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Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies and a happy new year, I hope you all had a really great start we had an amazing New Year’s fighting with our family it was awesome we are back to work and I’m excited for this post. Because we are doing it clothes from Costco I’m excited who shops at Costco, I do we love it. So, I got three different outfits, I picked up items that, I thought would work well together. So let’s see how well, I did let’s start with the first one first outfit super simple super casual.

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But really cute black leggings and a cowl-neck sweater the sweater is by the brand Adrian Vita Dini and this retailed for $14.99, I actually didn’t pick up the sweater and read it. So, I thought he did a really great job this sweater is made out of 50% viscose and 50% acrylic and these leggings are by the brand Maddie Maddie M and these retails for $14.99 and then the leggings are made out of 87 percent nylon and 13% spandex never had a sweater made out of acrylic before. So what do we think of outfit number one, I think it looks very cute it is very easy to wear you can wear it many different ways, I can put different shoes on and make it look very dressy and then, I can put a little converse or sneakers on and make you look super casual this sweater, I think is actually really really cute, I love the little ripped detailing on it and then the actual cowl neck, I usually do not like them. Because they overpower me. But this one is a very light weight, and it is not too much of a statement.

But I think it is actually really cute and complementing and, I love the look with the slit on the side of the sweater gives a more of a feminine look to this which, I really like the fittest sweater is true to size, I got a size medium. So it is a little bit oversized and it is a little bit longer which, I love especially with leggings my butt is not exposed to the whole world the quality of this $15 sweater is actually not bad considering the price it reminds me of the Amazon sweaters that, I did not that long ago this sweater is like me as breathable just. Because it has a lot of acrylic in it which is literally plastic and your. So keep that in mind. But for $15 I’m not really complaining just. Because it is really cute and, I think you could get a season where out of the sweater the look of these leggings, I think they look incredible they look just like beautiful black leggings nothing is weird there’s no weird folding, I love that the feel of these leggings and they are very soft very soft leggings, I look at they are a little bit plushy they have a little bit of a gift to them which, I love and they fit true to size, I wish they were high-waisted. But that’s just my personal preference they do fit true mid rise and, I’m 5/3 they do bunch up a little bit at the bottom.

But they do not look horrible where there’s way too much fabric and the best part is they are like 95% Squa proof that’s awesome the quality of these leggings for $15 is really good they definitely do not compare to 50 or higher priced leggings just. Because the seams they are single seam do they are not double stitched or anything like that. So these will not last you as long. But for $15 these are great quality leggings. So the second outfit, I chose, I wanted to go more professional and elegant work attire. If you work like in an office and you have to dress up nicer like a blazer and nice trousers this was what, I picked and, I usually do not wear this type of clothes just. Because, I work from home.

So, I can wear like leggings and a sweater and just be super comfy. But I want to see how this actually looked and how good these items were. So the first pair are these trousers these navy and black pants with their kind of look like little black diamond shapes and these pants are by the brand Mario surrani and they retail for $16.99 and these are made out of 74 percent rayon 22% nylon and 4% spandex and then, I picked up an elegant white t-shirt it feels really nice and this is by the brand Ellen Tracy and this retails for $9.99 and the made out of 92% cotton and 8% lycra spandex and then last. But not least this really cool charcoal blazer and this it by the same brand Mario surrani and this retails for $19.97 and this is made out of sixty-seven percent rayon 20% nylon 4% spandex and then the lining is made out of 100% polyester.

So what do we think of outfit number two my more professional work outfit, I think together all the pieces they do not work that good, I think black trousers would look much better, I do think the jacket and the t-shirt work. But the overall look I’m not really feeling this jacket, I think it looks a very cute, I could pair with a lot of different things, I could wear with like a button-down, I could wear with like a really cute blouse, I could wear with a skirt pants jeans. If this Jake is very versatile, I like the way it looks the fit of this jacket is definitely true to size, I got a size small, I do not feel constrained the sleeves are perfect length actually has a little bit of a flexibility to the jacket and, I think the feel of the jacket is actually very nice as well it feels very soft it has a little bit of a stretch to it which is nice that way you do not feel constrained they do have a little bit of a padding in the shoulders. But it is not gonna give you that football player look it is a little bit of a padding. So it gives a little bit more structure which, I think sometimes is good when it is not over done the quality of this jacket that is retailing for almost $20 is pretty good the stitching is nice. But keep in mind this jacket is not breathable just. Because of the inside lining it is all 100% polyester overall, I think the look the fit the feel of the jacket is really good for twenty dollars the look of this shirt for me is definitely more elegant than cheek I will definitely pair this with more of like an elegant outfit just.

