Classic Makeup With a Glittery Twist Perfect for NYE

This really easy New Year’s Eve makeup it is a really simple way to incorporate glitter into a really classic, and what for me is a very signature look and, I will using mostly drugstore products. So it is also very easily accessible start out by priming your eyelids with whatever your favorite primer is, and then apply a matte flesh toned eye shadow to the eyelid, I will actually using face powder for this you can use whatever you like just as long as it is matte, and matches your skin tone once you have that in place we can move on to the crease and, I will going to be using kind of a coppery color from this Maybelline eye shadow quad, and coral Oasis, and taking this kind of orange copper and, I will just going to take that with this Sigma e, and take that through my crease focusing on the outside of my face to go ahead, and get that cat eye shape started you want it to come up a little bit further than your crease shade normally web but not too far. Because you still won’t have that great brow highlight then.

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I’ll going to take the dark brown from that same palette, and a sigma e which is my favorite crease brush of all time, I will just going to tape that through the very bottom of my crease. So that you can still see the copper over it that way you get a great really great like warm Brown looking crease, and you saw a lot of definition there, I will also taking it a little bit over the outside of my lid as well just for a more cat eye shape for my highlight, I will going to use this loose eye shadow by NYX and, I will going to take it with a sigma e through my inner corner, and underneath my brow this shadow does have quite a bit of shimmer to it.

But. I think that’s totally fine for New Year’s Eve if you are a little bit more conservative with the shimmer however you could always replace this with a light matte color if you prefer then, I will going to be using the Physicians Formula gel liner trio and, I will going to start out with the black shape we are using all three for this look and, I will going to use this set by e angled brush to create a winged eyeliner. I have another post on winged eyeliner if you guys want to see that. I do not really have time to go into it right now you want to keep this wing a little bit smaller. Because we are going to be using that gold on top of it, and if you make this wing really think you are going to end up with a lot of liner going on. So just keep it a little bit smaller, and then we are going to move on to the gold shade from these three eyeliners and, I will going to be using a sigma e tin for a little bit more precision you can still work with an angled brush if you prefer, I will going to make a very fine line right over that black eyeliner this is a good way to fix any little mistakes you made with the black eyeliner as well, and it adds a little bit of his ass to the look then, I will going to be aping it up even more with some gold glitter from this glitter cream palette this one is by Jay cat but NYX has similar ones as well if that’s easier for you to find, and then. I use the Sigma II basically any fine tipped brush will be good for this, and you just want to Pat the glitter right over where we put the gold eyeliner just for some extra sparkle, and shine on New Year’s Eve, and now we are going to move on to the lower eyelid.

So we are going to go ahead, and use this gold shade again but you can replace this with eye shadows if you prefer but, I will going to take the gold shade, and my Sigma Eason, and take it over the inner third of my eye just add a little bit of gold, and open that area up a little bit, and then, I will going to take a smudging brush, and the brown shade from these three and, I will going to use that to smudge across the lower lash line that way. I can go ahead, and get a little Smokey look to it but it also kind of warms up the look, and brings out the blue in my eyes but this shade will bring out pretty much any eye color. And I think it is really pretty, and. Because it is a liner it will last all day long then finish off with your favorite mascara of choice and, I will going to go ahead, and tell you guys what. I use on my face cut my camera is deleted the footage of me putting this stuff on my face for my blush, I will wearing the bombs Swiss dot which is a very warm coral and, I will also wearing their Mary Lou manager as my highlighter moving back to the drugstore for my lipstick, I will wearing NYX matte lipstick, and pure red which is a great classic way to finish off this New Year’s Eve makeup look it also lasts really well throughout the day. So I think you will be perfect for New Year’s Eve parties. I hope you guys really enjoy this look, and send me pictures if you try it out. And I wish you guys a very happy new year, I will see you my next post bye.

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