Box Four-Sided Fishtail Braid Wear it Down or Up in a Bun

Hey all. I’m Abby from LA. And Brooklyn’s here with me today to show you guys how to do a box fishtail. Now, Kendra from Canada sent this idea in via email. And everyone once in a while I come across an idea, like a fan suggestion, that just blows my mind. And this one was one of those. So it is a combination of a normal fishtail and a reverse fishtail. And seriously, it turns out so cool. So we are going to show you. And if you do not know how to do either one of those two hairstyles, I’m going to put the links in the description box below. And you can check them out there. Now, to the box fishtail. OK, we started by pulling her hair up into a high pony tail. But you can even do it on the side if you are doing it on yourself. No problem. We’re going to just part her hair into two sections, just like as if you were going to do a fishtail. And we are going to begin by doing a normal fishtail stitch. So we are going to take a little bit of hair from one side, cross it over the front, and put it into the middle of the second piece. Now on this side we are going to take an outside piece again, cross it all the way over the front, and put it into the middle of our first piece.

Box Four-Sided Fishtail Braid Wear it Down or Up in a Bun Photo Gallery

We’re going to do this one more time. So that was a completed stitch. Now we are going to start a second stitch. So cross over the front. Grab a side piece. Cross over the front. So now we have two what I call completed, normal fishtail stitches. Now we are going to do two reverse fishtail stitches. We’re going to pick up a little section on hair again, however big you want. The smaller you go, the more intricate the fishtail. And we are going to go under this time. So we are crossing in under, back into the middle again, just like before. We’re going to go to this side, pick up some hair, cross it under into the middle. So we have now done one stitch of a reverse fishtail. We’re going to do another reverse again. Grab a piece. Pull it under. Make sure you do not pick up the other pieces when you do it. Put it in the middle. And then switch it over. Now the first couple stitches are just the hardest, because the braid hasn’t really formed yet. After that it gets a lot easier. So we have done essentially two normal stitches, two reverse stitches. And now we are going to go back and just repeat this over and over. Now the only bummer to this is that it is a fishtail, which means it is going to take a few minutes, because they are intricate stitches. So we are going to go again over the top, into the middle, and again over the top, into the middle. That’s stitch one. Here’s stitch two, over the top, into the middle, over the top, into the middle. That’s the second one. Now we are going to reverse it. So we are going to go over the back, into the middle, and over the back, and into the middle. OK, now here’s my other tip. When you are taking the piece of hair, make sure you are taking it from the outside edge. Take it underneath. And make sure you take it right to the middle.

And now hang onto that hair. Don’t let this back hair flip to this outside edge and accidentally pick it back up, because it won’t look as good. Make sure it goes right to the middle and stays put. And make sure you are picking up new hair from the outside edge all the time. So back across. That was stitch one. Here’s reverse stitch two. And back, and we are just going to continue on. OK, now when you get down to the end, where you are having a hard time hanging onto to things anymore, and you are just running out of hair, then I like to just finish it off just across the front, just like with big pieces keep the effect going. And then you can even just finish it off in a braid. Take an elastic. Rubber and it. OK now, what I like to do, to just give it a little more polished look is just take a piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic. And then you can actually take a bobby pin and just go right up the center of the braid. There we go, like this. Pull some hair out right there. And give it a little more polished off look. And we are done. Now you can see so we have our fishtail here, our front fishtail but you can see that all down the sides we have a fishtail. On this side we have a fishtail. And on the back we have a fishtail. So we have essentially just made a giant box of fishtails. So I like to just tug them. This makes it just a little more loose and beautiful. And you are finished. Now please show me all the things that you come up with to do for this hairstyle, whether it is wrapping it in a bun that would be amazing or wearing it over your shoulder into a long fishtail in front. And make sure you hashtag me. You can use the hashtag right here. And then I get to see them. And I’d be so excited. So her is the finished, final look. Ta da! How many compliments did you get when you wore this the other day? A lot. Yeah, this is not one I have seen. So I’m really excited about it. And all of her friends noticed. And they were all commenting on it, which is what’s going to happen to you if you wear it. Now we have also made a new Disney post. So we will put a link to it up here. Make sure to check it out. It’s a not so hidden Mickey. And you guys will love it. I think it would be such a clever hairstyle to wear if you are going to the Disney parks. So cute, because it looks like Mickey Mouse in the hair adorable. And we will see you guys later. Bye.

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