Because the length of the sleeves the sleeves are rolled up or they they are kind of like double hemmed and then the neckline is very very elegant the fit of this shirt is true to size it is more of a loose type of shirt, I did get a size small. So I will keep that in mind it is not tight at all the feel this shirt is very soft. Because it is sleek cotton and then the spandex it is very stretchy which is really nice. So you can grow it this year. If you had to and, I definitely do not feel any constraint from this t-shirt which is really nice and comfortable the quality of this shirt it is $10. But I actually would pay $20 for this shirt just. Because the quality is actually very nice this shirt kind of has like a weight to it.

But it is very lightweight and in its stretches. Because it has a lot of lycra spandex in it. But most of it is cotton which is nice. Because it is breathable the look of these pans are my least favorite, I think they are very unflattering on my body type they fold very weird in certain areas and there’s extra creasing where there shouldn’t be the inseam is 30 inches, I’m usually a 28 the length of these is way too long for me, I would have to get them tailored and hemmed. But even the length there is extra folding and creasing around the knees that, I do not like and then inner thigh which is super weird, I think it looks very unflattering and the fit like, I said they are, I would give them so much who decides the waist to fits really nice, I got a size too. But then there’s so much extra fabric right here in this region. So, I do not like that just overall the design and the cut is not flattering.

But they do feel very nice they are not scratchy the quality of these pans they retail for $16.99. So for that price these are pretty good honestly it has pockets who does not like pockets, I love pockets the stitching is single stitch. So they are not gonna last as long. But there’s nothing popping and these pants are stretchy which is really nice. So they are not constraining everything I’m sitting and they are actually very comfortable, I think for a long day work like an eight-hour day at work you’d be very comfortable in these pants last. But not least the third outfit, I got kind of like a staple blue jeans and a white button-up.

But this white button-up is 100% linen. So, I do not know why, I chose it. But I did this is by the brand original Nicole Miller and like, I said 100% linen and this retails for $14.99 and then the jeans are by the brand Buffalo David bitchin and they retail for $19.99 and they are made out of fifty eight percent cotton 36 percent viscose and 4% polyester what do we think of the last outfit, I personally think I’m missing a nice cowboy hat a big buckled belt and cowboy boots this is gonna be a very how girls vibes overall this outfit, I think is a very classic white button-down with blue jeans, I think it looks very good together the only thing, I do not like the jeans the fits of this shirt is definitely true to size, I got a size small and it does fit very well it is a more loose type of shirt. But it is not constraining anywhere and the shoulders look really nice and proportional it is nice and fitted at the shoulders, I like the length of this shirt, I can wear it multiple ways, I can wear as like a bikini cover out to the beach over like really cute shorts or, I could just tie it up like, I did, I love the sleeves, I just think the overall fit of the shirt is actually very good and it does feel like a regular linen shirt it is not the softest it is a little bit scratchy. But it does feel very nice and relaxed it is comfy and, I like that the quality of this shirt is a very good for the price it is $14.

99. So, I think they did a beautiful job and you could get a lot of good use out of this shirt. So I’m actually very impressed the buttons are really nice, I think the cut right here and the neck is beautiful the pockets are a beautiful touch the length of the sleeves the length of this shirt in general is stunning let’s talk about the jeans. So these jeans are super soft skinny jeans in my personal opinion they look more straight and the fits were straight. So for me already, I do not like them, I do not like the look of them and, I do not like the fit of them, I do think they do fit true to size, I got a size two. So they fit nice around the waist this is a little bit of room they are a mid rise. So they are definitely not high rise there’s somewhat fitted around the thigh.

But then they just kind of go straight down towards the ankle. So they do have a little bit of a bunching and folding around the knees which, I think is not the most flattering especially for a short girl like me for my short legs and then they bunch are really weird going towards the Engel. But they do feel very nice they do have a little bit of a stretch to them even though they have no spandex or elastane there’s a little bit of a stretch and they feel very stuff in the inside and on the outside the quality of the jeans for almost twenty dollars these were the most expensive item that, I bought $19.99. So for that price these jeans are pretty good. But. If you were to compare them to more expensive pair of jeans like 40 or 50 dollars those pair of jeans have more stretch to them they have more cotton usually to them the material G is a little bit thicker.

So that means they will last you a little bit longer the stitching is okay you kind of start seeing it a little bit pulling towards the bottom. But for $20, I can’t really complain they fit as they should at the very top they are not squeezing anything there are squash and anything. So for $20 pair of jeans, I think you will like them. If you are not very into super skinny type of jeans alright. So what do we think how did, I do would you actually buy some of these pieces for yourself and what would you get, I’m very excited. Because, I did see some workout clothes at cost Gus, I think, I will have to try them out. So there we have it how, I hope you guys like this post thank you for spending time with me again happy New Year and I will see you in the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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