Now on to the prettiest braid, ever. I think, I think that’s probably good. We’re good. One more. Woo. Woo, I’m gonna light on fire with all that hair spray. Woo. One more.Hey guys it is me Paisley, and Mom. Hi guys. Welcome back to Hairstyles. Yep. And today I’m gonna do a twist called the Paisley Twist. Yep. It’s gonna be a tiny hair style. That’s right. For Mom. You’re gonna love it,cause she’s doing a tiny style on me, right Pais? Yes. It’s her first one, so give us a big thumbs-up and give us a comment below if you think she did a great job. Yes. Let’s go. Now, first I’m gonna brush Mom’s hair. That’s a good one. That’s a good way to start. It will be so soft when I do her hair. It will be so soft. Paisley does these hairstyles on my hair every once in a while. She’s actually quite good at them. Yeah I am. So, just. I’m gonna do a bun. One of the fun parts about her hairstyles is that we never know quite what it is going to end up like. Sometimes we start with a twist and then end with a bun. Sometimes we start with a bun and end with a braid, huh Pais? Where are we heading today; what are we starting with? A twist. Okay. They’re really easy and really fun.


You take two apart so that’s how you start it. And then you grab on the tops, the very tops, and then get twisting. I will do the bottom, down to the very bottom. It might look like a braid, but it is not. So, it will turn out good,cause I’m really good at twisters. Oh. Do you have an elastic? Yeah. Oh good. I thought I, I had another elastic. Should get one finger first and then maybe one, the thumb first, then the other one. Rubber bands are tricky, huh? Yeah very tricky. Yep even Dad does not do a very good job with rubber bands. Yeah. What if he was a girl and he did a weird hairstyle? That would be funny. Yeah, very funny. We should see if he can do a weird hairstyle for us anyway. Yeah. need one on someone else’s hair. Okay, who else’s hair should he do it on? Oh, Rylan or Bailey, that would be funny. No, only Rylan. Okay, okay. Now let’s see this final spin. Ooh, so pretty. I love it. Now we are on to the second one. What are we doing next? Uh, the bun, of course. Okay. I will take all your hair. A bun, a bun is next. And now to brush your hair really good now. Okay, brush it. For a bun. Are you. I want it to be perfect. Are you using the teasing comb to brush with? Hmm no. Yeah. This is the teasing comb. That’s good, yep. Did that hurt you? Nope. What if I was like this? That would, yep, yep. Now, this is the big elastic for buns. Yep. But it is so brown and pretty. It is brown and pretty. Watch this, Mom. Whoa, peekaboo. (laughter) Okay, what’s next on the hairstyle? The bun! I know, you are doing the bun but what’s the first step? Brush the hair, then what? I already did that. Are you pulling the hair into a ponytail first? Uh-huh. Ooh I have a good idea. Okay. Howbout a ponytail bun. Oh that’s a good idea. I can’t really do them good, but I will try my best. Okay. And I’m gonna do a bun down here. Oh that’s a a good idea.Kay, let’s get on this to here, then here’s the second one. Ooh. Pretty. You will love this. How did you know? That’s so pretty. How can you see it? I can tell it just looks beautiful. Now we are on to the third one, the hard one. What’s the third one? The braid. The braid. I cannot really do a braid. You’re learning, right. Yeah. Now on to the prettiest braid, ever. I love doing braids, but I need more practicecause with the whole hair it gets really hard. With half of the hair, it gets really easy. Mommy, I got a good idea.

What? I should do two braids for like Anna’s hair. Ooh I would love it if my hair looked like Anna. Do you want it to? Yeah. Kay. How’s the braid going? Good. (spunky music) So basically I have made up a good idea. So we are gonna do. Let me feel it, ooh, good job. I’m gonna make Mom’s hair look just like Anna’s. That sounds like a great idea. So I know she has kind of brownish-reddish hair and this is brown hair. Mm hmm. Um you have a little bit of red. A little bit.Cause I see and then some peach in it. Actually blond, that’s blond. Well I’m glad you didn’t say gray. That would make you like a granny. Will you like that? Um, when I’m a granny, but not right now. Yeah, that would be so funny if you were a granny right now in the middle of the post. That would be crazy. And funny. Spin doot-doot-doot-doo. I’m Anna. Yes Mom. Wait go this way. Oh, perfect. Now she’s pretty. Now I’m just gonna spray some of this. Oh, okay. To smell like, your hair smell good. Just getting it good and wet. Good job, I think that’s good. No. I think, I think that’s probably good. We’re good. Whoo, whoo I’m gonna light on fire with all that hairspray. Momma. Whoo. Look what happened. Ooh no, maybe the hairspray will help it stay in better this time. What’s your favorite part about summer, Pais? That you can hang out with your parents! Whoo. After. Said like a six year old. Do you think Brooklyn and Bailey would say the same thing? Yeah. Yeah. What if they were in this post with me? That would be fun. And you, and they were helping me do your hair. That would be great. I bet they are gonna be so impressed when they see this post. Good job. Now she’s pretty Anna. Now we will just get some more. Oh, more hairspray. I think that’s good, I think we are good. Whoo Now let’s get some brushing touches. Okay, so be sure to brush your hair after you finish braiding it. Yes. Yep. So it feels really good. And on the braids be really careful in case they fall out. So they are all nice and smooth? Yes. Good job. You wanna see? I do. (gasps) I love it. So pretty. So that was my favoritest thing to do. Which one’s your favorite the braid, the twist, or the bun? All of them. All of them. You’re my favorite. You’re even in my heart all the way. Oh I love you to the moon and back. Well I love you. Whoa, whoa. I love you more. I love you to the, I love you to Jesus and back, and Dad and back, and everywhere and back. That’s pretty far. And the world and back. That’s amazing. And the whole world and back. That’s another dimple. I want this one. You just got lipstick. Let me have your dimple. No. (laughter) Okay. Now we are gonna do the funnest spin. Good job. So pretty. Don’t forget to click the flower right here. If you wanna see more of Paisley’s Tiny Styles, huh Pais? Yeah, and do not forget to click up here. The button right here. So you can watch more of our family posts. Including. Starting with me! Bye everyone! Bye guys!.

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