Long & Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

It is finally time. Okay, you guys have been asking for a fine hair tutorial so much. It is one of my most requested posts. And I was gonna get a fine hair wig for this, but when it came in, it was thicker than my hair, which was a little bit of kick to my ego, but the good news is, I can just use my hair without all the texturing magic. So today, I’m gonna take you guys through a variety of styles that you can wear for a lot of different occasions, and will work on fine, thin hair. So, let’s get into it. Let’s start off with this barely tousled bun.

This is just a simple bun, but we are gonna add a little bit to it. Start by pulling your hair into a low ponytail and loosen the pieces around your face, if you want some face framing. Then you can also loosen up the pony tail for some more volume. Now just split the pony tail in two and tie it in a knot, then pin that knot in place. Now wrap any ends that you have loosely around the base, and pin them as well. And finally, you can finish it off by giving your hair a little shake and maybe some texturing spray to play up the tousle. And that’s it for this bun. I love that it is very simple, but it definitely works with fine hair, instead of fighting against it. Sometimes, if you can’t beat fine hair, you should just join it. And by that I mean it is okay to go sleek and flat sometimes. For this style, I’m gonna take a comb and brush my hair back around my ear. I’m making sure to hold it in place with my opposite hand as I work.

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Then I’m gonna add two parallel bobby pins just below my ear to hold it in place. And I like being able to see these bobby pins, because it gives it a little edge. Then I’m gonna leave the rest down. If you want this super shiny, you can use a little flat iron and some serum, or leave a little airy and undone, whatever you want. Now if you have fine hair, I assume that you, like me, struggle in the hair line department. I recommend using either an eyebrow powder or hair fibers to fill in your hair line. Either one will give you the illusion of more hair, so you can pin your hair back with no fear. And that is our sleek and simple look.

Sometimes if you can’t fight the flatness, just pretend like you did it on purpose. It’ll look great and polished at the same time. And now for some grown-up fun buns. This is a way to wear double buns in a more bohemian way. You can part your hair in the front wherever you like, and split your hair in the back in half. Pick up a section from the top of your head on one side, leaving some pieces around your face to frame it. Then bring that back into a pony tail. Now just braid the pony tail all the way down and secure it with an elastic. And then wrap the braid into a bun and put it in place. All you do now is repeat the exact same thing on the other side, making sure to take the same sized section of hair so you do not end up lopsided.

And that’s it for this hair style. You can take this edgy or boho, depending on your style. And finally, I obviously have to do a braided look. This one reminds me of my tiny braids tutorial. For this I’m gonna start with a braid right next to my part, and braid all the way down. Then I’m gonna pick up the hair around it and some hair on the other side of my head, bring the two together in the back and secure it in place.

Now on the same side as the first braid, add another braid through the hair that you have left down and secure that with an elastic. Now at this point, you can stop here. It’s a totally great day to day look. But if you want to make it a little extra, you can add in some hair charms. These are from Chloe + Isabel and I love them so so much. There you have it. Some festival-y braids that totally work on fine thin hair. And those are four fine hair styles. I hope you guys enjoyed these. And remember, most of these will work on short hair, as well. Now I know one post is not enough, so let me know in the comments what fine hair styles you would like to see next.

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