammunition is too old. I mean, every detail, theyíre paying attention to when it comes to their tool. Because when it comes down to it, if they get that perfect buck right in their sights and they pull the trigger and nothing happens, I mean, thatís just the worst feeling. And if you spook it, all of a sudden you have lost that shot of the season. And, you know, it maybe a 14 pointer that just got away. And so for these guys, it all comes down to that one moment. And they realize that theyíve got to do all this preparation. So, they even go the extra mile. I know that there is dryer sheet out there. That these guys will put their clothing in, so it smells like dirt. Yes.

Itís a horrible smelling dryer sheet but these guys put their clothing in this because they do not want to give their scent away. And they realize that, you know, not all the time theyíre going to be up on the stand. And so there are going to be times whenever ñ they just donít want to take any chances because this means a lot to them. So, this got me thinking about business. And thereís a lot, I think to be learned from hunting, because everything I just talked about needs to be applied to the business man or the guy out there wanting to make a pitch, for the artist, you know, whoís wanting to his artwork in front of the right person, or for the teacher thatís going to be in front of the class. He needs to be dressing in a manner, so that he is really coming across the way he wants to. And so, it comes down to buying the right clothing because if you donít buy the right clothing, then thereís nothing. I mean, if youíre buying t-shirts, thereís nothing I can do to help you dress more professionally, if thatís the clothing that you are going to be stuck with and youíre going to buy. So, you need to buy the right clothing. Look at sports jackets. Look at button up shirts. If youíre in a blue collar job, look for work shirts that are going to actually protect your body and still look good.

You also need to care for that clothing. You need to take care of it. So, in the same way that these guys are taking their clothing or putting it in those nasty dryer sheets, I mean, you need to be looking at, ìOkay. Is this 100% cotton? Is this wool? How should I be cleaning it? And how often should have I sending it out to the cleaners?î So, pay attention to how you care for your clothing. Thereís also about carrying the right tools. So, probably not as important as in hunting, but maybe it is because if you got someone and theyíre going to be signing a multi hundred thousand dollar contract with your company, do you want to be handing them a plastic Bic Pen whenever they were about to sign that? You want to have something thatís nice. Something that perhaps ñ you know, when the president, whenever he signs a bill that he gets ñ he signs it with all these different pens because everyone wants to keep that pen. Itís a keepsake. Itís something ñ itís a part of history. And I donít know about you but, you know, if youíre going to be having somebody sign a contract and this is going to be a number pieces that youíre going to deliver to this museum and youíre an artist. Perhaps you want to keep that pen or perhaps, you want to give it to them as a thank you, as a symbol to remember you and this particular moment. That it means that much to you.

So, pay attention to the tools ñ to the briefcase that you carry that you pull out that proposal because people notice these things. Theyíre not ñ people donít want to hold this stuff against youÖ Öbecause it seems so superficial but we make snap decisions. We make judgments base off this stuff. So, pay attention to your tools. I mean, if Iím going to out hunting, I tell you ñ when I was in Ukraine, I went out hunting with a bunch of guys there. And I could tell you, I was scared. I looked at their weapons and I mean, I thought this stuff looked like it came from like the 1920s and it probably did. And I didnít want to be near those guys when they were firing those rounds. One, I didnít know how their aim was and I didnít want to get shot. And the other one was, I didnít know if that thing was going to explode on them. I mean, maybe their ammunition is 10 to 30 years old and, you know, they may have a round just blow in their face, you know. I did not ñ you know, and that was based off the visuals I saw.

And ñ but he didnít shoot anything that day by the way. ButÖ And also, go the extra mile. So, look to small things which can set you apart, whether it be a pocket square, whether it be a quality accessory, like a watch that you got from your grandfather. A pair of cufflinks that help set you apart. Be willing to go the extra mile and stand a little bit out because itís going to pay dividends. All right. So that ñ wait, let me know what you thought about this one. I tried to have a little bit of fun with it. Hopefully, it helps some of the ideas stick. And let me know on the comments. This has been Carl Centeno with this style blog. Take care.

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