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So today’s hair tutorial is gonna be a perfect date night look something that you can wear when you are going out on your first date second date whatever on your date with your boyfriend on your date with your husband or you know on any kind of date or maybe on your date with your girlfriends you know. So it does not really matter it is a really simple flirty kind of look this is a very beautiful look that, I personally used to wear when, I was when, I just started dating my husband Alex and he used to love when, I used to wear my hair like that, I didn’t wear my hair like that for a long time and, I recently remembered the hairstyle and I’m like it is time to bring it back you know. So, I thought, I might as well share with you guys since it’s.

So simple it fits it to my category of easy hair tutorials. So let’s get to it for this tutorial, I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions but if your hair is you know at least shoulder length you can do you can do this look as well you do not have to be wearing extensions but if you were extensions obviously it is more dramatic and it is you know it is sexier and what we are gonna need for this tutorial is a curler I’m using the cortex four-in-one curler and this is the biggest barrel that’s in the set we are gonna need a hairbrush hairspray I’m using element L’Oreal extra hold hairspray definitely gonna need heat protectant to protect our hair and the extensions and we are also gonna need some kind of a clip I’m using this one that, I got at hmmm you can get a similar one with jewels on it, I do not know whatever if you like that you can go for it I’m just using a basic one and like said it is from H&M you can probably find it at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart they’ll be like three five seven dollars something like that okay and we are also gonna need a teasing brush and this is a Denman d3 teasing brush love this brush definitely a must-have. So let’s begin I’m gonna start off with just brushing my hair and pushing it all the way back you are just brushing it and pushing it all the way back.

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So the first thing we are gonna do is just tease the crown. So we just want to grab the section of hair I’m just gonna go back. So you guys can see and you take the hairspray and you just lightly spray the roots and then you take the teasing brush and you go up and down.

So just you know you are going up and down that’s really simple. So just tease this up and then grab another section on the side and you want to tease it as well. So we just want to create volume on top you know.

So you wanna tease that and take this section over here and also tease it not too much just nicely, I know, I look scary okay. So once you just he’s dead a little bit you are gonna have something like this. So now you want to just smooth it out.

So you just grab the same brush and you lightly brush over where you create it and brush back and you can try to smooth it with your own fingers we are just gonna check it in the mirror perfect. So now what you are gonna do is just grab the clip and grab your hair. So I’m gonna probably turn around.

So you guys can see what I’m doing. So you just grab this section we will be in here and what you want to do is just twist it kind of push it up and twist it and then grab the clip and just clip that section of hair I’m gonna see if, I like it alright yeah it looks good, I hope you guys can see it. So you have got like a little before or whatever you want to call it you know a little bump here little bump of volume and you know that section is done you do not want to touch the tip anymore.

So now you want to bring all the hair to the forward. So now we want to bring all the hair forward and just quickly brush you here and at this point you would want to add the Tresemme heat protectant or any heat protect them you are using. I have already applied the heat protectant and now what we are gonna do is just quickly and lightly curl the ends of the hair.

So you want to just create kind of like soft waves soft romantic waves you do not want to do you know – you do not want them too tight you know you just want them to look natural and very soft and you know flirty. So what I’m gonna do is just quickly section one like one and a half one inch hair sections section hair sections. So just grab a section and click the rest away.

So it is not in your way and you just curl it. So just brush that section and start somewhere in the middle and curl the rest and you guys already know by now we just love this curler it is really fast it is really easy to curl with it and you know the results are always always beautiful. So you want to release and you get a nice romantic wave and it is gonna open up by the end I’m by the end of everything it is gonna even open up a little more it is gonna look really beautiful and.

So so now let’s continue the rest and you are pretty much doing the same exact thing. So just grab a big section one inch one inch and a half and curl it away. So perfect now that you are done curling one side of my hair you just wanna you do not want to wait till you down the whole thing.

So you just want to spray it quickly just spray it with omelette to make sure you do not lose the curls what you wouldn’t because this curler is amazing but just to make sure you know you quickly spray it and you have really nice soft waves just lovely and now do the exact same thing on the side. So this is it I’m done curling over here I’m gonna spray the other side with a mud and, I’m pretty much done there you go the best part about this hairstyle is that you can be done in about 15 minutes. So you do not have to make you a significant other wait for too long you know men do not really like to wait for too long.

So you know they’d be really happy because you still look great and you want to take an hour to get ready I’m gonna turn around to show you the back very pretty thank you. So much for reading please do not forget to leave a comment down below and rate this post and, I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you guys soon bye bye.

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