Double Dutch Buns Hair Tutorial Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hello guys. It’s Bailey and I’m here to show you guys how to do the Double Dutch Buns, which is a short hairstyle for girls with short hair, like me, because I have short hair, and it is really cute, so I’m here to show you guys how to do that. I know you all have been asking a lot lately for short hairstyles, so I’m glad to accommodate. Also, if you have not comment to this blog, definitely comment and click the bell so that you can get the notification when we post a post so you could be here for power hours that we can respond to your comments,cause that’s what power hour is. We’d like to respond to you guyscause we love you guys so much. So, let’s get on with the post. I know that Space Buns are a really being popular thing right now, but all of us girls with short hair over here are like, “Hey, we still wanna be in style, “but we do not have enough hair for that “and if we do manage to somehow get ponytails “all the way up here, “we have about this much hair left.” So then you just look like a little three year old, and things just do not workout. So I was kind of like experimenting with my hair and I was like, how can I do Space Buns with short hair and so I discovered that you can do a really fun like braid into a bun lower here, so I guess it is not really Space Buns but you still have the double bun look which is totally kind of what is in right now. So, we are calling this the Double Dutch Bun and I’m here to show you guys how to do it. So, let’s start with a middle part.

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So I’m just gonna go ahead and use my fingers. You can use a comb, or whatever you want to. I’m pretty used to just doing it on my own so I will do that right here. And then make sure you part all the way downcause we are going to be braiding it. So, now that you have parted it, I’m just gonna pull this side up so it stays out of the way of me braiding the other side. It’s gonna look really cute. Pippy Longstockings, yeah. Alright, so now that we have got it parted and it is parted in the middle, we are gonna start our Dutch Braid in the front. So first things first. Take a small piece up here. Just a small one. Split into three sections and then start Dutch Braiding. So you take one piece wrap it underneath the middle, take in the other side. Underneath and then you just add in hair to the side pieces. So, add in hair, tuck it underneath. Add in hair. Tuck it underneath the middle. Add in side. Tuck it under. Add in the side. And tuck it under the middle. And we will just keep doing this braid all the way down until we hit about here and then I’m going to stop for a second. So, I actually find it easier to Dutch braid on myself then French braid but this hairstyle you can do French braids, too. You can do whatever. I just prefer Dutch braidscause you can pancake them and make them look really pretty and cute. And you can see that we are kind of aiming for more like a side braid instead of like an up and over braidcause you want to be able to see it from the front. Especially when it is pancaked because I know it looks really pretty and like BoHo. Okay, so now you can see I have finished my Dutch braid until here. What I’m going to do is I’m going to keep braiding it like so until about as far as my hair will go which is not very farcause it is super short. So now that I have my braid, I’m just going to hold it at the end. So this is when it gets a little bit tricky because you have to somehow make this into a bun. So first things first.

I’m going to grab the end of my braid and you can let go, so now you have more of a ponytail and a braid going into it. I’m going to take my rubber band like so, wrap it around, so you can see end is basically making a ponytail. Now that I have done that, I’m going to keep wrapping. So now I wrap twice. Now I’m going to pull my ponytail through but only pull it halfway. So you can see I have made a bun. So right now, I do not really want to leave it like thiscause it kind of just looks like you know, kind of like young and I’m weird and I wanna tuck it in and make it look like a Space Bun. So what I’m going to do is, fold the ends out as far as they will go without falling onto the ponytail, and then tuck my bun up. And then I will pin it. And it might require depending on the length of your hair, it might require more or less bobby pins, so I’m gonna take a second and just pin my bun up. Okay, so you can see that I pinned my bun up so you can see one side is done except for no pancaking. So now that we have the bun finished, I’m gonna go ahead and pancake this side and I like to always pull out a little bit of hair on the outside my ear, so right here, and I’m just going to pancake some. And usually with short hair, you can actually do this no matter whatcause your hair’s short, so like you do not even have to have layers. You can pull out the pieces by your ear and it works out perfectly. Now I’m just going to pancake. If you guys done know how to pancake you grab the edges of your braid and you pull them out to make them like look fatter and prettier. So I’m gonna go ahead and do that with my braid here. Just perfect it. Keep tugging if you want to more or less. I like to do mine as much as possible just because the more pancaked, the prettier it is. And then make sure you pop up the front a little bit so it is not too slicked back because we are really going for like the BoHo look. And then make sure everything’s pinned up the way you like it. Okay. So now we have one side done. So we are gonna go ahead and repeat everything that we just did on this side on the other side.

So, as a reminder, you wanna take a small piece at the top, right here, and you want to split it into three sections and begin Dutch braiding. So take the side piece, tuck it underneath the middle, take the other side piece, tuck it underneath the middle and then keep on adding in pieces of hair. So I’m gonna grab a piece, add it into the side strand, tuck it under the middle, and I will keep continuing this all the way down the braid. And remember we are going for more like a side braid, around braid, instead of an up and over because I’m gonna be able to see it from the front. So now that we have gotten to the very bottom make sure you have not missed any strandscause it does happen sometimes especially with short hair. So now that I have it all pulled up, I’m gonna continue the braid down, hold it, and then grab it here, just like you did last time. Grab it here. Rubber band it once, twice, and then we will do this. Pull it through. Only part way. So you have a little bit left over like last time. Pull the ends through as far as you can. And tuck it up and pin it. Just like this. So now I’m gonna go ahead and pin it. Alright, I finished pinning my bun and pancaking the braid. And voila! You can see that we have got the two buns down here, so we accommodated the short hair and we have the braids right here, so if you have any crazy layers, or your hair’s super extra short, the braids will be able to help hold it the buns. And there you have it. The Double Dutch Buns. Now it is time for the final spin so, there you go. Thank you guys so much for watching. I know you guys have been asking for a lot of short hairstyles so I hope this one satisfied y’all and I will continue to come up with more so I can show you guys more short hairstyles and you will have to comment to Hairstyles. Definitely do that by clicking the button right over here to comment. And if you want to watch our very first music post the music post for our song, Dance Like Me, click up here and to watch more of our vlogs, click down here. I hope you guys like our music post and I will see y’all next time. Bye. Mwah!.

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