10 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Hey everyone. It’s your girl Jenn and today I’m talking about 10 of my favorite movies of all time. Obviously, you do not need to read these before you die. I just thought it would tie in really well with my favorite books post. After I uploaded that, a lot of you guys were requesting a movie version, so here I am, filling that. It was freaking hard to narrow it down to 10, but I did. These are all movies that have changed my life or I just thoroughly enjoyed. So let’s get started with he countdown. At the top of the list I have Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This has been my favorite movie, since I was 15 and it is always such a pain to say it, because the title’s so long, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but it is still my favorite post today. I have seen it a million times and I never get sick of it, because this love story is so freakinreal.

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It’s about a couple named Joel and Clementine and one day Joel wakes up and he realizes that Clementine has completely erased him and the relationship from her mind and obviously, he’s really confused and hurt and so he decides to get that same procedure done and erase her from his memories. And so you see the whole process of them removing the memories. At the beginning of the post you do not really know their relationship at all, but as they are removing each memory, one by one, you see how they fell in love and how they fell apart. During heartbreak, sometimes you are tempted to think, you know, I wish I could just erase this freakinperson from my mind, but you see, in the post, that sometimes it does not really work that way. And maybe sometimes it is better that you have those memories, because you could learn from them. But yeah, it is my favorite post, very thought provoking, super surreal. I love the visuals of the post and it is at the top of my list. Coming in at number two I have the post Rushmore. I have always been a huge fan of Wes Anderson posts, but this is my favorite one by far. Part of the reason why I love it is because it is set in a private school setting. I have always enjoyed that setting, because maybe when I was younger I always wanted to go to private school. It’s about a gifted student named Max Fischer and he is very, very involved in the school. He’s the president of all the clubs, like in a million extracurricular activities, but unfortunately his grades do not reflect that, because he’s too busy exhausting his energy on everything else. But basically he needs to get his act together. But he ends up falling in love with a teacher at school and wooing here becomes his main objective. And I love Max Fischer, because he is a character that really gets whatever he wants, or almost whatever he wants, because he’s so confident and he’s just like a bullshit talker.

He’s just this je ne sais quo to him and I love the dynamic between all the characters. It’s just like a bizarre love triangle. You’ll see. Next up, I have a very enlightening movie for you. It is called Fantastic Planet. I first saw this in college and it is one of those movies where after you read it you are like, whoa life man, because it really shakes up your perspective of the world. It’s about a planet where big, giant aliens are the rulers and they take humans captive and humans are just like little pets. They’re domesticated. They’re just for the amusement of the aliens and one day one of the little humans runs away and he discovers a world where there’s like other humans living a civilization. It’s just a really trippy post and I just love the animation. It’s very old school sci-fi cartoons. It was made in the 70s and oh, it is also completely in French, so I highly recommend you read the French version with subtitles, because the dubbed just sounds bizarre. It’s just a preference thing. I believe you can read it on . You can rent it. I will leave a link down below, if I can find it.

So go check it out. Moving on, I have The Holy Mountain. This is probably one of the most fucked up, but visually entrancing posts I have ever seen in my entire life. Some parts were kind of hard to see, because they are very graphic, gory, a lot of nudity, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. It’s insane. It was kind of like reading this really crazy dream unfold and I love that if you pause at any moment of the post it is something beautiful or very intense. It makes you feel some type of way and I feel like that’s what art is about. It’s supposed to evoke a feeling out of you, whether it is joy or whether it makes you uncomfortable. This is one of my favorite posts to discuss with other people, because I love hearing their interpretations of it. It’s coded with symbolism. For me, I thought that this post was about realizing that the world is just a projection of images and you are the director behind the screen. This post is a psychedelic masterpiece and I highly recommend you read it. Not for the faint of heart though. If you are looking for like a happy, easygoing post probably wouldn’t read it. Coming in at number five, I have The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. I normally am not a huge fan of horror posts, but this movie is just a complete exception for me.

