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You you spin me around Spin me around around Spin me around I’m gonna show you a cool thing on our porch we didn’t know was here. Look behind that planter. [In Unison] Hey guys. It’s Brooklyn and Bailey and welcome back to Behind The Braids. In this week’s post you will see us celebrate Easter weekend in Westman Row with a bunch of our friends including Asa. And we also went on a college tour campus tour, so that was. We went to Harding. Yes. It was super awesome. It was way awesome So we got to spend Easter up there. But before we go on to the blog and watch it we want to remind you guys that our song Simple Things is releasing on the th. So if you have not pre-ordered the song you can do it by clicking the information button right here. Or the link in the description box below. And so make sure you definitely go pre-order that.

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Now let’s go on to the vlog. So another day and another pool activity. And today it is waterline tile. So waterline tile you can see is just the blue tile running along the top of the pool. But that’s where the water will sit when the water’s in the pool. So that’s why they call it a waterline tile. But that’s the first step after (mumbling) and now on to stone. Okay so I have done gymnastics for about a year now and I have never attempted a back handspring on a tramp. And i just did it so I thought I would show you guys. But I knew Paisley (mumbling) so. You want me to film that. Okay. (applause and cheering) Good. Rylan’s got new tricks to show us on the trampoline. Woo-ooo-ooo. Good job. (pop music Do a front flip then two bounces and a back flip. Bounce, good there you go. Kamri McKnight honor roll. (applause and cheering) So we were working today and the doorbell rang and one center was catching the door. We noticed that there was like all these little tiny birds. so we started looking around and lo and behold on the front porch look. This is my plantar. I can see the shell. Yeah. Down, way down in there. Look there’s a nest or was a nest because now they are not nesting. We didn’t even know that was there but now it is and instead we have, where are they? I think they all went. Oh here they are. Went right back. There’s two. No they are not they are not in the nest are they? One jumped back in there. They’re hiding, can you see them? They do look like bats. I know, they do look like little bats. But they are not bats, they are tiny little baby birds. Little birdie. Come here little babies. There are, they are these tiny little baby. Ohhhhh! They’re just learning to fly. So cute. While I’m thinking about it I do not know if you guys you guys know Jenny.

You’ve seen her in lots of our posts before. Jenny helps prep all the posts that we film. I do. And our new addition is Sana! Doo doo doo doooo! Yes so we frequently work together and laugh. She’s a speed talker. I didn’t have our light talker. As she slows. I know. Oooh oooh oooh oooh. Amy on the phone is like, slow down so I text her. I’m a very fast talker. I’m going to show you a cool thing on our porch we didn’t know was here. Is it over there? Look behind that planter. I saw that. Is that a bird?

It’s a bird! It’s baby birds. There’s baby birds. No yes that guy is try anything I was like (mumbling) Mommy mommy, I want to tell daddy. You can, there’s one, right there. Oh my gosh. Can you pick them up? Yeah. (squealing) They do not like to be picked up. Well they are they’re birds. What birds want to be picked up? Were the dogs barking at us? Oh yeah. Okay I’m gonna show you where the nest is because you won’t find it. She’s trying to get out from under. She’s like Mary Poppins oh oh he flopped. It’s fine it is fine. Okay look look it under this bush. Oh wow. Smart smart. Can you see that? How did we miss it? Morning it scared me. I thought they were gonna have babies.

Sean’s struggling. You do not like being carried though. Oh oh there you go back in your nestie. Oh. Good morning guys so we are our whole entire family drove down to Arkansas and this weekend we are going to be touring the campus of Harding. Oh and Paisley wants to say hi. Well whether I’m gonna Easter egg hunt on Sunday with all our cousins. So we are down here this weekend with the Robertsons and the Howards and all of them we are just going to basically tore the Harding campus. And then we are gonna drive back to Monroe and hang out there for Easter. So we are super excited, are you pumped Rylan? Yes Yeah. It’s gonna be so much fun family.Hey guys were here on campus and it is Harding. Lets see if we can get the sign in here.

Harding. And we are doing a little campus tour because you know we are juniors and it is about time that we see a school. We gotta figure out where we want to go. So we are doing a college campus tour of Harding. Yes. And we are going to Spring Sing it is super cute like there’s flowers. It’s green everywhere and I’m loving it! Everybody like ride bikes and it is like oh so cute. And we are going to Spring Sing tonight and we are super excited, we have heard a lot about that and like how exciting and awesome it is. Yeah. So we are ready to sing. So ready. We have just gotten back from the campus tour and it was only a couple of hours. And now we have a couple of hours to spare before Spring Sing starts. And we have this amazing game room that everybody’s just been enjoying their time in You can see Cameron playing air hockey over here. We’ve had quite a few matches and Asa beat the legendary Abby McKnight or mom in ping pong earlier. That was kind of scary.

How was. We’re going to take off oh Paisley what you doing over here? I’m getting strong. You’re getting strong? Wo-o-o-ow. You’re doing so good. You could do this. Oh yeah I probably could huh? And looks like the kids have already gotten into the Legos and stuff over here. Look I have been doing it the whole time. You are?Cause you are so strong. How much, how much can you lift? Like a hundred pounds. A hundred pounds? That’s just kind of a lot of fun. And this is what happens when you have had a really really long day. I’m just searching Twitter on my phone and I think I’m about ready to take a nap. Kenny over hear is pretty close to sleep too. We walked around all morning and we have been playing real hard and now we are just waiting for the Spring Sing which I’m so excited. So if you guys do not know what the Spring Sing is that is where all of the social groups on campus out Harding they are pretty much they are like sororities and fraternities but they are not actually like the national ones they are just like social groups on campus.

