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Hey all, Welcome back we are doing a foundation review today, and it is on the new anastasia beverly hills stick foundation it looks really awesome I have heard great reviews and I’m excited to try it for you guys today the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation is ideal for combination to oily skin. Because it does have a natural matte finish. So right now my skin is combination. So basically majority of my skin is normal it is neither dry or oily. But sometimes I will get oily right here in the t-zone area I’m a little bit on my forehead around the nose and then a little bit on my chin. So the sticks retail for twenty-five dollars on the anastasia beverly hills website and that’s where, I purchased mine and, I do not know. If they are gonna be sold at Sephora Ulta, I have not heard anything and there is of 28 shades available and out of the 28 there is 3 contour shades and one highlight and.

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So today, I have three colors I will be testing out one of them is my shade the cool beige for the foundation stick and then, I have fawn for contour and banana for highlight I’m really excited. So obviously first I’m gonna go with my foundation and, I mentioned my shade is cool beige and like on the website is sighs this is super pigmented, and it is buildable which is awesome. Because you can share it out as a tinted moisturizer or you can wear as an all-over foundation. So for this side for my right side I’m gonna blend it out with a Beauty Blender and on the left side I’m gonna blend it out with my artiste over sub and brush, I just want to see which applicator works best with this cream formula. So I’m just gonna apply one stripe oh that’s not bad at all it is so creamy then one more up here moon do one more like on my chin we will start off small first and then, I want to see how buildable it really is alright. So I’m just gonna go in my dampened Beauty Blender and then blend it out alright. So it is super sheer which is great.

If you want to wear it more like an everyday basis you want like a really thin layer. So I’m gonna go in again and try to build it up a little bit more and the shade is actually perfect. So far I’m liking it definitely even though my skin tone looks very nice let’s move on to the other side with the brush I’m going my artiste all seven, I was. So stirred to blend with the brush not as much work which, I really appreciate. So now that, I have the foundation on, I honestly prefer the brush side better. Because on the Beautyblender side you had to build the up a little bit more and it took a little bit of more effort and work into blending it out. Because it is a cream rather than liquid and, I feel like the brush, I applied to several strokes to my cheeks my chin in my forehead and, I blended up within 10 seconds and also.

Because you can’t really see what’s going on in my face I’m gonna do the glass test method for you guys comparing both sides the beauty blender versus the brush side and just see how well it blends how even orhan how uneven each side does let’s move on to the contour and highlight. So like, I mentioned, I have the shade banana and I’m gonna just highlight underneath my eyes and a little bit of my nose in my chin and forehead eye. So overall for the contour and highlight I’m very impressed, I really love the shades the banana highlight shade is a beautiful underneath my eyes a little bit on the forehead and the chin it was definitely easier to blend with the brush instead of the Beauty Blender, I had to put a little bit more elbow grease into blending it. But the overall result they look very even it is nicely blended and they are buildable which is great and the contour Phan shade is beautiful and my skin tone is not. So gray, and it is not too warm it is that perfect neutral contour which gives you that natural definition to your face which, I really appreciate overall my favorite method to blend out these sticks Foundation and the contouring highlight shade is with a brush, I really really like it it is fast it is very even and it gives the most amount of coverage. So. Because this foundation is matte finish, I do want to test it out of the day without setting my entire face with powder just.

Because, I want to see how long about lasts basically it is durability in this hot humid heat here in Florida. But first, I do want to set my under eye area right here just a little bit with this translucent loose powder by it cosmetics thereby by pores I’m just applying a little bit of blush and highlight to my cheeks. But no bronzer. Because, I do like that really natural contra that’s going on right now with the contour stick, I do want to see how well blush and highlight we are on top of this foundation if, I do not set it. Because it does have a beautiful natural matte finish. So my face is all done and complete and, I did forget to mention that, I did not apply primer to my face, I wanted to see how well the foundation lasts on my skin without anything like a base underneath basically. So we are gonna go on with our day I’m gonna check in with a couple of hours to see how well this lasts.

