Well Hey all, Welcome back to another post my name is mallanna or malibu and today’s post is all about shopping or fashion on a budget without bragging of the wallet or your bank. Because it is very easy to do that very easy and keeping that in mind, I went and did some shopping and successfully, I was not going over the budget which is good. So let’s just jump right into it. So the very first thing or tip that, I do for myself when, I go shopping is, I want to be informed of what’s happening in the fashion world and that is literally social media Instagram Facebook YouTube posts the future of shopping we all do it every single day we are always on our social media for scrolling down we are liking we are sharing it we are saving it it is all there. So there’s two apps that, I love and, I use all the time and the first one is shop jogger and they were. So kind enough to collaborate with me on this awesome project for you guys. If you do not know a shop tigris let me just inform you it is a very simple it is a free service that is basically what, I like to call Pinterest on steroids it is a virtual pinning board where you can tag or share your favorite product and the website and shop tagger will inform you when it goes on sale that is the best part it literally saves you time and money you should definitely check out chef Tigers website the link is down below.


So once the icon button is installed you just go do your normal shopping as you would online you fall in love with the product you click on that icon to save all the details and the type of discount that you want to get notified and then you can actually categorize your item for example, I have like designer bags or shoes and then the best part is when it does go on sale, I get notified and that’s when, I click buy right now. Because it is on sale and, I save money and time and. If one of your favorite items is out of stock chef tag a will of course notify you when it is back in stock another great thing about this is you can share those lists or categories that you create with your family your friends for example the husband wink wink share with him on your birthday or the holidays he knows exactly what you want and he can save money as well the second ask that, I love using for shopping or just to kind of keeping me in the loop of what’s happened in the fashion world is like to know it is basically a free app just like shop tagger you can have it on your desktop or on your iPhone or Android and you just sign up with your email and then when you like that image. If they do have like to know it you will get notified of the products that are tagged in that post in an email or in the actual like to know it app the second tip to help me send budget is to stick with neutral items either a color or a specific type of an item for example like this white t-shirt that I’m wearing it is incredible. Because, I can wear pretty much anything a pair of jeans like these ones. Because this is also a great neutral that, I can wear pretty much with anything a great pair of distressed shorts or any type of shorts or even a skirt you can go fastly you know what, I mean. So with just these items already have three different outfits just change in my t-shirt, I already have six more outfits.

So it is just kind of, I kind of keep that in mind when my bottoms or a top to keep a little bit more neutral and then kind of go fancy ones like accessories type of thing now they have my neutrals the next point for me is, I like to find items that, I can layer. Because, I do live in Florida even when, I lived in New York, I like to find pieces that, I can wear all throughout the year for example this really cute blouse it is a spaghetti strap tank top which, I picked up at Nordstrom. But the actual the design and the way it works, I can wear in the summer just on its own, I can wear as, I cover up, I can wear in the winter for example as they was a really cute cardigan or with even a denim jacket or saying the spring or the fall time and the best for it is, I can wear all these pieces with the neutrals that, I already have or have picked out for example the shorts the skirt the jeans etc. So tip number four what, I like to do is to stick to a similar type of style, I won’t go off crazy with like a crazy jacket that, I will probably only wear once in my lifetime and then regret it and just like what was, I thinking you know we all get those moments. So, I try to kind of think what will work with my closet it is actually going to flatter me you know things like that. So, I won’t go all over the board and try to put everything together, I kind of just you know stick to what, I know works best or to what, I think looks most flattering on me. So tip number five is all about the accessories and this is where, I will sometimes flirt for really fun pair of shoes or a really fun bag or just find those items that, I can incorporate with my neutrals and everyday style.

But still kind of make that particular outfit kind of like one of a kind and a little bit more creative and art to just by changing a pair of shoes or by wearing a hat or wearing fun jewelry or really fun bag for example, I love this one it is. So cute it is definitely not an everyday bag. But it is definitely kind of like a statement piece that is very inexpensive is by forever 21 it is a really cute camel backpack that, I can still wear with my neutrals and make it you know a little bit more of a statement piece or a really fun pair of shoes like these ones how fun are these they’re. So fun this really intense fuchsia color. But the best part is are these buckles, I love these and just by throwing these on with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt it really vamps up that style and this just kind of helps express my colorful side without having to buy a whole new outfit it is fun you just got pair of shoes a hatch or whatever it is this is where, I have fun and, I spend a little bit more money. So that concludes some of my tips and tricks that, I like to stick by when, I go shopping online or in store. But still want to look trendy fashionable be informed and just be true to myself in my style and not be uncomfortable let me know some of your tips and tricks on how you CN budget when you go shopping, I hope you guys have fun thank you for joining me in this post I will see you guys the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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