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So a couple of posts ago. I asked you what type of updo you would like to see next and, I was not surprised by the answer at all because majority of you said easy which is wonderful for me. So today. I thought. I would share with you this awesome effortless quick and easy updo that you could do in under five minutes. I really wanted to create a updo that was fuss free and would be perfect for work or even a formal event. So let’s get started one of my favorite ways to add detail into any updo is by doing a little French braid.

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So the first step is gather all of your hair that’s above your temples and is separated from the rest next step divide that top section into three equal pieces that we can begin our French braid and I will walk you through it. So do not worry first step of the braid is to create a normal three-strand braid. So, I’m going to bring that right side over the center and then, I’m going to take my left side and bring it over the center. So so far all we have done is a regular three strand braid now this time on the right side we are gathering all the hair that’s above our ears and joining it into that right section and then, I’m just going to cross that right section over the middle and then repeat the exact same step on the left side. So all of the hair that’s above your ears join it into that left section and then cross it over the middle and then, I’m just going to repeat this one more time. So now, I’m grabbing all of the hair that’s at the nape of my neck incorporating it into that right section and then crossing it over and then, I’m repeating the same thing on the left side my biggest tip to ensure it looks more elegant and put together is to make sure you are incorporating all of that neck hair, I’m guilty of this sometimes what it makes such a big difference and then just secure it with the strong hair elastic and it should look similar to this next step you just want to slightly pull apart this braid but not too much but just enough to make it more it defined and add some volume. So, I’m just gently pulling on the top and the sides of each section of braid just using my index finger and thumb and I’d recommend only pancaking the braid slightly because it is much easier to make it larger than it is to try and make it smaller and then.

I also like to use the end of a comb but you can also use your fingers just to help add some lift at the crown and this will give the hairstyle a more formal appearance without having to tease our hair now time for the fun part get your bobby pins ready we are going to create the bun if your hair is on the thinner side. I suggest teasing your ponytail with your hands to help add some additional volume and then throwing in some extra texturizing spray for the button you want to grab your ponytail with your left hand and place your index finger on top of your elastic and your thumb underneath. So you are pinching your ponytail with my right hand, I’m going to grab my ponytail and, I’m just wrapping it counterclockwise around my index finger as, I’m wrapping it, I’m holding everything in place with my other fingers and then, I’m going to grab the tail of my ponytail and, I’m going to wrap it up and pass it into my index finger and then, I’m grabbing it with my index finger and thumb and, I’m going to pull it about halfway through that hole and then stop. So we are basically creating a knot but just not pulling our ends all the way through if your ends are sticking out we will fix this later and if your ends aren’t sticking out even better but you just want to pin your bun into place. I like to begin pinning mine around the perimeter of my bun and you can always go in and fix your pins later but. I like to make sure it is secured to my head first also you should probably use bobby pins that match your hair color I have just never gotten around to it but it’ll look a lot more professional. So once it is secured to your head if your ends are still sticking out like mine grab onto them and just wrap them clockwise and as you are wrapping them tuck them underneath your bun they’ll help to cover any exposed bobby pins and then just pin the ends to your heads.

So that they are hidden. So there we have you guys that’s how quick and easy it is to create this no-fuss updo. I think this hair song can be. So chic. I think it is absolutely perfect for work you can wear it a little more effortless if you’d like to and, I also love that it is great for any sort of formal occasion now. I know. I personally love to part my hair on the side.

I think it looks great with updos but. I know a ton of you would love to do the center part. So it came across a picture of kathleenlights rocking a center part with an updo and she looks incredible. So I will link that down below for some inspiration for you guys but I’d absolutely love to know what you guys thought in the comments down below. I always coming back to the first commenters on my post you guys know who you are but I’d love to know what you’d like to see next but. I really hope you found this post helpful if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up and if you are new to my blog welcome. I will list down below a playlist of all my easy updates you can go ahead and check those out if you’d like alright longest outro ever thank you guys.

So much for reading and, I will talk to you guys next time bye.

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