So come along with us and let’s go have some fun. So we just got some dinner and attorneys 6:00 p.m, and it is been on for several hours what I have noticed around the mouth area especially it is actually lifting and separating. Because I’m smiling I’m talking, I have not powdered at all and, I think it looks very nice it is very natural finish and, I actually very impressed besides this area right here which, I do not like. So it is been two hours since my first check-in it is already 8 o’clock and, I quickly want to say Mohammed ation still looks really good, I kind of touched up, I went in with my brush and touched up the chin area kind of smoothed it out a little bit and it looks a little bit better overall my face looks a very healthy glowy right now on the verge of sort of oily. But I do not feel like, I need to touch up powder my face or anything it feels really nice it feels very comfortable and, I wanted to do a glass test for you guys and this is what we accomplished.

So what, I did is on the left side this is our teeth brush and the right side is the dampened Beauty Blender. So for each side, I wanted to do it as equal as possible. So for the foundation, I did ten applications basically ten swipes on each side and then, I did blending wise, I blended or stroked with the brush 32 times to achieve this and, I did 32 bounces for the Beauty Blender. But I did basically nothing and then, I went up to a hundred bounces. So this is what you get a hundred bounces, and it is still very uneven it is a very sheer and, I feel like it should have done a much better job than this and it does reflect on what was happening to my face when, I did apply the foundation in the very beginning, I did have a harder time blending it with the Beauty Blender both foundation contour and highlight. But the brush it just when, I smooth it blended out think evenly and, I did have a more Chi coverage versus the Beautyblender obviously. Because it is what.

So what do you guys think of this do you guys like this whole thing where, I show the glass test, I think it is pretty cool it is a very nerdy thumbs up. If you like nerds or. If you are a nerd yourself you guys we have made it to the end it is already 12:09 a.m. and i’ve been wearing this home nation for, I believe 11 hours plus and, I already changed I’m in my comfy t-shirt this is actually a t-shirt that we got from when a family reunion on my mom’s side on July 4th and this says nasha Samia which means our family, I know they make the perfect pajama teachers they’re. So comfy. So, I’m almost ready to go to bed we had a really fun day our friends came over we are actually gonna go outside and play some volleyball.

But we got rained out and it just stopped raining recently. So they just came over our house we had some chat we had dinner and they just left, I’m ready to take this makeup off overall, I think, I would give this foundation an 8 out of 10 which, I think is great especially for her first foundation ever, I think she did a great job. So the main perks, I really love about this foundation is its long wearing even though it didn’t mention anywhere on the site that it is a long wearing foundation or anything like that for 11 hours in the Florida humid hot air, I think it lasted up pretty well without primer or setting powder anywhere except for underneath the eyes and I’m very happy with it. So far, and it is definitely buildable and, I really like that. Because if, I wanted to make it sheer, I really like that and it blends very well and therefore results with a nice lightweight layer. So it is not kind of even right now, I do not feel it really heavy which feels really good and, I feel like my skin can breathe. So there are a couple of negatives that’s why, I gave an eight out of ten.

So the first negative to me was it did some weird stuff from my mouth area especially after, I finished eating dinner and you guys saw that and it kind of just like started separating and then, I do not like that and I have noticed that a lot of cream product do that especially around my chin area and, I just went back home took a brush and kind of stippled it in and it blended out very nicely that’s the only thing that, I find very kind of negative and the second part is, I do have a little bit of a dry patch around my nose right here and it did cling on for dear life and, I do not know it just does not it does not look good. So that concludes my review for the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation, I hope you guys like to hope, I answered some of your questions and concerns. If you are thinking of purchasing this product which it is actually really cool it is a really great product. But I would probably wait until it comes out in stores. So you can actually test it out on your hand or your face. But other than that let me know what other stick foundations you guys like at the moment. Because they seem to be coming out all at once and what other products, I should try next.

But for now I will see you guys in the next post bye.

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