How To Blend Hair Extensions With Curly Hair

You better turn up you better pay that when, I shake watch me rock and if, I can stuff hi guys my name is India Batson and I’m a r on all things wavy and curly today I’m going to be showing you a how to blend your luxy hair extensions seamlessly into your natural hair texture.

So this is my natural hair with no heat applied to it, I consider my hair to B to C to be waves mixed with some 3/8 curls. So I’m going to be showing you today some super easy tips and tricks on how to blend yours seamlessly into your natural hair texture without further ado let’s go ahead and jump on in and do not forget at the end of this post to check out a link to my blog in the description box down below alright let’s get started alright guys. So first, I just want to show you how your ellipses come they come neatly coiled up in this cute little box and when you pop them open your luck sees looks something like this they are absolutely gorgeous very soft very shiny and very luxurious which is wonderful but those of you with wavy curly are can be curly hair know that this is not gonna blend very well with your natural hair texture unfortunately because our hair is not as shiny as straight hair and it is not just as soft looking in general.

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So I’m going to show you how to kind of rub up these extensions a little bit and make them blend seamlessly into your hair while still looking healthy and beautiful and fabulous alright let’s get started ok guys. So we are gonna start with a heat free method and the first option is simply braiding the hair you are gonna want to start by a dampening your Alexie’s today I’m using this mixture it is like a jamaican black castor oil and rosemary oil and water mixture you could also use like a sea salt mixture if you have really textured or coarse hair that would kind of help to roughen up the extensions a little bit. So you are gonna want to start by braiding the hair now if you have 2a or 2b wave, I would recommend making bigger braids and if you have a 3c for a 4b curl then you are gonna want to do really really really tiny tight braids now most curly girls have multiple curl patterns throughout their hair.

So, I would recommend using a different sized braids on thes and this will kind of help to make it look even more natural as well now, I would recommend letting yours dry overnight but if you would like to expediate the process you could definitely use a hair dryer but, I think that it will last the longest and just really look the most authentic if you let it dry overnight alright. So here is how our weft of hair looks with eight braids locked into place, I went ahead and let these dry overnight and it just turned out absolutely beautiful. So so perfect for those of you with 2a or 2b waves if you have a tighter wave or curl pattern, I would recommend using more more more braids alright.

So let’s go ahead and take these bad boys out I’m gonna start by using a rat tail comb or you could use your fingers whatever is easiest for you and this just gave such a nice mermaidy wave, I just thought it was really really pretty honestly but if you want to create a more of the luminous wavy curl or curls in general that’s what we are gonna show you next get excited because it blended perfectly with my hair let me show you the difference between the two this is our mermaid way beautiful beautiful fabulous and then next we have our curls on the right side let me show you how, I created them and pop them into my hair. So that you can see the difference it made oh my god alright let me show you how to create these fabulous curls. So, I went ahead and took a half inch curling iron and, I would definitely recommend using a heat protectant on your luck seas just like you would your regular hair of course.

So we are just wrapping it around the barrel and you are gonna want to let it sit for about 30 seconds or. So then you are gonna release the curl and, I recommend flopping the curl back up into your hand and holding it and letting it cool in that curl shape, I find that this helps your curls to last absolutely forever let the hair cuticle close back up and it is cold setting locked in that curl and when you release it you will have a curl that will last for ever now next, I just went ahead and raked my fingers through the curls to loosen them up you can separate them as much as you want and, I actually ended up pulling the hair down taut. So that it would kind of help to stretch the hair out a little bit you can do this as much or as little as you would like to have it match your hair perfectly alright let’s go ahead and pop these bad boys in it now, I typically part my hair to the right side.

So, I have less hair on the left side of my head. So, I like to add a lot of extra Lux’s to that side super Sneaky, I know but ended up looking. So great oh my gosh, I can’t wait for you to see the final result alright guys.

So these are the finished results with the curling of the luck C’s do not even have words honestly like I’m surprised it looks amazing, I think like I’m just. So happy, I feel like a mermaid and it is great. So, I hope you guys like this look as much as, I do, I I can’t stop looking at the monitor I’m just genuinely.

So excited about it, I feel like I’m gonna rock this all the time for like photo shoots or like special events or like Dane, I even just have like fuller more fabulous voluminous wavy curls like hello yes please. I’m So excited now both of these methods are absolutely perfect for those of you who wants to really fully embrace and love your natural waves and curls it is also perfect for those of you who are transitioning maybe you used to straighten your hair a lot and now you are trying to embrace rocking your natural hair maybe we just had a big chop and you just kind of need a little bit more length or some volume, I think this is the perfect way to kind of adjust back into your natural hair texture. So, I personally like the second method a little bit better just cuz it suits my hair more the first method, I find would be perfect perfect perfect for those with to a2b waves but if you have to seat and above, I would recommend using the second method that, I showed you in today’s post.

So that is everything thank you. So much for reading, I really really appreciate it, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and be sure to tag luxy hair or hashtag let’s see hair if you were out rocking your wavy curlys or if you are rocking them straight as well be sure to tag them once again thank you. So much for reading, I really appreciate it be sure to check out the link in the description box to my blog for all things wavy and curly and until next time I will see you soon bye guys.

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