HOW-TO CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS REVIEW Irresistable Me Royal Remi Highlights

Hey guys So today I want to do a quick review for you guys which. I do not do often but. I have been loving this product and that is my hair extensions from irresistible me now in no ways this post sponsored. I have just being. So impressed with the quality of these extensions and the fact that these ones are completely customizable.

HOW-TO CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS REVIEW Irresistable Me Royal Remi Highlights Photo Gallery

So they look extremely natural. So my blog is predominately hair tutorials and, I thought since, I’m going to be using these and a lot of my tutorials going forward. I wanted this post to be a hub that everybody could refer back to if they had any questions about the extensions.. So I thought. I would answer all of them here for you guys when you receive the extensions they are going to arise in a box. I kept my box because this is what.

I use to store my extensions when, I’m not using them. So what. I do is. I just layer all the weft on top of each other and, I just use two elastics to secure them in place and then this prevents them from tangling and they store really neat and nicely inside of your box is where the extensions will be and they come in secure packaging like this one now it comes with two compartments one that specifically says open the side first and I will have your test or extension in there and it will be 83 click web now. I get some of my mouse to my mom’s house it is just easier and this side specifically says avoid return when removed and, I picked up these extensions from my mom’s was this not opened and voided. So good thing that they match now it is going to keep them anyways but yeah typical mom. So just be careful not to open this side until you have tested them out now the particular attention is that.

I got are the 200 gram 22 inch royal remy highlight that’s a lot of hair you guys now what. I loved about these particular extensions is they are completely customizable. So you get to pick from to highlight shades, and it is not just blonde they have Browns reds oranges every color and then they customize and create the extensions for you you choose your length the weights everything now at first. I thought that. I was going to go with the platinum blonde and golden blonde but. I sent them a picture and they recommended going with platinum and ash blonde. So that is the color that.

I have here now. I love how natural they look and they blend great with my hair the only thing that. I do not love about these is at the top of the weft it does not look super natural. So when you have slipped it into your hair you just want to make sure it is blended very well that you do not see the stripe of hair color in the package there was also three spare clips in case you are worried to lose one but what. I love about these specific clips is they are reinforced with rubber on the back of them. So they really cling onto your hair and you do not have to tease it and, I didn’t sure that they stay in your hair all day long and they actually do you also get to one clip left which are great if you have short hair because you can clip it in the front and you will just help blend those front layers for you. I particularly use these when, I’m doing small braids maybe on the side of my head just add additional volume but other than that.

I do not use these when. I wear the rest of the extension remember this is 200 grams of hair. So you also get 5 – clip waves how crazy is that when. I was counting these out and couldn’t believe it. So what. I like to do with my – clip weft is. I clip two of them together.

So all. I do is. I just layer one on top of the other one clip it into place and it holds securely and then this just adds additional volume and you are not having to clip tons of extensions all over your head.. So I only use four out of the five to clip less. So now for the three clip weft. So you get two of those and just like the two clip weft.

I clip them to each other on the top of the other really simple just helps create that extra volume and then you are only clipping one set of extensions into your hair and, I saved the best wept for last it is there for clip signature weft. So often. I just wear those all by itself just to add some extra volume into my hair it is twice as much hair as all the other ones and, I’m pretty sure you can buy this one individually as well but. I used it in my last tutorial just to do a voluminous ponytail it is really quick to just clip it in and go. So this one is my favorite weft of as far as maintenance and styling. I probably wash my extensions every couple of months keep in mind. I do not wear them in my hair every day and they are not attached to your scalp.

So they are not getting as oily as your natural hair would now when. I first received these extensions they were way too soft and they had a hard time holding a curl for a long period of time. So instead of constantly applying heat to them. I just gave them a rinse with some purple shampoo and it helped to dry them out now when it comes to styling them I will curl them I will spray them with a ton of hairspray and then the curls last at least a couple weeks. So before. I go ahead and show you guys how I clip in my hair extensions.

I need to just take a moment and appreciate how easy clip in hair extensions are because back when. I was in high school. I used to glue extensions into my hair. I purchased one long straggly weft from store called de Rosa’s downtown where. I live and, I used to glue them in my hair like down here because they weren’t as long as. I wanted and, I can only imagine now like. I wish.

I still had them.. So I can show you guys but just left my ends straggly they didn’t match properly they were about 60 bucks and taking them out damaged my hair. So bad.. So. I’m so thankful and, I love love clip in extensions there’s So much easier. I already went ahead and curled my hair this is my favorite way to wear my hair when, I’m wearing extensions just helps them blend seamlessly because. I have some pretty blunt and. So you want them to blend in plus it makes my hair look extra voluminous which. I love who does not but clipping them in it is pretty easy you guys take a little bit of practice but the fact that these have that extra rubber reinforcement just ensures that they are going to stay on your hair. So you do not need to do any extra teasing or a texture spray or hair spray which is why. I love these So, I’m going to go ahead and, I’m going to start with my 3 clip weft first, I’m going to be creating a section you are at the bottom of my ear and this is where, I’m going to be attaching that three clip left remember that. I doubled it up for extra thickness but this particular section is important because you do not want too much hairline underneath the weft especially if you have shorter hair because you are going to be able to see it when your hair is pulled forward. So you want to make sure that there’s just enough hair for it to clip on to securely. So, I’m going to clip them in beginning with my left Brett and, I just work my way across feeling pushing down clipping them in just like you would a Brett. I do like to with my middle finger just make sure that the under hair is lifted a little bit away from my neck it just helps them clip in a little bit more securely next sectioning just above your ears. So you have a lot more Headroom, I’m going to be clipping in our forklift left usually this is the one that. I just wear all by itself but for today.

I really want to show you guys the full effect of these extensions. So again. I just start with my left one just makes it easier for me to remember and, I just clip them in using my middle finger to lift the hair and ensuring that the clips are in I will go back just to push down in them to make sure that they do not move and then to help blend this size, I’m going to be adding a two clip weft that I have doubled up to each side of my head and you want to make sure that it is temple Heights but you do not want it to go in front of the middle of your ear because you do not want the weft expose. So here did you guys this is what my hair looks like when. I have all those extensions clipped in. I feel like a mermaid. I absolutely love it it is not something.

I do every day and, I know extensions aren’t for everyone but. I really think that it helps kind of take your look to the next level they are really fun to play around with and it just gives you tons of volume. I also want to let you guys know that with hair extensions comes a lot of maintenance long hair is a pain there’s a reason. I wake up some mornings wishing that. I could just shave my head. So some quick tips. I have try to keep your hair parted down the middle and brought forwards this will help your hair from not tangling at the nape of your neck because that’s usually where the tangles happen and if it is wintertime and you are wearing a lot of layers try to have a hair elastic on you at all times just to kind of tie your hair off to the side when you are doing something active or when, I’m driving particularly is when I will just do like a loose ponytail just to keep everything kind of uniform and keep it from tangling.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it informative if you have any additional questions please leave them down below. I promise I will get back to you as always I’m. So excited to wear these extensions in future posts and, I have. So many tutorials that. I cannot wait to share with you guys hope you are excited anyways. I will talk to you guys soon bye and that is been Nike see yes. I love these.

I wanted them forever struggled with this for. So long. I think that’s the way. I do it.

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