40s Pin Up Hair inspired by The Capitol of the Hunger Games

This week. I wanted to do some hairstyles inspired by the capital, and basically everything that was going on with the capital was like s, and s on acid and. So I thought. I would be some s, and s inspired hair tutorials, and at first. I was going to take them completely crazy, and off the wall, and just you know not even wearable, and then. I was like well. I should probably make them a little wearable. So here’s a little s put up inspired a little getup. I really like this. I love on the s. I love kind of pinup styles. So I hope you guys like this too, I have been getting a lot of requests to try something like that. So hopefully this is the kind of thing that you guys were looking for, and even if the is not something you’d wear every day maybe you would wear it for Halloween or something like that or maybe it is just a cool new technique to learn anyway. I hope you guys like it, and let’s see my next posts mom fine start by separating the hair on top of your head in a very large rectangular section you are going to curl parallel to your head this is a three-quarter inch curling iron you want to stick between three quarter inches to an inch, and a quarter for this one. I just want to get a nice tight curl, and once all the hair has been curled you are going to go ahead, and let the curl go, and make sure that it stays in that shape that you had it in, and then just go ahead, and pin it against your head to let it set, and cool in place, and that’ll get you a nice tight curl in a nice shaping later then take the hair between that partying in your ear, and curl it away from the face again parallel to your head, and release it, and put it against your head to set the curl, and then those that section that. I took is rectangular. So it is about three inches long, and one inch wide you are going to continue taking sections that size around the head kind of circling around that first section that we did creating those really oblong curls, and then you actually want to make sure that your curling away from the face.

40s Pin Up Hair inspired by The Capitol of the Hunger Games Photo Gallery

So for that first kind of two or three curls you are going to be curling in one direction, and then you are going to switch, and curl in a different direction as you come around the head. So that you are still curling away from the face, and then pin those in place each time that way you get a nice set curl that’s going to last really well especially if you have hard to curl hair this is a great way to do it then once you have got all that incorporated you are going to go down to the rest of your hair for a lot of you guys that should be it you will let be at the nape of your head, and that will be all the sections that you have to do but if you have a lot of hair you could always do another row if you need to doing the girls like this where it is a really rectangular section is going to be really good for creating kind of a vintage e looking curl. Because back in the day they were doing this on rollers which are obviously rectangular shaped. So is creating a rectangle kind of curl base and. So that created a certain kind of look which were recreating here by doing this. So once that’s all done you are going to go ahead, and let that top crow out, and you are going to tease the base of it this is going to give the cross some structure, and help it to stay up a little better, and take all the rest of your hair, and loop it back up.

That it is curled, and white it up against your head, and pin it in place. So that you got that nice roll on top of your head which is very vintage & pinup e, and pin that in place inside of the curl, and then we are going to do that with the next side section. So take that free, and you can comb it out a little bit if you want just to smooth it you could see my name is just a bit of smoothing there, and then gently tease it to give it some body, and some shape, and wind up the end of it, and wind it up against your head, and pin it in place, and you can also make sure that you are aligning that right against that top crawl. So that they look really nicely together you just want to shape it, and be really creative, and find what shape works best for you, and your hairstyle, and then you are going to continue that with the next two side curls. So, I have got that one right there, and then, I will going to get going to get the next one behind the one that, I have already done, and wind it up, and put it in place, and then you are going to let the rest of your hair down my camera actually lost this footage which was kind of sad for me but basically you are just letting everything else down. Because as Carl’s have already cooled then if you want you can pin a nice large flower into place this is just from a local boutique on that. I have, and then you are going to take this side curl, and curl it away from your face, and roll it up like we did the other stuff, and you are going to create this kind of horizontally. So you get kind of a sweat back to look on this side whereas on the other side you have kind of that large voluminous of swept style. So it gives you that nice asymmetrical look then you are going to take all the hair from the nape of your neck, and kind of sweep it over, and curl it around your fingers, and pull it against the head, and put it in place, and once you have done that you are done, and you have got your nice little capital is inspired s pinup style. I hope you guys like this. And I will see you in my next post be sure to check out the other links that. I put at the end of this post for some posts that. I think you would like if you liked this hairstyle some kind of more retro, and vintage e styles be sure to check those out, I will see you my next post bye.

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