It is about a tortured writer who decides to caretake this big hotel that is very, very isolated and he takes his wife and his son there and his son starts to see weird things at the hotel. He starts to see previous guests that stayed there and just really freaky stuff that happened in the past. Jack Nicholson’s performance is outstanding. He plays a crazy guy so well. It’s insane. There are iconic scenes in that post that will never be taken out of my brain. For example, I love the Grady twins in the hallway and the woman in the tub. That was freaking freaky. I think it is a really awesome time to read it as well, because it is like Halloween. It’s a little spooky, so go check it out. My next post favorite is Donnie Darko. This will always have such a soft spot in my heart, because it pretty much encapsulates how I felt during my teenage angsty years. It’s about a troubled boy named Donnie Darko. He’s played by Jake Gyllenhaal. He was so moody and so fine, but he survives this freak accident and since then he starts seeing weird visions, particularly this man in a bunny suit named Frank. And Frank is the one that kinda persuades him to do all this gnarly stuff.

It’s very thought provoking, open ended and I feel like it could be a hit or miss with a lot of people, because some people might read it and be like, What was the point of that, and other people would be like, Didn’t you see, the point is right there. I think this is one of the first posts I saw that just got me hooked into the sci-fi genre. Next up I have The Matrix. I would say this is probably the only post you should read before you die, because if you have not you are severely missing out. I first saw this post when I was in fifth grade. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My brother put it on the TV and I was just like reading and slowly my mind started to enlighten and absorb what was actually happening on the screen. The matrix is about a man who’s just living his ordinary life and one day he is presented with a question whether he wants to live and continue his normal life or find out the truth and obviously he picks the truth and it just unravels the fact that the world is just a simulation of images. I believe it is a depiction of Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave and it does such a cool job explaining that. It’s honestly the movie that got me into sci-fi. I thought it was Donnie Darko, but The Matrix was actually the movie that just like broadened my horizons and made me think of things in a different way. Next up I have a lighthearted post for you. Itis called Wayne’s World. I grew up listening to rock music and Wayne’s World was a post that really incorporated the rock and roll lifestyle with comedy. And it is about two dudes that love rock music and they have a TV show where it is on public access network, but basically that show starts to get some traction and you get to just follow their story. And it is one of those really lighthearted, goofy, silly movies that does not take itself too seriously.

This movie is the reason why I know the entire lyrics for Bohemian Rhapsody. That scene is just iconic and it is probably the first of it is kind for carpool karaoke. So go check it out, if you want a good laugh. Now I’m gonna bring the mood back down. My next post is Mysterious Skin. This is a very disturbing yet touching post. It follows the story of two boys that have undergone something very, very traumatic in their childhood. And you just see how they both cope with the abuse. One of them is just obsessed with space and aliens and abductions and the other becomes a male prostitute. So it is a very sad story, but it is very engaging. It is like a very interesting coming of age story. I do not know. I feel like some people might find it really difficult to watch, so maybe check out the subject matter before you read it. My last post is Ex Machina. I wanted to pick something that was a little more current, because a lot of my picks are throwbacks. But this was released in 2018 and I actually saw this in theaters, which was insane.

My jaw was dropped the entire time. I couldn’t believe my eyes, honestly. It was a really haunting cool storyline, very visually pleasing. It’s about a programmer who is interacting with artificial intelligence and it is in the form of this gorgeous robot lady. Her face is just like a woman, but her body is a robot. And the programmer needs to decide whether this AI is conscious or not. And it just raised a lot of questions in my head. After I saw it, I was like I just kept on thinking about it for days. It’s one of those posts that just like kind of eat away at you, but I would recommend it. I have always found AI so fascinating, so this checks all my boxes. All right guys, those are my top ten favorite posts of all time. As you can tell, I’m a huge sucker for psychological sci-fic thrillers. I just really enjoy reading things that make me question my life and just like blow my mind. I do like reading lighthearted stuff as well, but it just didn’t make my top ten, you know. It would mean a lot to me if you wrote down your favorite post in the comments down below. I’d love to hear your guyssuggestions.

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