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You know what time it is, girls night. Whoop, whoop, whoop! I love going to the spa. I love gettinmy nails done. Unfortunately, that can be a little bit expensive to be doing all the time. So, I wanna show you guys how we can do this really easy, under $20 and the best part is, you are gonna be able to invite your friends over to enjoy it with you. Let’s jump right in. I wanna start with the most important part of the night, the wine. Ya gotta have it. You’re gonna invite your friends over, gotta have a little something to tingle the taste buds. Have a little bit of delicious wine. My trick to make this a little bit more affordable is to try to reach for a wine that is maybe a little bit younger. It’s gonna be a lot cheaper and it is actually really nice and sweet. Let’s be realistic here. I actually budgeted this for two bottles. What’s better than one bottle of wine? Two bottles of wine. Good news, this one is only 2.99 and you can totally pick this up at your local discount store. Another thing your friends are gonna thank you for is when you show them you are basically Martha Stewart. Make them a delicious, but healthy snack because I feel like sometimes, when I go over to my friends house, we eat really bad and that makes me not feel good about myself. This is really, really easy to do, really delicious.

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It’s actually Greek yogurt even though it looks like white chocolate. Little bit of raspberries. You can also sweeten this with a little bit of honey and then some delicious dark chocolate on top, anything with dark chocolate, it is indulgent, but it is also healthy. Your friends will thank you. This is actually really easy to make. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together and then pop it into the freezer to chill for a little bit and then, it is ready to go. Also, just wanna let you guys know, the raspberries, I got on sale for about two dollars and the best thing is, is I’m actually gonna be using them again a little bit later on. Now that we are all deliciously nourished with our wine and our treats, it is time to begin our majestic spa experience. The first thing that you are gonna need, you probably already have and that is a couple of wash cloths. I just take a couple of these, dampen them, stick them in a crock pot with some eucalyptus oil. I stole that from a fancy gym in LA and then also, you can’t have a spa experience without having a little bit of a cucumber situation happening on your eye.

Love cucumbers because they are detoxifying and they are also naturally brightening. Super relaxing way to start the night. We cannot have spa night without doing a little bit of a mani and a little bit of a pedi. So, the way that I would do that is look for a nail polish that’s super thick that goes on in one layer. You can definitely get this down at the drug store. Sally Hansen makes a great one. H&M makes a great one. I love this one, in particular. There’s usually a great coupon out there for like three nail polishes for two dollars. Just keep your eyes peeled. They’re definitely out there. Something else that I think really lends itself to a delicious pamper session is to really set the mood with some candles and some incense. I love going for something that’s a little bit gentler of a fragrance like lavender. It’s really great.

You can pick up these incent sticks at Wal Mart. I think it is about 20 for two dollars. So, you are gonna be able to have these on hand for a very long time. And then also, I know candles can be a little bit expensive but if you kind of go out of the box and maybe go to your local flea market or farmer’s market on the weekends, there’s usually someone there who is hand making them, selling them for a very reasonable price. That’s where I got this one, at my local flea market and it is delish. When all my friends and I get together, we feel really guilty when we are all together, but we are still looking at our phones. I feel like having a few little activities for us to all do together really helps that. If you have got computer paper, you are gonna be able to do both of these. The first one is really cute kiss lip art. Have your friends kiss on a piece of paper, maybe sign their names on it. We can all have one to take home. And then also, I love the game of MASH. If you didn’t play this growing up, it is really fun. And I feel like after a few glasses of wine, you could get really weird on these options. The weirder, the better. If you are gonna let your friends have their phones on hand, a lot of really classic games you can now download on your phone to play for free. And one of my favorites is Mad Libs, but the adult version. After we are all done gossiping, we are probably gonna wanna watch a movie. I love just putting in an old DVD, which I feel like we all have lying around. There’s also Netflix if you have that. And then also, if you have Spotify, you can download it for free and if you just type in the word Spa, it actually plays spa music for like hours and hours and hours, super relaxing and again, for free. Listen, I know we have all had a little bit of wine by this point, but this was a spa night and we need to make sure that we detoxify. I feel like a great way to detoxify from all that wine is to make a really great spa water. You could accomplish that with a lemon and those leftover raspberries that we used earlier and again, like I said, this detoxifies. It’s really great for your skin, super hydrating from the inside out and also, very, very affordable. I love that we are able to do all of this for under $20. If you have any ways that you and your girls like to get together and hang out, let me know down below.

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