I Try the Instyler for the First Time

Hey everyone kelly here with an episode of does this thing really work lol just kidding I’m doing a little first impressions hot or not kind of thing on the InStyler max rotating iron just see let’s see if it works we will see if it does not and you know what I have no idea how this is going to come so I have already pulled this part out of the box we have got a little heating mat I’m actually going to use right now and we have a comb we have I should probably read the instructions cuz I do not know what’s happening here that’s uh this little guy I do not know I do not know what he is create styles that are sleek smooth glamorous or curly and everything in between go slowly a bit why is that so impaired like a half okay reading instructions on how to style your hair is a lot harder than watching a post on it I’m confused alright forget it.

I think I think I have an idea of what I’m doing so we know that this rotates this way it rotates this way you double click to change it you want to make sure that the barrel is spinning in the direction of the ends of your hair so it is going this way against your hair and not this way against your hair it is go ahead and use some heat protectant I’m going to use the Schwarzkopf crystal shine and hold let’s see oh ok so when you close it it starts spinning alright and then if I double click it goes the other way I feel like I’m going to accidentally switch directions when I do not mean to alright so what happens when I just put it on my hair nothing oh I remember in the book it said that this is how you straighten your hair is you just close it and move it down the hair like a straightener and that is kind of great for straightening because these little bristles would kind of go through tangles and that way you would end up with any extra frizz let’s see what happens if I wrap my hair around it once and it said to go slowly in all caps.

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So I’m going slowly do we have a curl no okay let’s just try a different piece that I didn’t just straighten alright there’s a curl alright so that’s how you get like a gentle wave let’s see if I can get like a nice ringlets how would I do that you like wrap more than once okay so that’s three times okay yeah that is much tighter of a curl than I got before it is the same size sections so it is just two different methods that’s kind of sweet let’s try that was two times let’s see if that makes a difference I think this is what I’m going to keep doing because I like this the best of the three that I just did let’s finish this one out wrap it twice and go I feel like after I let the curl off I always have to kind of like coax it back into place like you have to do when you curl your hair with a straightener not mad about it alright so that’s what I have got so far it is pretty like I like the bounce see how it looks when I do the same thing up here.

So I think I’m gonna see if I can finish out this side and have it looked like that big like hair commercial kind of curly wave going on and that time I managed to get some curl up closer to the root which is good I was going too fast over the root bit so let’s just keep going shall we moving it extremely slowly here we go I have got a couple little fuzzy pieces they are like weirdly crimped and I do not know what I did wrong there when I go back and fix them okay yeah we good now do and go through with my fingers girl that is some volume I feel like I still wish that I’d gotten more up here cuz right now this is looking at tiny bit s to me I wonder if I go in and put just a couple really tight curls up here if that will fix the s mists of this.

I’m going to try that really quick and while that cools I’m pulling out some healthy sexy hair so I touchable gonna scrunch that in whoa I like how I look like I have in like an entire set of extensions on this side that’s insane okay well I’m thoroughly impressed you can never get this kind of volume and body out of a curl ever but can I do something more beachy and more like current your side number one see what I can do over here gonna clip it up first I’m just wrapping the middle of the hair around leaving the roots and the end out that kind of works I think I wanted a little bit closer to the root this way we are going to go the opposite direction double click look slide like we did last time all right now I’m getting to the end I do not want the end curl so I’m just gonna let it go it looks really relaxed let’s try dragging it again because that worked pretty well and stop before you get to the ends and double click II.

It’s a little bit more done on the ends then I want it to be see if I can straighten the ends with this that worked it kind of helps I have noticed it kind of helps if you hold the iron the way that you are going to curl your hair on it and then you close it and you see which way it is curling and like curling this way is curling towards my face double click irons curling display which is away from my face and you just match it up with whichever curl you are doing so I’m doing towards my face so I need to go this way I didn’t mention this I’m also going a little bit faster through the sections on this side because I want them to be more relaxed than this side Oh wrong way I forgot to switch it I could feel it immediately like it started going the wrong way up my hair actually I’m going to rub my fingers through.

I’m gonna do this number and I do this number like shake it out I think there’s a couple little pieces where it is way too tight of a curl tap in sometimes when I want our really relaxed curl is that you get those really pieces and what I normally do is I take a flat iron and I tap it over those pieces we are going to see if I can just tap this guy over it I’m going to make sure that it is still going in the direction of the hair so I do not cause any frizz or anything all right yeah it works I’m going to use the joy go hair shape and I’m just going to scrunch because I wanted to stay kind of PC this one’s even more voluminous than the other side in some ways I’m impressed I’m not going to lie I’m really impressed.

I also like that I could use it as a straightener randomly I really really like this so it is actually really multifunctional what’s really getting me about it though is the volume I can do this with a curling iron but it never has the body with a curling iron that it does right now that I was expecting it to be a lot harder to use like I was expecting to really royally fail and I didn’t and I feel a little bit like oh this did not go according to plan but maybe that’s a good thing that’s because it is a good product I guess I will update you guys a little bit later and we will see how this wears on my hair some people’s hair will last better than others my hair typically would lose this curl like % by the end of the day so let’s just go in with that expectation that.

I’m going to come back and not have much curl left and we will see how that goes so I will see you guys in a sec and here it is after eight hours I’m so impressed because I like I said expected this volume to fall by about like % and it has fallen a little bit but it is still there and I’m very very happy and I wanted to leave you guys with some pros and cons let’s start with cons I would say one con is that you can get your hair stuck in this little area between the barrel and the base you can easily avoid that by just making sure that your hair is not right on this area when you start spinning the plates con number two at least today it took me longer to curl my hair than it normally would I do not know if that was because it was my first time using it.

I do think after I have had some time to get used to it I could be a little bit faster which leads me to con number three is that you do need a little bit of time to get used to it a new tool and any time you have ever bought a new tool whether it be something for hair or whatever else in your life you have had to learn how to use it and so this is no different you will have to learn how to use this it is not a bad thing you just need to go in knowing that that’s going to be a thing Rose would be that it is very versatile you can get a lot of different looks I mean this is but you could do like ten more with the same thing next is that the body is insane this is something that I have never been able to do on myself number three great for travel you could bring just this and a hairdryer and be set or I mean just use a hotel hairdryer and just bring this so final thoughts this is my first time using it and I normally like to try things like ten times before I recommend them to you but after my first time using it I can at least tell you that it is a good product and I’m really impressed with it and I’m excited to use it again to keep using it and just see how it integrates into my life but as of right now after my first date with it and pleasantly surprised so that’s it for my first impressions on the InStyler I hope you have enjoyed it if you have not yet be sure to click that subscribe button and I will see you in my next post ma bye.

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