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This time, I will doing my review with dove to review the Dove oxygen moisture leaving foam horrifying flat hair this product is a combination of a lightweight leave-in conditioner, and a flexible hold styling products that comes out in a light foam now on the back of the product dove says that this product easily disperses through the hair it delicately moisturizes, and it gives a flexible hole to hold whatever style you have all day long now the oxygen moisture line contains a leave-in foam a root lift spray, and a shampoo, and conditioner, and basically all of them together are meant to be lightly moisturizing while providing percent more volume, and fine flat hair the general application for this product is to disperse one to two pumps from the pump into your hand work it between two hands, and then work that through the ends of your hair, and you can do that on wet or dry hair.

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So that’s what it is what the company says it does how to apply it. So how do we end up using this product what’s really cool is that it is very multifunctional first of all you can use it in wet hair is going to provide that lightweight moisturization from the leave-in conditioning agents it is also going to provide a flexible hold. So if you are blowing your hair out, and you are trying to get a style into it that way it is going to hold whatever blowout you give your hair it is also going to add volume. So you have that moisture you have the extra hold for your style, and extra volume throughout the day but you can also use it on dry hair. Because it’s. So lightweight which is awesome. Because then you can end up using it for lots, and lots of different things. So as an example one thing that you could do is if you are going from day to night, and maybe your hair is looking a little dry or the styles just kind of gone a little bit frizzy on you could use the leave-in foam to kind of combat that dryness, and frizziness the conditioning properties in the foam are going to help to control the frizz, and add some nice shine to the hair while the styling properties are going to add whole to your hair, and maintain, and even enhance the volume that you already have. So you end up with volume eyes hair that it has a nice subtle shine to it makes a really nice transition from day tonight the other thing you can do with this product is using on second day hair the is a really good option for moisturizing your ends on that second day. Because often with my fine hair when. I wake up in the morning. I experience a good bit of frizz, and kind of messiness on my ends, and that can be a little bit disheartening not as pretty, and a little bit difficult to work with. So I tend to grab for this. Because it actually helps to moisturize that, and it helps to kind of calm the first down all right. So now we get into the kind of the critique portion of this review, and first of all we have to ask desolace levelingthat the company has for it first of all does not disperse easily through the hair yes. I think that the foam application method of the is great. I love the pump it easily disperses into your hands, and then works between your two hands, and goes through your hair it is not.

So heavy that it gets stuck to certain parts of your hair it really does go through all of it very quickly, and very easily the next claim is that it lightly moisturizes absolutely. I think it does a great job of moisturizing. Because. I can see that instant little healthy shine on my hair but it does not weigh my hair down. So it gets that really great balance between actually visibly moisturizing my hair without weighing it down the third claim is that this provides a flexible hold for helping your hairstyle to hold all day long. I also think that it is really great for that. I think it is actually replaced my light hold hairspray. Because my light hold hair sprays would often kind of overwhelm my hair my hair would feel at least a little bit crispy a little bit product. I will use it before. I curl my hair to help out a little bit of hold, I will use it before. I blow-dry my hair if, I will doing a blow-dry style to help that style hold it is just phenomenal as far as that goes. Because you get the hold without like crunchiness, and we are going to finish off with my thoughts first of all. I enjoy the concept of this entire line. I think it is really great to marry the idea of a volumizing product, and a moisturizing product. And I think that concept is absolutely brilliant second of all. I think this product gives an absolutely beautiful look to the hair. I absolutely love how it gives me a nice subtle shine, and it makes my hair feel very soft, and conditioned without over weighting it or making it look crispy or anything like that it just gives a really beautiful look to my hair, and that’s something that.

I’ll always looking for and, I will really happy to find it in a drugstore product that. I could recommend to anybody. I third thought about this product is that. I love how multifunctional it is it is really wonderful how you can use it from wet hair to right here, and in. So many different situations on dry hair, and it looks great in every single one of the situation final thought, and the is completely unique to me is that. Because my hair goes through tons, and tons of styling, and tons, and tons of heat, and all that kind of stuff it needs a lot of extra TLC. And I do that in the form of like lots of hair care basically, and. Because of that. Because one of my unique hair needs, I have been using an extra leave-in conditioner in addition to this one just for my hair to make sure that, I will putting as much moisture back into it as. I need you however. I do not think that the average girl needs to do that if you are normal you are not styling your hair like crazy every day the is going to be more than enough for you if it really does perform really well on its own. I just want to let you guys know that just to be completely open, and transparent with you guys, and that has been my review of the Dove oxygen moisture leave-in foam. I hope you guys have enjoyed this. I really love this product. I do not know if you can tell. Because this was a completely glowing review but the first time that. I used it. I fell in love like. I was really messy curls my hair was frizzy completely messy that day. I went ahead, and put it on to see if it could fix it, and it did. And I was like. I think the is love, and ever since then. I just fought more, and more in love with it. So I apologize for just like raving over this entire things over, and over again but. I really love it. So I hope you guys try it out, and that’s it, I will see you guys in my next post. I love you very much bite you.

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