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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today I’m teaming up with suave professionals to show you guys how you can style it yourself and get all of your salon favorite looks, but at home. So in this post, I’m going to show you a no heat hairstyle that I’m calling two in one boxer braid curls. You guys are writing into us all the time asking for athletic hairstyles for girls that play soccer, or volleyball, or dance, or anything like that. So this hairstyle is great, even for moms like me that are on the go. When I do not have time to curl my hair after I get back from a gym workout, this is one of my go to hairstyles. So you guys can see that I have damp hair. It’s not completely wet, but it is definitely not dry.

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Now, you can achieve this look by either waiting minutes after you get out of the shower or by using a water spray bottle to jut spritz on your hair and dampen dry hair. The first thing I do is apply Suave Pro Luxe Infusion Curl Serum. And I just take a couple little squirts like this, and then rubbing it through my hair. Now, it is going to condition my hair like a serum would, but it is also going to define the curl like a gel would, but it does not leave my hair feeling crunchy or stiff when you are all done, which is awesome. Next, I’m going to part my hair. So you just have to part it wherever you are comfortable. For me, I like to part it just slightly off to one side, and then I go right here. I switch and go straight down the middle. So you can see I have it parted right there. Just grab this end piece and run it down the back of my head. Part. And when you get it parted where you want it, just secure one side out of the way. The next step is simply to just French braid your hair. So I’m going to start right here and work my way down my neck on each side. I’m going to take a little bit smaller sections because I want a little bit tighter wave and curl pattern in my hair when I’m done. If you want a little bit looser curls, then just take bigger sections. I’m going to start right here in the front and just pick up a small little section. Divide it into three pieces and just do a basic French braid. When you get to the end, I just go a few stitches down, and then you can secure it with another elastic temporarily. And now I’m going to repeat the braiding process on the other side. When I get to this point, I’m going to combine the two braids into one. And I’m just going to finish it all off with a regular braid. And put a little elastic in it at the bottom.

So when you get back from the gym, or your errands, or your activities, or even if you want to sleep in the braids overnight, the next step is to remove them. So thanks to the dampness that we started out with in the hair, mixed with great product, and then allowed to air dry, we end up with these fantastic curls. And if you have had a particularly tough workout, you can always use a little dry shampoo. This one is Suave Professionals, and you can revive and refresh the roots when you spray the dry shampoo in. So you can see, there’s one braid out, and another. So these are the curls you end up with just from the braids. When I get to this point, I like to flip my head upside down and kind of tussle my hair a little bit like this just to break up some of the curls. So then you just flip your head back up, and you can leave the part where it was when we braided the hair, but one trick that I have learned is, if you take your hair and flip it to the other side, you have these great curls for the day. OK, let’s do the final spin. Do do do. I know you guys are going to love this one, because I do. What I like the most, I think, is that at the gym I feel super tough in the boxer braids, but then I know I can come home and really quickly get put back together for the day and also have some fantastic hair with the curls, which I love. Now, if you guys do not want to miss any of our posts, be sure to comment to our blog by clicking here and leave a comment below if you’d love to see more athletic styles or no heat curls, and we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye, you guys. Put her hair in three ponytails one, two, three. And then I just section off each of these ponytails into.

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