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Earlier this month, my blog had a sweepstakes where a reader could win $1,000 to go on a shopping spree at Sephora, which got me thinking. What would I do with a grand to spend on any product I wanted? Well it became a reality a few weeks ago because I got to go to Sephora and spend $1,000 on all my favorite beauty products. What’s more? I got to bring my friend, Alix Rentsch, who’s never been to Sephora in her life. Can you believe that? Well, it’s actually not that crazy, because Alix just arrived to New York from the UK and they don’t have any Sephora’s there. So naturally, after touching down, she decided to pop her Sephora cherry with me. We met up at Sephora’s newest New York store on 34th Street, which also happens to be the biggest one on North America.

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I know that Sephora can be an overwhelming place to shop, whether you’re a makeup professional or a makeup noob. So I decided to break it down into three easy categories: makeup, skin, and hair. In my opinion, you can have all the makeup in the world but if your canvas isn’t great, it’s not going to do much for you. So, I always like to invest in skincare. This cleanser by Ole Henriksen is really beautiful. It smells like a spa and it takes all of my base makeup off without drying my skin out. I also pulled out four masks and divided them up by skin type. First up, calling all my oily skin girls, aka me. This mask by Fresh is called the Umbrian Clay Mask. Put it on your skin for five to ten minutes and it just pulls out all that excess oil and gunk out of your pores. It’s real good. Next up: this mask can actually work on pretty much any skin type. Why? Because it is full of honey. Magnetic. So you never lose it. When I first got this product, I screamed.

Honey is a magical ingredient because it’s a humectant, which means it is moisturizing and it’s anti-bacterial, which means it’s really good for acne. Next up: anyone with dull skin will love this blue mask. Oh it’s right there! So this mask is the Herbivore Botanical Blue Tansy mask and it has a bunch of exfoliating acids in it so it will get rid of your dull skin. Next up: my dry skin girls and you will love this mask from Dr. Jart. It’s a sheet mask full of chamomile water and cactus essence, it’s super soothing and nourishing. You’re going to love it. Okay that was a lot of product but we’re not done yet. Hair. I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge hair fanatic. I’m not one to spend an hour doing my hair, but I do like to style it now and then. So I always use products that make it really easy. First up is a good flat iron. First up a good flat iron. And this one from T3 is really good.

It has ceramic plates that make it slightly less damaging on your hair and if you ask me, a flat iron is a lot more versatile than a curling iron. Because you can obviously straighten your hair with it but you can also curl your hair if you know the proper technique. If you’re going to heat style your hair, which I just recommended that you do, you should always have a heat protectant on hand. This one from Alterna is really easy to use. You can just spray it in your hair. It’s never going to weigh your hair down and it smells incredible. It smells like white tea. I already used all of it. I was lazy. Doesn’t it smell so good? Once my curls are in, I always go through with a little bit of texturizing spray and this one from IGK is my favorite. All you do is spray it through your mid-lengths and ends, give it tszuj and you got that cool girl, lived-in texture everyone is lusting after. Do I look cool or do I just look like I just rolled out of bed? I hope it’s the former. They’re kind of the same thing but one is intentional. Last is a dry shampoo because let’s be real, we don’t always have time to shampoo and condition every single day. So this one by Living Proof is I think the best one I’ve ever tried. It stops the oil and grime like no other and the force of this is – as you see really intense.

I’m going to use it and you can see. Alright it’s white – I know that but you have to work it in. It’s going to massage all that oil out of your roots. The first product we buy is foundation, which in my opinion, is the key to a full face of makeup. We are here at the ColoriQ station, which in my opinion, is one of the coolest functions at Sephora. It’s going to help Alix here determine which foundation is going to match her. We have David, one of Sephora’s Pro Artists, who is going to show us how to do it. So we’re going to take three shots on the skin here and I’m going to three areas that I really want to have some differentiation, so you get the best average. So a lot of the times, I like to take from the neck because it might be a little bit lighter and we don’t want our head to float above our neck, right? Not good. You’re a yellow three. So you’re a warm undertone and then you’re seven tones deep. If you use this little system here: you go into foundation and you’re going to type in your number “3Y07”, enter, foundation, and that’s going to bring up all the colors that match to your skin tone exactly. After testing Alix’s skin on Sephora’s ColoriQ machine, we found hers, in what happens to be one of my favorite foundations, which is Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD. Alix told me she likes foundation that is lightweight and buildable which is exactly what this foundation is. Next up: concealer. I recommended Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Concealer to Alix because it’s super blendable and really, really long-wearing.

In my opinion, Nars makes some of the best blushes on the market. Why? Because their shade range is incredible. It’s so pretty! Look! Bronzer’s another product that I rarely leave the house without. This one from Benefit is one of my holy grail items. Now we glow up. Let’s go get highlighter. The last thing I do to my face is always highlighter and this one from Becca is a cult favorite. It’s amazing. It’s super shimmery and flatters a wide range of skin tones. Now I always say that if your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains and nobody likes shabby curtains. Now I personally don’t really fill in my eyebrows anymore because I got my eyebrows microbladed (you should read that post). But this eyebrow pencil by Anastasia is really, really amazing. It’s super fine – the tip. So you can draw on like really tiny, feathery brow hairs. Next up: mascara. The coolest thing is the wand.

It has a swan-like shape that makes it really easy to get every single eyelash. Now one of the perks of being a beauty writer is all of the makeup that I get and I have upwards of 30 eyeshadow palettes. But if I had to choose one to recommend to Alix it would be this one from Tarte. Just because it’s a very good neutral palette. You kind of have everything that you need in terms of matte shades, shimmery shades, and darker shades and I just want to show you a variety of brands. I really like Tarte. It’s a really good formula, super creamy. You should play with them. I kind of automatically go straight for the shimmery. The gold one. It’s so beautiful. Lipstick is my favorite part and this one from Sephora is incredible. It’s the lip cream in Always Red, which is a beautiful classic blue-toned, crimson shade that looks good on pretty much everyone and lasts for hours. But, no look is complete without brushes and I could personally not live without these. Seriously, if I was stuck on a deserted island, I would bring these with me. First is Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Brush, which is two-sided.

Next up is the Number 14 Eyeshadow Brush from Sephora Collection. It’s just flat enough to make it easy to pat on eyeshadow onto your lid but it’s still fluffy so you can still blend with it. And last but not least, is the BeautyBlender. Technically not a brush, but equally as amazing. It’s this little pink sponge. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before. I love applying foundation and concealer with this when it’s damp because it gives you a very beautiful, natural finish. And that’s it. Good to go. Look at all this stuff. This doesn’t seem like $1,000. Alright, alright I know. The average person isn’t about to go into a Sephora and drop $1,000, aka Me. I’m the average person and that’s a month of my rent. Find out everything you were looking for? Yes, it was great. Look! Perfect! But, I hope this post will serve as a handy little guide to some of the best products out there.

Have a great day! And you match. And if you’re looking to enhance your beauty routine, you know exactly where to look. Thank you so much for shopping with me and see you next time. Thank you so much for reading. Do you have any favorite beauty products? Be sure to let me know in the comments below and click on comment button to comment to my blog. And click on comment button to read more posts. Bye!.

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