Braided Updo Inspired by Nicole Kidman Oscars Updo

So old-school intro today. Because. I filmed the whole tutorial, and guys. I had this on my finger, and now. I have to explain it. I was chopping of vegetables yesterday, and chopped through my finger on accident, I will a klutz it was bound to happen one day on my hip my fingernail. So it went all the way through my nail, and then stopped it was gross it is painful, and the doctor gave me this little thing. So that. I wouldn’t h it on stuff. And I got home. And I was like you know, I will a big girl. I do not need this thing, and took it off. And I have bumps my finger on. So many things, and it hurts. So bad when. I do. So I put it back on it is like fine. I guess, I will not that tough but anyway. I had it on for the tutorial that’s why it is how. I finger, and yeah also for this tutorial. I would have to go in, and say it is more of an inspired by tutorial than an accurate tutorial. I usually try to get really accurate with my hairstyle tutorials like. I try to recreate as best. I can exactly with other your hairstyle with this one.

Braided Updo Inspired by Nicole Kidman Oscars Updo Photo Gallery

I have a lot more hair than Nicole Kidman, and it just was not going to turn out looking exactly the same but this is a similar technique, and all of you guys muses to get a similar look. And I still think it is really pretty. So, I will going to show you end it anyway. I hope you guys like this. And I will see you in my next post. I started with some really beach waves in my hair you guys could do this with whatever tear texture you want, and she let her friends hang down. I do not really have fringe but if you want to let your thing done you can you’re going to sweep your hair over to one side, and we are going to be kind of braiding in one direction like this kind of making a tilted kind of angle. So you are going to start braiding on one side of your head, and Dutch braids back incorporating only hair from the top basically you are going to braid from kind of the crown of the one side down toward just below the ear of the other side. So we are making that nice little kind of asymmetrical line there, and once you have all the hair from that kind of top layer incorporated you are going to switch, and go the other direction. So all that means is that you are going to move your hands to face the other direction, and just move that braid, and kind of just braid in that direction, and start incorporating hair from the bottom, and the top.

So basically all you have to do is just change the direction your braiding, and just incorporate hair as you go it is really not all that tricky just go for it, and try it out it is going to be a lot easier than you think it is once you have all that hair incorporated you are just going to go ahead, and braid the rest of it normally, and go ahead, and go all the way down the rest of the, and secure it with a small band basically now we are going to go ahead, and zigzag with that remaining braid. So we are going to zigzag back the way we came, and you are going to place this braid over the second Dutch braid we did but underneath the first one just. Because it kind of helps to create that nice little line go ahead, and pin that in place make sure that you are following that same diagonal angle that we did with the Dutch braid, and then if you still have more hair zigzagging back underneath those braids that we already did depend that in place, and then if you have more hair go ahead, and dig zag that underneath for me. I just had some little ends. So I chucked them in, and pin them in place, and that’s it. So basically no matter how long your hair is just keep zigzagging until you have got it all done. So that’s it. And I have one more Oscars tutorial coming your way this Friday go ahead, and guess in the comments which one it is, and make sure that you checked out my previous Oscars tutorial that you guys requested. So much hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will see you my next post on Wednesday.

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