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Hi how are you doing guess what, I know, I said I’m not gonna color my hair I’m gonna bleach my hair but honestly guys, I couldn’t resist it and look what. I have done gotcha I’m just kidding, I have not done anything to my hair I’m just worried in you ombre luxy hair extensions set we just launched it literally just like today or yesterday.

So the set is dark brown at the roots that kind of transitions into dirty blonde shade at the ends and I’m neither one of those colors but, I was playing with it and, I put it on and I’m like it still kind of works on my hair cuz you know it is it’s under the hair. So it blends with my mocha brown hair and actually looks pretty well if, I wave or do some kind of hair stuff, I absolutely love to experiment with blonde hair, I used to be a blog back in the day and, I love blonde hair but, I would never go back because it just totally killed my hair and dehydrated my hair made it. So dry and brittle but now, I can just clip in mys and have one here I’m like super excited, I was running around the house like crazy oh my god have one hair again anyways.

So, I just wanted to share with you my excitement and today’s hairstyle is actually going to be on three awesome hairstyles that make ombre hair look good. So the flattering ombre hairstyles is what I’m going to be showing you today. So let’s do it alright.

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So, I think one of the most flattering ways to wear your here when it is ombre style. So you have darker roots and lighter ends is to wear your hair wavy it looks good when it is straight but personally, I think it looks way better when it is wavy. So first I’m going to show you how, I like to wave my hair when, I have my Umbra set in, I usually wear my other locks the Umbra said which is mocha brown and the ends are chestnut brown which is what my natural color is right now anyways and you know you guys already know that, I usually wave my hair but I’m going to do something a little different today I’m just going to take a section of hair and clip it away alright.

So I’m going to be using a 1 inch barrel curling iron and, I think this is by far the best sort of a size to use if you want to achieve nice and loose waves it is just the perfect size. So what I’m gonna do first is just grab a section I’m gonna loosely wrap it around the barrel hold it just for a few seconds oh my god, I have blonde hair it’s. So freaky and then I’m gonna just release it and then when, I release it, I just give it about a couple seconds to cool off and then you just have a nice loose wave like that now what I’m gonna do with the next section is I’m gonna curl it towards my face I’m gonna take another section and as you can see I’m working with pretty big chunks of hair nothing small and I’m gonna curl it towards my face and again I’m loosely curling it as you can see it is not to tie it and then I’m just gonna hold it for a few seconds and then just release it in my palms and a lot of you asked how do you touch the curling iron how do you not burn yourself, I set it a pretty low setting.

So it is at 260 F degrees, I do not know what’s that in Celsius but it is not that hot and then it is hot but it is not like burning hot because, I do not want to burn my hair or the extensions now I’m just gonna keep on going and I’m gonna be curling one away from my face and one towards my face the most important thing remember is when you are curling the section and I will show you just one more is that for this method you just very loosely wrap it around the curling iron and that gives you a different effect when you are curling just very very loosely let’s keep going my mind alright. So this is what my left side looks like when, I finished curling over here it’s. So nice and soft and wavy, I absolutely love it and I’m just gonna go ahead and do the exact same thing on my right side wait all right.

So this is what the hairstyle looks like when it is done, I absolutely love it, I think it’s. So beautiful and it makes the hombre you know just completely blend with the rest of the hair even though, I have no blood in my hair it blends. So well and, I absolutely love it all right.

So, I call this next hairstyle half-up half-down double knot and what you are going to need is just one thing and it is going to be a bobby pin and I’m just gonna turn around to show you what I’m doing in the back I’m gonna take a section from my right then bring it in the middle take a section from my left and then what I’m gonna do is tie a knot just one knot first and then I’m gonna make another knot but what, I want to do is just leave space between the two knots. So, I want to leave the circle. So the space space then I’m gonna take my bobby pin and I’m just gonna pin this knot in place and that’s your second hairstyle and this last hairstyle, I call it the giant side braid and it is super easy and all you are gonna be needing and is a one tiny hair elastic now the first thing I’m gonna do is just bring all the hair to one side like you guys already know probably, I like my left side.

So I’m gonna bring all the hair to my left side I’m just gonna give it a quick brush and I’m gonna start braiding a regular braid very very tight at first and I’m going to braid it about three times. So one two and one more three. So at this point I’m just gonna stop and I’m gonna take my hair elastic and I’m gonna secure this braid at the ends now what I’m gonna do next is really fan out this braid and it is going to look gigantic.

So just gonna take a piece just pull it out take another piece and do the same with the rest of the sections it kind of makes it look like it is hard. So pretty. So go for as long as you can depending on how much hair you have of course but make sure it does not completely fall out, I would say just just to take a few bobby pins and pin the hair on one of the sides just.

So that you know as the day goes by your hair does not start falling out I’m just going to take a few bobby pins and just slide it in here and the braid is nice and secure and that’s your end result. So this is the giant braid out of the three, I think this is actually my favorite, I do not know, I just love side braids and, I absolutely love how it emphasizes the highlights in my hair, I think it’s. So different and massive, I do not know, I just love it and that’s everything for today let me know how you like this hairstyles damn blue leave me a comment like this post and if you have a set of Loxy hair extensions then you can enter a new Instagram giveaway worth having and maybe you can win this set.

So make sure to read all the information down below I’m gonna link it in the info box down below thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys. So so much and I will see you next week you.

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