Daenerys Targaryen Inspired Braid

This daenerys inspired braid this has been. So requested. I figured it was about time to do it. So let’s just go ahead, and jump into it you are going to start off by separating a triangular section of hair right next to a part, and then you are going to braid that section of hair going straight back toward the back center of your head. And I think this is best with a middle part but if you really hit a middle part on yourself you could always do it with a side part as well then you are going to repeat the exact same thing on the other side braiding until you reach the back center of your head now bring both braids together at the center of your head, and temporarily secure them either with clips or bobby pins then you are going to take out the clips or whatever you have holding the braids that we have already done, and you are going to go ahead, and create three sections with the hair that we have left. So take two pieces from one braid, and two pieces from another braid, and then those odd ones that are left out right there in the middle just go ahead, and join them together, and then you have three sections of hair to braid with, and if that seems confusing just kind of hold it all together, and spy it up into three, and start braiding it is really that simple just bright with it, and then keep braiding until you reach toward the end of the hair, and secure it with a clip or elastics, and then take the other clips out now you are going to split the remaining hair in half, and begin.

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Dutch braiding with one half of the hair you are going to take a small section right next to the braid that we have already done, and then begin incorporating hair from both sides, and you are going to kind of follow the kind of curve that your ear makes going back toward one side of your head, and it is just it is supposed to have a nice gentle curve you do not want it to be a straight line. So just kind of move your hands to follow that kind of curved line, and you want this to finish just off-center um in the back of your head. So it is going to take up if this is your left side you are going to take up the left side of your neck, and on your right side you are going to take up the right side of your neck right now it sounds a little silly but that’s kind of how. I thought about it while. I was doing this then once you reach that point you are just going to go ahead, and braid the rest of your hair normally, and seal it with a small band make sure not to accidentally get any extra hair incorporated in that braid. Because that can make the rest of this a little bit messy, and hard to do, and before you start writing on the other side what you want to do is take a small piece of hair from right next to that.

Dutch braid, and secure it out of the way then go ahead, and do your Dutch braid on the other side not incorporating that little piece of hair that we left out now you want to make sure that that band that’s on the bread that we did first is at the height of the where the normal braid start on the Dutch braids that we just did, and basically what you are going to do now is create a mermaid braid by taking the tail end of the first braid, and that little hair that we left out, and taking it out through a piece or a loop of hair that’s really close to the nape of the neck, and then take it down through a loop that’s directly adjacent on the other side, and continue going through the two loops, and lacing the two braids together to create a mermaid braid. I do have another post where. I show more of the mermaid braiding if you need a little bit more of a tutorial on that but basically you just lace the two braids together, and then secure them with a band at the end. And I pulled out a couple pieces around my face just. Because. I thought it made it look a little bit more like the styles that. I saw in pictures but of course you do not have to do that if you do not want to. I hope you guys have liked this. I think it is definitely wearable, and they’ve benefits on an everyday look for you it is definitely great for like a costume look. So I hope you guys like this. And I will see you guys next week with some more posts.

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