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Hey friends, Welcome back you guys today we are doing Amazon fashion items that, I purchased recently, I got a couple of pair of shoes and tons of clothes let’s get started we are jumping straight to shoes. Because I’m just excited, I love shoes. So, I love this brand Steve Madden they always have the cutest shoes and they are really well priced, I think in my opinion and, I just wanted to pick up some new shoes and, I saw these and, I couldn’t say no look at these this blue and yes my nails somewhat match these shoes, I love the little block heel and the tie up, I just think these are perfect for spring and summer and they match a lot of things and, I got six and a half.

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Because seven was out of stock. So, I decided you know it is open toes, I can probably make it work and they fit perfectly, I love them they are comfy try them out the second pair of shoes are also pair of sandals by Steve Madden, and it is this gorgeous olive green color and these are suede and, I just, I mean come on just look how cute they are they are a flat type of shoe they also tie up you guys can see, I love tie up shoe especially for spring and summertime it is just. So delicate and girly and just gorgeous and they look really pretty on the foot let’s see, I love the open toe and, I just think these you can dress them up with a really cute dress skirt or wear them very casual like a pair of shorts jeans whatever it is, I just love love these and, I got these in a size 7. Because they were in stuck let’s move onto the clothing, I got quite a bit of stuff let’s get started. So the first one is the shirt this khaki colored blouse for this extra really cute material feels are really nice feels like a linen material, I love the frills on the sides around the sleeves and all the way down in the back look at the back detailing it has buttons all the way down oh that’s really cute and, I got in a size small alright. So this is what the shirt looks like on size small fits very good it is not snug anywhere, I still have room the only thing, I do not like are the buttons like three of them are very loose. So they keep popping out of the hole.

So eventually my whole back would be just exposed now just be wearing like a bit. But otherwise everything else actually Tyrael the quality. So it is very nice it is not scratchy and, I’m very impressed, I wish they had a white one in this, I would definitely pick up white. Because, I think it is really cute next is this gorgeous fuchsia embroidered peplum shirt, I thought it was. So cute on the model. So far I’m loving this this is really fun this is a really like like lightweight, I got it in size small and this is the brand ella moon it is actually really pretty seems like really good quality. But it does look like somebody tried it on there’s like deodorant marks right there.

But I love the embroidery detailing and, I love the buttons, I like the color especially for spring and summer with a good pair of white jeans, I need regular jeans black jeans really cute the shirt is good, I love it, I love the color, I love the feel like that it is really lightweight it is not really snug and, I appreciate with the buttons that actually sits the breast area are very very good and, I like the flow all right. So the peplum is not too high up wearing looks like I’m pregnant. So it feels pretty good, I like it what do you guys think next we have this black little tough, I think, I know what this is yeah this is it what is this brand does not even have a tag literally does not have a tag, I believe, I picked this up in a size small. But I just like that it was kind of like this crop style shirt with three-quarter length sleeves sleeves sleeves and, I just love the detailing in the shoulders and the neck and the quality is very mad the stitching is not the greatest, I can see why, I was inexpensive. So here’s what the black shirt looks like on star the positive, I like the style, I love the cutouts, I love the shoulder details, I love the sleeves it does run very small, I got in size small and, I can’t get my arms higher than this. Because it is very tight everywhere. So, I would maybe size up at least one size up maybe even two.

But depending how you like your fish overall, I think it is really cute, I like it. But this is going back for a different size next we have this really colorful dress this is by the brand lark and row and, I picked up in a size small seems like a really great quality dress it might be a little too long on me. But I I will definitely try this on, I love the little detailing on the shoulders, I love the length of the sleeves, I think this is really cute nope no pockets, I just checked service pockets love the dress, I love the feel, I love the fit, I love the colors and the pattern, I think it is so pretty very spring and summer, I just love the pop of color and, I think it is definitely more of like a special is that kind of dress just. Because of the feel and fit unless you like dressing up every single day this would be perfect for you. But I think this would be great for like a date night or even a wedding kind of guest a dress make sense right overall I’m very happy with it and the feel the fit it is a size small. So it does run true to size next we have this really cute simple t-shirt dress is why, I like to call them it is this kind of looks off-white color and then you have this really pretty simple embroidered flowers right here on the left side on your sleeve and shoulders and the quality is definitely not the best we still have some like stitching hanging off and also there again there’s no tags on what the brand is and, I believe it ordered this in a size medium to make it a little bit more flowing, I thought that you could wear this with like a simple denim jacket nice those maybe it is a green flash even the blue shoes, I think would match your really nice with this very simple outfit that’s still really cute and easy – all right. So here is the white t-shirt dress not a big fan I’m returning it just.

Because, I do not like that it is very see-through and it kind of swallows me does it really show off my favorite as much as, I want it to, I do like this, I like that it gives a little bit of a statement piece and your shoulder. But otherwise not really feeling it. If this was a little shorter, I would keep it maybe wear with like jeans or leggings or something. But it is like right right above the knee. So it is a little too long next, I have another dress that, I got and this is what it looks like that is very bright, I thought of the yellow is going to be a lot and muted Wow okay. So this is what it looks like it is a color-block dress you have like this really pastel baby pink it is really pretty great, and it is very vibrant yellow in the back this probably seemed there it wasn’t that expensive then you have like this silver is the fur in the back which, I like, I do not know we will see what it looks like. So what do we think of this dress, I think it is very cute, I like the front the only thing, I throw me off is the yellows back it is straight-up mustard color and the only thing also, I think, I wish it was a little more fitted on the sides right here where the pockets are it is kind of loose.

But I think it is a where a loose fries it is really cute it is size small. So it is true to size it is nothing tight anywhere, I feel comfortable it looks like a very heavy dress. But it is actually very lightweight, I appreciate that, I do not know. If I’m going to keep it just. Because of the yellow not the biggest fan of this type of yellow. But what do you guys think do you like it or not next is this t-shirt that’s a pineapple, I love anything pineapple, I love pineapple fruit, I love pineapple print anything pineapple actually thought this was going to be a cotton t-shirt. But it is not it is a very stretchy material type.

But it feels very light and, I got it in a size, I have no idea it does not have a size kind of looks like a size medium or small, I do not know. But it looks pretty good, I think it was very inexpensive, I think it is really cute it is a t-shirt with a pineapple on it exactly why, I bought it for and that’s why I’m keeping it very simple t-shirt, I love it it is lightweight it fits really nicely, I think it is great I’m keeping it alright last piece and this one says say small in the bag. So it is a site small, I got this shirt definitely now, I was expecting, I liked it it is a very light weight too striped blue and white top, I love the little collar right here it ties in the back, I love the sleeve the frilled and then it seems like a very simple shirt that, I can dress up and dress down make it very casual the stitching is not the greatest you have stitches hanging off here your stitches hanging off in the back yeah the quality of the shirt is not the best. But I think you can get several wears out of this year and, I think it looks really cute another keeper for me, I like this one it is a really cute it is also very lightweight and she’d be perfect for the summer time here in Florida, I love this sleeves adorable, I love the collar and, I love the little tie in the back it is a really simple shirt blue and white stripes you can’t go wrong. If you are wondering yes I’m going to go do some more shopping on Amazon. Because, I was very impressed they came very quick, I love the free shipping, I love that you can do free returns and know this post is not sponsored, I just love Amazon this smudge and, I want to share with you guys experience this together it is my first time buying clothes on Amazon and shoes and I’m very impressed check them out you will not be disappointed let me know. If you had any favorite items that, I just show today, I think, I have a couple already I’m excited I will see you guys the next post thank you so much for reading, I love you all very much bye.

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