Double-Twist Bun Updo

We felt like two birds in a house on the corner. Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and I’m here with Bailey. Hi. And today we are going to show you how to do the double twisted updo. Now, what I love about this is that it can be done with your hair dry and make a really formal look for like a dance or a party, but you can do it wet if you are running out the door late or something like that too. So today I’m going to do it on her hair wet to show you what it would look like. So I have already done one side. I will show you how to do this. We’ve parted her hair right down the smack middle of her head. And we are going to pick up a section in the front right here and these are her long bangs. And we are going to go ahead and just start twisting them and then I’m going to pick up hair and add it into that bottom piece and twist it again.

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And then I’m going to pick up hair and twist it again and pick up hair and twist it. And you are going to keep doing this, so it is sort of like a laced twist really, all the way down. You’re going to just come right above her ears and pick up all the hair. I love this one for if I’m running behind schedule in the morning and I need to shower, but I do not have time to blow dry my hair. These are great ways to just twist your hair back and have it look like a really super fancy style, but it didn’t take you very long to do it at all. So, again, I’m still adding in hair and twisting and we are just following the natural hairline all along the back of her head, and when we get to the last piece, I’m going to add it in and twist them once. Now, I’m going to do what is called a rope twist. So a rope twist from this point on means that you twist both pieces one direction. I’m going to go to the right. So they are both kind of twisting to the right, and then I’m going to twist them together towards the left. So you can see as I go down, I continue to twist those pieces to the right and then I lay them over each other towards the left. And the rope twist, it just makes the twist even tighter and it hold it in better, so that they do not untwist when you let them go, which makes it nice. I’m going to secure the ends with an elastic. Now see, if I let it go, you didn’t see this moving at all. And on a normal just basic twist, it would totally like start unraveling.

So now I’m going to take this whole strand and just twist itself, twist the whole strand around itself and lay it until I like it. Tuck those ends in. There. That’s better. Like that. Then I’m going to take a Goody Spin Pin and just spin it down in just holds the bun a little bit better. But if you do not have Goody Spin Pins, you can just use regular bobby pins. And I’m going to actually just finish it off with a few regular bobbys too just to hold it exactly where I want it. And then I’m even going to put just a couple sort of like right here so that those little buns come together in the middle. My goal is to sort of make it look like it is all one instead of two. Very nice. And you can just play with it until you love it. One more maybe right there. Does that feel nice and secure to you? Yeah. Perfect. Now, when you have it all finished, we have the completed look, which I think looks really super fat. I especially think it looks pretty good considering we started on wet hair and it was just a like, oh no I’m late for school I have got to run out the door look. But if you wanted to blow dry it and tease the top a little bit, I really think it would make a pretty homecoming or prom hairdo as well. So Brooklyn and Abby also have a YouTube blog. Yeah, we do tons of fun DIY’s and family blogs. So do not forget to follow us at Brooklyn and Bailey. And do not forget to comment and we will put that up here so you can find them easier. We will see you guys next week. Bye. on this day, I imagine, Harry, hey boy, will I see you soon? Mascara on the mirror. We felt like two birds in our house on the corner of. And I I have got a safe.

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