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Hi everyone kelly here and today I’m showing you how to do this easy DIY mask it only has two ingredients you can do it in minutes it is quick it is easy and it does amazing things for your hair it will make your hair shinier it will moisturize your hair and when your hair is moisturize it is much less prone to breakage and split ends so that means that you can avoid those things and hopefully help your hair to grow longer this is a really really big part of my hair care routine so you guys have been asking a lot about my routine and instead of doing one whole like hour and a half long post I decided to do a little mini series.

So I’m gonna do four or five posts on the different things that I do in my routine to keep my hair really healthy and I will finish off with a little haircare routine post where I show you guys all the different products that I like to use on my hair so we are gonna get a lot of information going on and we are all gonna learn how to have really healthy hair which is a great thing to do it is let’s just all resolved to have awesome hair this year and watch my channel to help you with that because hopefully that’s what I do anyway let’s go ahead and get rolling on this mask now these ingredients are really simple we are gonna start out with.

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Some jojoba oil and some coconut oil then into a microwave safe container measure out tablespoon of jojoba oil and tablespoons of the coconut oil and the coconut looks a little bit solid but this melts really easily you can either choose to melt it with your hands or you can pop it into the microwave for just a couple of seconds and that will go ahead and melt it so that you can apply it to your hair I just did seconds all you really want is for it to liquefy you do not need it to get really hot once it is completely translucent you can go ahead and give it a stir and you are ready to go and now let’s get the oil onto your hair.

I went ahead and split my hair in half and then you just put a little bit of oil onto your hand and run it through your hair and you keep doing that until the oil has saturated your hair so it is pretty easy and you can do this on wet hair as well if you like I like to do it on dry hair because then I can see really easily where I have gotten oil and where.

I have not you can also apply the oil to your scalp if you like that can help with hair growth it can help with dryness and it can even fight my old dandruff so you might be wondering why I picked these oils well first of all peanut oil does not just coat the hair it actually goes all the way into the hair and it attaches to hairs protein so that means that your hair will end up more moisturize from the inside out but also having that moisture attached to your keratin means that you are going to have less future damage and I use the jojoba oil because it is very similar to your scalps natural oils so the hair accepts it really well and really thrives off of it it is also extremely lightweight and so it makes this whole formula more lightweight and less prone to weighing your hair down after you wash it out and you can do this treatment as often as you feel your hair needs it I typically do it once every two weeks but I will definitely bump it up to being more often if I’m doing a lot of styling or my hair or my hair seems extra dry so once your hair is totally saturated with oil you just let it sit I like to clip mine up and then put a little shower cap over it and you can leave it on I would say a minimum of minutes but you can go all the way up to hours if you really want to so you can either just let it sit or you can add in heat optionally just use your hair dryer on a low heat setting to just kind of heat up the whole area that helps your cuticle to open up so that the oil goes deeper into your hair and can do more work on the inside of your hair but do not do too much heat.

I would say anywhere from to minutes maybe minutes is max another option is just to braid your hair all the way down secure it with an elastic and then sleep on it with the oil in it and wash it out in the morning this is also a really good way because the oil gets to sit on your hair for a long time either way once you are done with the oil it is time to wash it out so in the shower you can go ahead and rinse it really well and then shampoo it really really really well like thoroughly make sure that you get as much out as you can then rinse and then do another light shampoo afterwards I always double shampoo with this because you want to get all the oil out or your hair might still feel oily after the shower then just do a light conditioner to reset the pH balance of your hair rinse that out and dry your hair and you are done I always really love how my hair looks and feels after I finish this treatment it is good for all hair types all hair lengths everybody can benefit from this because it really does just give your hair back the nutrition and the moisture that it needs especially after a lot of styling so I hope you guys enjoy this post and be sure to check back to see the rest of my posts in this series I will see you next one look bye.

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