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Hey guys today’s tutorial will be a recreation of the look that, I was wearing in our first post of the Loxy show. So this is the look and, I really really enjoyed the look it is it’s kind of futuristic it is a little you know kind of edgy and very very easy and fast to do. So before, I get into the tutorial, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you guys for such amazing feedback that we have been getting on the first post of the show it was really fun for us to post it and we are really excited to hear such great feedback.

So we are gonna definitely continue doing it. So stay tuned for more in the near future but as for today the variation of the break that, I did is a little different it is a little funky and kind of cool and it was actually requested. So, I decided to change it up from the look that, I was wearing in the during this show.

So the braid is a little different and pretty much has the same effect as the look, I was wearing for that day. So if you guys want to know how to recreate it then definitely stay tuned and I will show you exactly what you need to do alright guys. So to create this really easy and fast tutorial all you really need is a few things a few simple things and my hair is naturally you know kind of medium length and, I want more of an impact on my braids.

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So I’m gonna use hair extensions today in 160 grams set number two however I’m not using the full set today because I’m gonna be twisting the sides of my hair. So the only ones I’m gonna use are the four widths the biggest works that go in the back of your head. So if you are not sure where they are sparkly feel free to check out my tutorial on how to clip and are extensions and next thing you are gonna need is a few bobby pins to pin the sides of the hair 1 super with twisted then tie the end of the braid you are gonna need an elastic band best that matches the color that matches your hair.

So it kind of disappears. So you can use one like this or you can use the little ones that are really really small and, I do not know if you can see that right there that you can find at you know a dollar store or Walmart or whatever definitely just the brush before we start styling the hair, I always like to brush my hair brush the extensions if I’m using them. So that’s about it I’m gonna go ahead and clip in the extensions and I will be right back alright.

So I’m back with my extensions clipped in and if your hair is naturally long you obviously skip this step. So the next thing you want to do is just twist the size of your and I’m gonna start with my left side and we want to do is just pick up the hair at the front and just start twisting it and then once you twist it a few times you want to start adding hair from from up here from your hairline and then as you are twisting you just keep adding here and then just continue doing that until you kind of direct the twisting to the back. So you can see what’s starting to form here.

So again you just twist and add more here and then twist and add more hair just like that then once you have your twist up to the kind of the side of the ear you want to grab a few bobby pins and just pin that in place if you can do it a few ways you can either crisscross it like I’m doing over here or you can also slide the pocket button up into the twisting it is totally up to you. So once you have one side you just want to repeat the step on the other side. So once you have your hair twisted up and secured in place you are going to choose a side and bring all your hair forward and today I’m going to do a variation of a regular braid but it is gonna be a little different and a little with a little twist to it it was actually requested by one of our commentrs and, I just love the look that it creates it is just a regular braid but the way it is done is a little different.

So let me show you what it is so what you do is you just divide your hair into three sections like you normally would except that you do different thicknesses into each section. So we are gonna do two thin ones and then one really thick section the only thing you want to make sure is that the length of all the hair in all of the sections is the same especially if you are wearing extensions and you have leaders like me.

So once we have the three sections in place we are gonna start braiding just like a regular braid and to do that I’m just gonna cross over the thick section you know over the middle like this and just if you have layers from the back you can just kind of bring them into your fingers like this and then just bring the other thin section over here. So it is not in the way and then bring the other thin section over the thick section, I hope I’m making sense all right. So then once you have that you are just gonna continue braiding like this you know just like a regular braid all the way to the end of the hair once you get to the end of the hair you are gonna grab one of these elastics and just tie the end of your hair to make sure that it is secure and not gonna slide out.

So once we have the braid in place you can leave it like this if you like it, I like it a little thicker. So what, I usually do is just start kind of pulling on the braid and pulling out the hair a little bit just like this and then when you get to the end you just loosen it up a little bit and start to kind of pull on the braid in different directions to make it thicker and more fun we are all done this is what it looks like it is not exactly what, I was wearing in the lexi show first post but it is a it is a exact look just the variation of the braid is a little different. So, I just wanted to change it up a little bit and make it more fun and just something unique.

So, I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial definitely give it a try especially if your hair is already long you do not even need extensions and it is just really easy and looks really really cool and kind of edgy and trendy. So thank you guys. So much for reading and I will see you guys in the next tutorial ciao.

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