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Hey guys Abbey here with my sister’s to give you some tips, and tricks on bridesmaid makeup or just picture day makeup they both have kind of different preferences. So I did their makeup kind of like they would like to do it on the day of and, I will going to go ahead, and show you how. I did that, and give you tons of tips, and tricks at least as many as. I can first of all choose one or two features to glam up you do not want to overtake the bride. So choose one or two things Jill likes her eyes, and her lips to kind of pop, and Ana really likes her bronzed skin, and her eyelashes if you are going to do something like a statement lip make sure that you asked the bride just to make sure that she likes it too, and also make sure that you use products that you trust it is not a day to try out something new now for foundation, I will going to show you a full coverage option, and a less coverage option and, I will going to use Revlon Color stay for both. I love Revlon Color stay. Because it does not have any SPF which means that it won’t flash in pictures, and make you look super white it does have a beautiful finish in pictures it is heat or, I will sorry it is sweat, and Tires intent which makes it perfect for weddings.

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So. I really love it also it is very full coverage. So if you just apply it like this with like a Sigma P or P it looks beautiful definitely with the dense kabuki brush it gets the most beautiful finish, and it covers quite a bit now if you do not want as much coverage you can use a moisturizer that has no SPF mix it with your foundation, and apply it, and you can apply it with your fingers if you want but. I kind of like using a brush on other people’s skin but instead of using a tinted moisturizer it is better to do it this way that way you do not have to worry about the SPF. I do not know of a tinted moisturizer that does not have SPF in it. So this is just a nice way to kind of use your moisturizer in your foundation together you do not have to waste your foundation, I will show you how to use it later. So for concealer if you are doing your under eye concealer definitely watch out for on press PF. Because you do not want the flash in pictures just under your eyes or over any blemishes Vergil, I will using the dinar, and rush concealer it is amazing but you want to make sure to use a thin layer with any under-eye concealer. So that it does not crease also you want to make sure that you set it with a powder, and look at how much difference this makes yeah definitely anyway you want to set it with a powder that way won’t crease either, and a holes throughout the day but if you do not want to buy another concealer with Revlon Color stay all you have to do is just double up the foundation it is that second layer of foundation actually acts as a concealer which is super duper awesome. Because it is an awesome finish, and it is you know you do not to buy another product, and you can do the same thing if you use a tinted moisturizer option. So you are not wasting your foundation there either now for powder now Revlon Color stay does not actually need powder but gel skin is pretty oily. So I went ahead, and used the mortifying powder over it make sure again that it does not have any SPF you do not want to flash in pictures but that’s just going to give her a nice kind of porcelain finish it is going to help control the oil throughout the day, and if you went for the kind of moisturizer set make sure that you does some powder over it. Because you are probably looking a little bit shiny, and that will pick up in pictures, and it will not be cute you definitely do not want to look like a grease monkey or anything like that.

So just go ahead, and just a little bit of powder over that to set it in place, and will make your makeup last a lot longer now for blush you want to pick a concealer or, I will sorry a blush that you really like with your skin tone. So these are the two that. I picked for my sisters. I think they look really good on their skin tone, and then you want to make sure that you just apply a little bit more than usual now on camera this looks normal for Jill, and Anna but. I promise you in real life they were very blushed. Because they were already under those bright lights, and that’s exactly what being on a camera will do for you when you get your pictures taken is that it will wash you out a little bit. So just add some extra blush just to be safe if you want to add bronzer to wake yourself up you can totally do that just make sure you are comfortable with bronzer that way you do not end up looking like an oomph loop again that would not be too cute and, I will pretty sure your bride would not be happy with it, and if you want your makeup test blast extra long you can use a makeup setting spray now for eyes Jill, and Anna really are not big eye shadow girls. So I did a really simple eye shadow look on both of them. And I primed their eyes first you always want to use a primer, and make sure. I try to last. So much longer you can get them in the drugstore or high-end whichever way you want, and then. I use the sleek storm palette on both of them, and for both of them. I took this kind of shimmery Godly sand, and put it over knee hurt the lids this is just kind of give a nice wash to the lids, and kind of even them out a little bit, and then.

I took a lighter color, and put it in through the inner third, and underneath the brow bone, and then. I took a really dark color for their contour color just to make sure that it stands out even if you are not an eye shadow person. I definitely recommend doing something like this it is going to get a nice finish, and a nice shape to your eyes, and it will help to define them in pictures, and it is not a ton of work, and this kind of shape looks good on everybody. So make sure that you look at that contour color you can see that it is quite a bit darker than both of their skin tone which will make it pop out a little bit more in pictures. So they do not end up being washed out now for eyeliner obviously you want to make sure it is waterproof, and you definitely want to use eyeliner but if you are not really an Islander person you do not have to worry Joel not, and what. I did for her was to use this brown gel liner, and to smudge it into the upper lash line, and the lower lash line but then with her eye shape. I decided it was better to put it in the waterline you do not have to it is not always flattering on everyone just kind of play around with that on yourself but that’s the nice way to get a subtle liner without it being really dramatic, and on the other hand loves her black liquid liner but the way that she made it wedding appropriate was to keep it at a smaller line. So it is not quite Cleopatra or anything it is just enough to where you can see it, and it is really defining but it is not overdone, and that’s how. I would recommend if you want to do black eyeliner for a wedding, and now for your eyebrows general rule of thumb is if you’d normally do your eyebrows do your eyebrows if you normally do not but this is the one thing that you do not want to overdo for pictures. Because you will end up looking like Bert, and Ernie from Sesame Street, and it will not be huge, and then for mascara you definitely want to use one that’s waterproof.

I think that’s fairly obvious, and if you are like Anna you can always double up your mascara. So you get the extra dramatic looking lashes she loves them, and she’s amazing at making those like lashes. So these are the two mascaras that she uses to do that, and the camera did not do it justice in real life her eyelashes looked fake it was kind of Awesome now for lips try a lipstick that’s going to stay on a little bit better just experiment around make sure that you pick one that you are comfortable with again if you want to do a statement lip talk to the bride about it show her the color make sure she’s okay with it you do not want any not nice surprises the day of, and then if you have fair skin add a tiny bit of bronzer. Because it really helps to wake the skin up, I have noticed when you do a statement lip on fair skin it tends to kind of wash you out. So just add in some bronzer to wake you back up, and if you do a new lip try doing like a new lipstick, and covering it with a colorful gloss that way you do not look washed out in pictures. Because that’s not exactly good either. So that’s it. I hope you guys have enjoyed this. I hope you found some good tips, and tricks, and that is my last post before the wedding. So go back, and check through my other wedding hair site, I will sorry not wedding hairstyles I’ll. So used to sing hairstyles my other wedding posts, and check back December rd, I will be back with the final posts on my looks, and then we are going to jump right into holiday, and winter hair care, and all those fun things that you guys asked for, I will see you guys then, I will miss you.

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