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With a really easy way to get Audrey Hepburn’s hair for breakfast at tiffany’s the is not the actual hair cell that she wore but it is significantly easier. So I think all of you should be able to do it the original hairstyle was super technical. So I decided to just simplify it. So that everybody could be able to recreate this. So first of all we are going to create two sections your first section is going to be from the temples up you are just going to separate that all the way around your head, and clip it out of the way, and then put the rest in a ponytail or not at the back of your head, and we are going to work with the top section first to create a bouffant. So basically you are going to take that down, and if you have normal bangs just let them fall forward if you do not have normal bangs or if you have side bangs just go ahead, and part your hair at the side about an inch back from your hairline, and let that fall, and everything else from that back gets teased. So we are going to create like a lot a lot of volume you are going to feel like you are making a Snooki poop, and that’s okay, I will using some spray clay bye sexy hair just to add a little bit of texture to my hair but if your hair is hard to tease.

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I recommend their powder play. Because it adds a lot of texture, and stickiness to the hair, and help it tease, and we will disease better then you are going to tease in inch sections going back until you have that entire top section teased, and it is better to do more teasing than less in this situation. Because you can always take it down but it is harder to get it back up then just smooth it gently with your comb not too much just enough to make it look smooth on top then gather it together, and push it up, and cross your pins to hold it in place, and then we are going to deal with those little sections that we left out you are just going to drape them back nicely, and pin them wherever they hit your head. So if you can get them back to the other bobby pins that’s great if they only go back about halfway just pin them underneath the bouffant, and then make sure to go ahead, and secure whatever little gem you are putting up at this point. I waited until the end of my hairstyle when. I originally did this, and it destroyed my entire hairstyle. And I had to redo it. So do not be my mistake do this right now instead of later, and now we are going to go ahead, and make a French twist select the bottom hair down, and gather it together like you are going to make a low ponytail once you have got it together you are going to twist it once or twice to the right once you have done those two twists go ahead, and pull your hair up. So that it is straight against your head. So your hands should be against those bobby pins that we already pinned, and then continue twisting as you twist use your free hand to go ahead, and slide the hair up a little bit.

So that you create that French twist shape if your hair tends to bag or make any weirdness right there at the top like you see minded just tuck it into the twist. So that it does not show up, and just continue twisting, and kind of manipulating your hair into that French twist shape then twist the remaining hair once you have that done grab right next to the top of the French twist, and take the rest of the hair alongside the twist then you are going to tuck the remaining hair underneath the French twist, and allow the top to kind of rotate to create that little buns shape at the top now that should be it if your hair is a little shorter than mine but if you have some extra ends hanging out go ahead, and tuck those in as well once you have everything tucked in place you are going to go ahead, and pin it, and if you have any little flyaway up at the top like. I did you are going to pin those down as well, and once you have got all of that secure you can finish off with a little bit of hairspray to make sure that your hair stays all night long, and that is it for our Audrey Hepburn inspired hairstyle again it is not the original hairstyle that she did but the is. So much easier, and it looks almost the same. So I think you guys will enjoy this definitely send me pictures if you do, and check out my Halloween hairstyles playlist to check out hair styles that, I have done in previous years to see if any of those are helpful for you guys. And I will see you guys with my next post soon.

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