Twist-Back Hairstyle

Hello my beautiful friend as, I sat down to post today there seems to be all kinds of work going outside of this building, I do not know if you can pick it up and hear it but if you can I’m sorry it is not my pole. So I’m still gonna post and, I think it is just gonna make it a little more fun today. So today’s hair tutorial is going to be something really cute something easy and simple that you can do on the go I’m gonna call it sort of like a twist around hairstyle, I think twist back hairstyle, I found inspiration of this hairstyle on Pinterest if, I find the picture I’m gonna make sure to I will link it down below.

So let’s just get started before, I start doing the twist on my hair I’m gonna quickly give it a brush to make sure there are no tangles and, I do not know if you guys can tell I’m actually wearing the UM Brad chestnut side which is a bit darker because, I cut my hair recently and with it my lighter ends went away. So, I feel like the Umrah chestnut that matches my hair a lot better now. So quickly just brush through my hair and as you can see, I have it on two sides.

Twist-Back Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So, I just split it in the middle and brought it to the front and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to start doing a twist on my left side first. So I’m gonna separate the bangs it is optional of course, I prefer to have my hair in the face. So, I usually leave the bangs out and then I’m gonna start working with this section that’s in the back, I think the sounds are you.

So I’m going to be working with the section here and what I’m going to do is just split it into does not necessarily need to be equal and then I’m gonna start twisting it back and as I’m twisting it back I’m just going to show you you have to really make sure that you are pulling it back as you are twisting it back otherwise it is going to have a bulge here in the front. So I’m just holding it and twisting it back and also because I’m wearing hair extensions I’m making sure that none of the west’s are showing. So if you wear clip-in hair extensions like myself you want to make sure that’s not showing and then continue twisting it almost all the way to the end, I do not know if you guys can hear it but it’s.

So loud right now, I do not know what’s going on there it sounds like more God for me alright. So once. I have twisted it pretty much all the way down I’m just gonna grab a clip in just a big clip and I’m gonna make sure that I’m looping it at the bottom okay just like that it is going to unravel just a little bit but it is okay because as you can see if, I pick it up and, I twist it back it is just as it was before.

So I’m just gonna clip it here for now and do the exact same thing on my right side now we are going to do the same thing here. So grab a thick section split it in two and start twisting it backwards and one thing to remember as, I twist the back is to sort of pull it back because we are going to be putting the two of them together now at this point I’m going to clip this one out and I’m going to turn around to show you what I will be doing in the back once, I bring the two twists together I’m just going to grab a hair elastic and secure them in a ponytail next step is to pull every twist into a nice and loose twist. So I’m going to start with one section first and slowly grab one section at a time and pull it very carefully especially if you have layers you want to be very careful here to make sure not to pull the whole section together and then I’m just going to check it in the mirror and readjust that if, I need to and then do the same thing on the other section and once everything seems to be more or less similar the hairstyle is finished and that is it for today my beauties this is a super simple easy everyday hairstyle day you can just create in a matter of a minute and it is gonna look like you put a lot of hard work into it but you know you didn’t.

So let me know how you like it down below make sure to leave me a comment, I absolutely love reading your comments make sure to like this post it is gonna totally make my day thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I will see you soon bye.

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