Blow-Dry with Ion Hair Dryer – T3 Demo Review

Looking fabulous as you guys just saw the intro we are going with another head-to-head review product we are doing a $250 hairdryer versus less than $20 yes this is the t3 featherweight Lex to, I versus my really old Remington, I do not even know the name of it. So this hairdryer has many great claims and I’m here to test them out for you guys today three claims it is lighter it blows harder and faster and then it is healthier for you here let’s check it what’s included the hair dryer bristle brush and a connector and you can purchase a diffuser separately first claim or first test is going to be how light the hairdryer is compared to my really old remy over here oh my goodness this is like legit feather versus a brick I’m just getting to actually both very light, I do not feel a difference, I said they are both feathers all right. So this is where we are getting really classy we are doing our next test in wine glasses with ice cubes basically it is just going to give you a great visual of which hairdryer is actually blows hotter faster and basically performs overall better once it is on its highest heat setting in Bing Bing thing we have a winner folks it is at3 feather way Lex -, I hairdryer par hairdryer first is my really old mister Remy here that is like at least six years old, I think it gave a fair shot definitely won by over a minute melting those ice cubes, I did put two in each glass.

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So it would be fair. But yeah you guys saw that he won by a long shot, I would say. Because my husband is a nerd and he wants to be nerdy and he wants to actually check how hot this gets at the highest heat setting medium heat setting and the lowest cool setting. So quick remarks on the heat settings the t3 definitely hit the edge on being hotter at the highest heat setting and then at the medium heat setting they were pretty equal. But sometimes this one would go up five ten degrees hotter the lowest heat or the coolest setting they were pretty equal hitting at ninety degrees Fahrenheit. So, I just got to the shower my hair is wet and we are just gonna do a very simple test see how fast each dryer does. So on my right side I’m gonna do mr.

t the t3 featherweight hair dryer versus my really cheap remington. But we will see which one does quicker and, I will actually time each side let’s get started, I will be using only the middle heat setting. Because my hair is already damaged, and it is superfine little over four minutes and 45 seconds stop five minutes and seven seconds. So the t3 hairdryer claims that it is healthier for your hair. So there really is no way to check. If it is healthier as of right now as a first impression. But it is ion generated.

So that means ions are supposed to get rid of static right. So we thought of maybe we should check that out with some balloon static up my hair and then blog my hairdryer and see. If it will actually give it up a static. So let’s do the honors and static up my hair oh yeah let’s shoot some ions at my hair did a pretty good job just for fun let’s see how Remy works Oh like that yeah, I definitely does not work that definitely does not have ions. So you guys just saw the bull doing test t3 definitely is ion generated it is not just the market employee they didn’t like to us which is really nice. Because you know it means it is a little bit healthier for your hair versus my really old Remington which did nothing final remarks time we are starting with the IceCube review and we definitely noticed that the t3 hairdryer performed much better overall at the highest heat setting it melted the ice cubes both of them over a minute faster which is a great claim moving into the hair test you guys definitely saw that the t3 perform overall much better it dried my hair faster and it was on a cooler temperature slightly cooler like 510 degrees cooler than my old remy hair which is definitely a plus for me. Because it means it is much healthier for my hair last.

But not least is the ion healthier test that the t3 claims. So this was definitely an eye-opener and it totally makes sense to me now. Because as we saw with the balloon static test it got rid of the static rather really quick and that was really exciting to see. Because static means no frizz it is smoother, and it is shinier which overall over time it means it is healthier. So if you are on the market for a new hairdryer or actually have your eye on this particular hairdryer, I hope I have answered some of your questions and. If you are one of your questions is should, I buy it, I say yes and overall, I’m very impressed and I’m definitely excited to keep using it for the future. But for now thank you so much for watch this post leave a thumbs up comment down below subscribe.

If you are new and I will see you guys very soon in an upcoming post. But for now, I love you all thank you so much for reading bye.

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