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So continuing our Pretty Little Liars series. I decided for one of arias tutorials we should do some big full-bodied curls now Aria is not the only person on Pretty Little Liars who has done here like this but. I think that’s one of the kind of iconic hairstyles when we think of Aria this is kind of one of the styles that we think of is these big full-bodied curls, and lots of volume on top, and things like that. So I thought. I would show you guys the curling method to get that look. Because. I already did the kind of top-heavy curls. So now we are going to do some of the more full-bodied hum skirt heavy curls. I really like this. I think it is pretty it takes about it takes me. Because everybody asked me last time it takes me about minutes you can do it faster with different hair types it is just for me that’s how long it took uh. And I think that’s all. I have to say. So I hope you guys enjoy it see my next tutorial Wow as always we are starting off by sectioning you are going to start off with the hair from the crown of your head up, I will just going to section that out of the way, and then you are going to do the hair on the in front of your ears on either side. So one side, and then the other side, and then in the back we are going to split your hair pretty much in half horizontally like. So, and sectioning it like this is going to help us to get a curl pattern that helps to best follow what aria normally does you are just going to split the back, and half after that by the way yeah, and then.

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I’ll using a one-inch curling iron you can use an inch, and a quarter or maybe a three-quarter inch those would be a little bit tight an inch, and a half all the way up to inches I’d say, and then you are going to curl, and wrap it back up, and pin in place to help the curls stay better, and what you are going to do is you are going to curl that bottom back section first, and pin it all up, and then you are going to let that second back section down, and you are going to curl that normally as well these back ones you can be pretty rough with them you just want to make sure you are doing like inch sections, and that’s really all you have to think about they are pretty simple as far as that goes then we are going to do these front ones. So these front ones we are actually going to do a little bit differently, and we are actually going to curl them up, and back.

So you can kind of see them lifting up at the roots that’s going to create volume right there kind of create that volume by shape towards the front you also want to make sure that when you wrap back up you wrap it in that direction. So that you can set the curl that way it is going to create a lot more volume in the front, and you know adheres that really curled soft look that Aria has, and you are going to repeat that on the other side, and then we are going to let the top down and, I will going to look like cousin it for a couple seconds here but then you are going to let the you are going to choose a section at the very back of that back section, and you are going to curl it away from your face like, I will doing here keeping that curling iron really close to the roots. Because you are really wanting to pull those roots up, and back this is where we are really making that volume, and then you are going to wrap it back up like we have done with every other piece of it, and pin it against your head just giving it a chance to cool there, and you are going to continue that throughout the top section again you are making that really big soft volume there by doing it this way, and do not worry about the part we are going to part that after you have already got these all curled.

So now that you look like a proper little old lady you can go ahead, and you know let them cool for ten to fifteen minutes, and then you can let them all go, and you are going to let the bottom layer, and those sides go first, and just kind of arrange them together do not pull them apart or anything, and stay nice, and soft. I give them a good spray just to hold them in place then you are going to let the top down, and it is going to feel a little crazy for a second but that’s okay, and then you are going to go ahead, and part your hair, and you can do that in the center you can do it on the side it is completely up to you, and then you can take those top layers, and intertwine them with the bottom layers to kind of get them to fall where you want them to fall. So you can see right now they are kind of all over the place, and once you got them arranged the way that you want to you can give them a little spray, and you are done you.

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