Easy Glowy Makeup for Everyday

Hey girls Abbey here. So a lot of you asked for the makeup that. I was wearing in this post. So I decided to do a tutorial on that today now my lighting looks a little different today but. I promise it is the same makeup. I started out using my Urban Decay primer potion, and Eden which is my favorite. I use it in like every tutorial, and then. I took the Maybelline hour color tattoo cream eye shadow base, and barely branded. And I put that on my inner corner inner third of my eye, and then underneath my brow bone for some extra added shimmer, and highlight. Because the is a very glowy look even though it is not everyday look, and then, I will using my lorac Pro palette for all of the eye shadows, I will using this one in light bronze which is my favorite you basically want to pick a shimmery color close to your skin tone, and basically put that all over the lid, and then through the crease to just underneath where you have put your brow highlight, and then we are going to go back to the lorac Pro palette, and we are going to get the nude color which is another really light shimmery color you are going to want to go with a shimmery color that’s about two to three shades lighter than your skin tone, and pop that over where we place the cream eye shadow. So through the inner third, and then right underneath the brow bone to get some great highlight, and glow then you are going to go about two or three shades darker than your skin tone with a matte color.

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So the is taupe from the lorac Pro palette and, I will just taking a fluffy brush to blend that through my crease kind of just focusing on the outside of my crease, and then. I grab sable which is a little tiny bit darker than the other one, and place it just at the bottom of my face to make a really dimensional crease color. So it kind of fades from that really dark color up to the light bronze then. I took a black gel liner to go ahead, and make a really thin line right across my eyelid. I wanted the drama of having that black liner right next to my lashes but. I didn’t want it to be really visible like when you are watching it back on camera you can’t really tell there’s eyeliner there. So, I will using a really small brush to get really close, and really detailed, and then. I made a tiny little wing just. Because. I love my cat eyeliner then. I use my favorite Physicians Formula to go ahead, and my mascara, and then as per usual. I went through with a dry stoolie, and got rid of any clumps, and then went in with another mascara, and then finish it off with my Clinique bottom lash mascara that’s pretty much my go-to mascara routine right now, I will sure it’ll change over time.

I feel good you know. I should go – OH – you again. Because the is what. I do like every day then. I filled in my brows with the Anastasia um brow. I cannot see that normally the nope can’t say it brow Wiz in brunette, and then. I got the Milani blush in Luminous which is a gorgeous like pearl color. I love it is a great dupe for benefit coralista blush, and then. I grab the Mary Lou manager by the balm but if you want all scrolls, and bronzer has this really light shade that’s really similar if you’d use that instead but. I just put that over my cheekbones just to get a nice little bit of highlight then for my lips. I use toothpaste marshmallow bunny, and then NARS orgasm lip gloss if you want a drugstore duplicate you could use one of the lip butters either in creamsicle or strawberry shortcake, and then NYX mega shine lip gloss in perfect, and those kind of create a good mix the shortcake is really pink, and the creamsicle is a little bit more tan. So just go with whichever is your favorite but that is it. So I hope you guys enjoyed this it is really nice natural glowy you can wear it any day, and then you can go ahead, and click on the screen for my previous post if you want to check that out, and that is it. I will see you guys in my next post.

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