They all get together and they create each one of them creates like an eight-minute little performance with music and dancing and costumes and all that. And then a bunch of judges come and judge and they pick a winner and the winner gets money and then that fraternity or sorority gets to donate the money to their chosen charity. So it is a super fun event and we are super excited can’t wait to see it. Hello guys so we have like an hour until Spring Sing and we all just finished eating dinner and it was delicious. So good. It was so yummy. It was so yummy. And this is the crew well some of the crew over here. The parents. Come say hi. Say hi parentals. [In Unison] Hi parentals. These are the (mumbling) The grand parental. Grand parental. Hey guys, we are we are at the Spring Sing right now. At Harding and it is so good like every five (mumbling) I’m like grabbing his arm, I’m like, oh my gosh this song, this song. Every single song. Like literally every single song. It’s been amazing so far. It’s intermission right now so we have, do you like it? No it is really good. It’s really good, it makes me excited to like come here and like I want to go here now like I want to be a part of this.

So I do not know we will see, we go home we still have half a year lef What did we just do? Eat. And swim. And swim. We ate pizza. And now we are swimming again it is what we want to do after. Okay, what do we want to do? Ice cream eventually. Ice cream eventually. Ice cream. Tell them what happened. I broke my Lent last night because it was the last day of Lent. Yep. And I had a big pint of Ben and Jerry’s fudge chocolate fudge ice cream. And I ate the whole thing and I didn’t feel sick that it was delicious. It was good. So we just arrived in Monroe and we are spending Easter here and this is, it is Saturday so the day before Easter. And tomorrow is Easter and we are just kind of hanging out. Come on guys. We’re hanging on hanging out right here. Hanging oh goodness old people. This is the pond area. Like a little beach thing over there. Just like the ideal backyard. Brooklyn’s gonna jump off this cliff right here. What it is not. Are you ready?

Jump off the cliff. You’re not gonna die. You’ll be okay. (cheering) It’s cold it is cold it is cold it is cold. We finally got our ice cream. What did you get? I got vanilla, strawberry, and M and M. I’m coming. Who’s is that? This is yours. (laughs Why are you holding my ice cream? I wanted to look like I was a part of the party. You didn’t get any ice cream that says that. (alughs) I think that says it all right there. Yeah.Hey y’all it is Easter and we are headed to church today with the whole clan. Well right now it is just. It’s just us now. Because everybody else is still getting ready. So we are coming to save a bunch of seats. But we are just headed to church you know it is Easter Sunday so you gotta celebrate so. I’m not running. Bye mommy. That was an awesome Easter egg hunt. Pais, can you show me what you?

Somebody gave me a cute little (mumbling) Oh no she broke her bag. Here I have another bag, it is okay. Cute. It’s a little chick. Oh, you got money. Wo-o-o-o-w. Was it a good Easter Paisley? Yeah. I got some bubble gum. Was it a good Easter Dax? Yeah. I got tons of bubble gum. We just finished Easter dinner and there were like a hundred people here it was like this big thing. And then we had a little Easter hunt for all of the kids. And now all of us teens are just watching movie in the movie room. And we are about to head out and drive home in the next like minutes. So it was super fun weekend it was a fun Easter Sunday and now it is time to get back to school. Sadly, so. Everyone’s saying goodbye. It’s the big clan. Bye. Bye. It was so great to meet you. Bye. It won’t be the last time.

Okay, see you next time. Yeah. I will say goodbye. It’s papa saying bye. Now it is time to put all the suitcases in the car. And it is like a puzzle you kind of got to pile them on top of one another. Time to go. I do not want to leave. Me either. I want to stay here forever. We should all just move here. That would be so much better. So me and Bella I brought over my chicken. She’s got chickens. There they are. There you go. Four of those are mine. We’re in the naming process. Yes. And, oh wait oh no. The twins are here. (squealing) Hi babies, you are so cute! Okay wait that one that one’s (mumbling) (squealing) It’s Spanish for cheep cheep. I look like an aunt right now. Oh he tried to climb up. Oh he’s so cute. (squealing) He’s so cute.

This one’s like wow, okay I have got chicks all over me. (squealing) Help us tomorrow come up with some names. She’s very attached to my finger. Hi my name’s Paisley. And I’m with daddy. I’m going to Kamri’s soccer game. I’m not with anyone else except daddy. Yeah we are having fun by ourselves huh? Yeah. It’s like a daddy daughter date. Yeah. To go watch our other daughter kick a ball. Yeah, really cool. Today bElla, Jenny told me that Bella’s team, Kamri won her team. At school it was okay. Today it was (mumbling) but we are going to play with shaving cream. Shaving cream you can (mumbling) yourself. You can make anything with shaving cream. It’s really cool. Don’t forget everyone you guys are the best. Everybody’s the best. It’s going to be really fun! I can’t wait until we get get to see Kamri. And it is going to be awesome! Bye. Go Kamri. I just got a package in the mail. So I’m super excited. All right. It’s a travel guitar. Are you ready? (gasping) I love it! Ohhh! It’s ahhhh it is mahogany. Yes. Ohh, I can’t wait. It’s even in tune. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what we did on our Easter weekend. If you guys want to comment click the button right down there. And if you want to pre-order our song Simple Things click the box over here. And if you want to see the vlogs on B & B blog that are leading up to the dropping of the song click the box right below that. Thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you next week. Bye now!

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