4-Strand Slide-Up Braid Hairstyles

Hey, guys. I’m Abby from LA. Today, we are going to show you how to do a four-strand slide-up braid. Some people call it the snake braid. And we already have a three-strand version up, but you are going to love the way this one lays on the head when you are using four strands. So to begin, I’m going to just grab a section right on the front for this particular style. And I’m going to leave some of it hanging over her ears, just so that it evens out the look on both sides of her face. Now you are going to divide the hair into four sections, just pretty much even, best you can. And then just getting this started is the very most tricky part. And there’s definitely a technique. And I will explain it two different ways, and you can figure out which way your brain processes it better. OK, so the first way is, if you can imagine, this is your leftmost piece.

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And it is going to go over that next piece and then under the third piece. And then, you are going to stop. OK? Now, this outside piece is going to go under and then over. Does that make sense? So it is reversed. So this outside piece is going to go over and then under, just like a normal braid would. And then, you are going to bring that outside piece, and it is going to go under and then over. And it is going to just keep continuing like that. I will do one more stitch. So the outside piece goes over and then under. And then, you move your fingers, and you are going to go under and then over. OK, and then, you just keep going under, over, over, under. But that’s kind of tricky for my brain to process, so I process it better when I think of it like this. I have four strands. You can see all of them. Take the leftmost piece, and you are going to go over and then under and then over. So you basically basket weave it through. And then, you just take these two middle piece and you cross them over each other. Ta-da. And then, you go back to that leftmost piece, and you do it again. Over, under, over. And then, switch those middle two. Sorry. My fingers are fumbling. OK, and then, you go over, under this is so hard for me to do slow and then, over again. And then, switch them. So when I’m going fast, this is how it looks. I will show you. This is why my brain does not process when I slow it down, because I kind of combine the steps so that it goes really fast. But it is basically just the same technique I just showed you. Either way you want to process it is fine. We’re going to just keep going down the hair strands until we run out of hair. Whoops. Missed one. And we are almost there. When you get to the end of the strands this is probably my last one then, you are going to stop. Now, you have your four pieces again. Hold onto those two on your right. Reach back and grab that far-most left one. And hang onto the second one in from the left. Don’t ask me why, but it has to be that piece. Then, you are going to just take it and push up. And that’s going to slide it all the way up and snake it. And then, when you loosen it, when you undo it, push it back a little bit, you can see that it creates that lovely little rippled pattern that I love on the brain.

So once you have got that where you want it, take an elastic and secure the ends. And you will have like one piece that’s longer than the rest. That’s normal. That’s because that’s the one you used to slide everything up it. Get your ends. Now on her hair, what we are going to do pull these just a little bit more so we get that little rippled pattern. I’m just going to pull it back, find a little spot back in here, maybe a little bit further. That’s good. And then, I’m going to bobby pin it back. So it is just like a side pull back sort of effect. Crossing my bobby pins so that they stay in place a little bit better. You can use as many as you need so it feels secure. And then, I’m going to take a flower and just kind of pin it right over that spot, too, which just adds a little bit more pizazz. And then, loosen things up so that it is not too tight and rigid. OK, turn forward. And then, you can see why we left some hair right here so it just frames her face. And we have our lovely, four-strand slide-up braid. We’ll turn her sideways so you can see it. And around. And we are done. I know you guys are going to love this one. And be sure to go and vote for us. We’re in a contest to be one of the Top Mom Vlogs by Circle of Moms and POPSUGAR. We’re so grateful to have been nominated by one of our fans. So please go and vote for us. We’re doing really well right now. But there are so many other good vlogs right behind us. We’re going to have to have all of your votes to keep our lead. So please go vote. You can find the link in the description box below. Or you can find it where else? In the banner of our YouTube blog. It’s a little pink circle. You can click on that. And also on our website. So you just click on the button and then click a vote for us. And we will see you guys next Sunday. See ya. Hey, do you love your sisters? Yes. You do? Mm-hm. Why? Because they are being nice. They’re being nice. Is it sad to be the only boy in our family? No, because I have a brother. Who is it? Braidy. Braidy’s your brother? Uh-huh. Do you like him? Mm-hm.

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