Four Ways to Wear Head Scarves Hairstyles

I’ve been obsessed about head scarves and, I think it is gonna be a really hot trend the spring and summer and it is such an easy way to just accessorize yourself in a matter of minutes and does not cost a lot you probably have a little scarf like that and today I’m gonna I’m gonna show you four different ways to tie a head scarf on your head that is so easy and. So fast and it’s.

So pretty and romantic for the spring summer. So stay tuned and let’s do this I will make it the first look I’m gonna show you I’m gonna use this really lightweight scarf and a good square scarf is gonna work pretty well you do not want anything too big and bulky for this and you want something really light like this. So what I’m gonna do it I’m gonna turn this scarf around is.

So I have started with a square and all I’m doing is just folding a little bit down but you do not want to go all the way down. So just a little pull like that now the next thing you are gonna do is just take this car and bring it over and what you are gonna do is just tie it around your head like you would a bandana right.

So you just want to go behind and I’m gonna turn around. So you guys can see what I’m doing and you just make you tie it twice. So you want to tie it once and then tie it twice and then you want to just pull it on one of your side’s I’m gonna pull it on my left side.

Four Ways to Wear Head Scarves Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So bring it all the way to your left or right side which are my side view prefer and then bring out your bangs if you have things which, I do and this is pretty much the look like that we are going for this is the perfect look to wear to the beach you know you want to protect your hair and kind of protect your face from the Sun and it is just. So pretty and feminine at the same time and you want to add glasses as well to finish up this look for look number two skinny little scarf like this will work the best and you need something pretty long too. So what we are gonna do is just fold it in half once you folded the scarf you want to bring it around your head and what you are doing and you want to make sure you have it exactly the same amount of the scarf on both sides.

So once you bring it behind your head you wrap it around and you are gonna make a knot here on the side. So what you are doing is just making a knot and then you are gonna tie a bowl and then you are gonna make another bowl and as you can see you have all the spot breaks sticking through what you want to do is just grab the fabric and you want to hide it under the rest of the scarf. So all you want to do is just tuck it in under.

So this is pretty much your finished look perfect and cute for every day. So for the next look number three I’m gonna use a big lightweight scarf like that. So pretty and what I’m gonna do first is fold in half like that and next to just roll it up into a straight one.

So you just keep folding it into a straight line then you take this car bring it under the hair and bring it all the way up you want to make a knot. So type in ones and then you want to tie it twice right here at the center just like that and then what you want to do is hide these little ears. So all you are gonna do for that is just take the ends and hide them under the bed and that pretty much finishes this look and last but not least I’m going to show you my favorite way to wear a head scarf and maybe it is because it is my favorite scarf, I do not know but anyways you are gonna need a long rectangular scarf like that.

So what you are gonna need to do is fold it in half and then fold it in half again. So you have a long and narrow scarf once you folded this cart you are gonna bring it behind your head and you are gonna bring the two ends forward. So you have the exact same amount of scarf from both sides and what you are gonna do here is when you want to bring it forward you are gonna twist it and go take these two strands and go behind your head and what you are gonna do in the back is just make a knot.

So you tie those ends you are gonna be left with two strands. So you want to hide that just like, I showed you in the other method. So you want to just hide that under this is my favorite one, I do not know why it is just it kind of looks like a turban but you really do not have a turban and you can even kind of pan out the ends if you want thank you.

So much for reading, I cannot wait to see you girls post these methods on our Facebook fan page I will be looking out for you yes you. So thank you. So much and have a wonderful day I will see you in the next tutorial all to make this last.

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