DIY Dolce Gabbana Headband Hairstyle

Vardhan Segundo Wilson – I will go then through hi how are you doing I’m in the kitchen today because, I want to show you a fun and really easy DIY I’m not really crafty. So if, I can do it you can definitely do it anyway. So the DIY is the head crown or the headband I’m wearing today which is a beautiful jewel head been inspired by dolce gabbana fall 2012 collection they had this beautiful headbands on pretty much every single model and as soon as, I saw it, I was like oh my god I’m along and, I have to find a way to recreate it because they actually had mine costs like thousands of dollars anyways.

So today I’m going to show you in a very path via Y how you can do that with really simple tools. So what you are going to need for this DIY just a few simple things some of them you probably already have at home this is a hot glue gun. I have learned from Layla you want some kind of jewels, I found these at Michaels but you know you can find it in vintage stores any craft store or anything like that you would need some kind of flowers, I decided to use black and gray, I did post and inspiration photos in the info box down below.

So you can make it the way you want it the basic point is to make it sort of a black and gold you can ask gray and white in the head pan then what, I did here is, I couldn’t find any gold flowers. So, I bought these at Michaels and, I just gold sprayed them and now, I have both flowers what else we are going to need is an old pearl necklace an old necklace. So, I decided to use it I’m sure you can also find you know pearls in a bag and some craft stores definitely have it a headband is this sort of a soft velvety headband, I only was able to fly in an American Apparel.

So if you have one near you you can find it if not I’m sure you can look in Walmart or any craft stores and if your scissors. So the first thing you want to do is protect the area you are working on, I tend to get a little messy. So definitely get you know some some sort of a plastic bag or tissue paper whatever works for you maybe an old newspaper and kind of lay it out and then what I’m going to do next is just get some scissors and just cut out my jewels.

So cut them out of the Strand. So when I’m working, I do not have to worry about it my food dancer particle M proposed Amida shooter. So there’s no specific design that I’m going to follow I’m pretty much going to take you know put some pearls and then put a few flowers and then put the jewels and then repeat the same sequence.

So once you hot glue is on you can just start gluing it in. So you take the glue you play a little and then calm you take a pearl and you just insert them on that and if there is any residue of the hot glue because that will be you just want to you know just rip out the strands it can get a little messy but it is worth it Boden’s a condo is in Tobago dendro poking and Eva fos Coteau la musique us proceed arrow II came edition meta dancer toca para KLM proposed da vida Sonia vodka they represent a and no movimento posso kriya mayo mundo Toki been a specific car Ahana de tu tu que pareció kuru Marseille poodle ah dancer Park LM proposed a vida surah song yeah parakeet named Daniel idea. So now I’m done the headband this is what it looks like it’s.

So beautiful and just like perfect for any occasion, I think for every day or for going out obviously because it’s. So glamorous and, I made a few of them for like myself and a few of my friends and this one, I need specifically for you and in order to be able to win it please do not forget to rate this post down there also like it and comment and you have a week to win I’m gonna announce the winners on our Facebook fan page. So just make sure to like our Facebook fan page to find out who wins and that’s I’m gonna link down below as well.

So thank you. So much for tuning in let me know if you’d like to see more DIY posts, I I’m getting it today right now cuz it is not really as hard as, I thought it is thank you. So much guys have a beautiful day and I will see you soon bye.

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