Reverse Fishtail Braid Day to Night Hairstyles

My beautiful products how are you doing today I’m going to show you two different things one I’m gonna show you how to do a reverse fishtail braid which is super awesome and it is been super popular. I have been seeing pictures of it all over Pinterest and the second thing I’m gonna show you how to dress up your fishtail for the evenings this tutorial is gonna be quite simple.

So let’s get it started the first thing I’m gonna do as always is just brush through the hair and bring it to one side and I’m wearing my hair extensions today and I’m wearing the ombre set if you already know how to do it fishtail braids this is gonna be a piece of cake because it is pretty much the same stuff but you are going backwards. So with a fishtail braid you would split the hair in two equal sections and what you would do is bring a section forward and head it to the other section and then do the same thing here and had it you are always going over the section and adding it to the second section now with the reverse fishtail braid you are going to be doing the exact opposite. So this is gonna be section one and there’s gonna be section two.

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So with my index finger here what I’m gonna do is grab a section of hair and bring it under and add it to section one and then here I’m gonna do the same thing take a section of hair and bring it under and add it to section two and just continue doing these zags. So section go under edit to the section just move your way down as you are doing this if exception bring it under added to the other section and same thing over and over again and then push the hair up as you braiding as well. So that it is quite tight I’m actually starting to lock this braid more than just the regular fishtail braid, I think.

I’ve kind of overdid the fishtail braid. I have worn it too many times and this is kind of a nice twist on it and secure the ends with the elastic and I’m just gonna fan it out a little bit. So this is what the brain looks like when I’m done now this hairstyle you can wear it to school to a date just you know running some errands.

So it is more of a daytime look now I’m going to show you how to take this look and make it more of an evening glamorous look and all you are going to need for the second step is hair pin. So it looks like a youth sort of. So you are gonna need these pins and you are gonna need to curl and I’m just gonna be using an old necklace from all those and what I’m gonna be doing is just cutting out a pearl and taking out the strands that are in the pearl and when, I do that there’s a hole inside of the pearls.

So what, I do is, I take a hair pin and, I just insert it into the Pearl and then it ends up looking like this and what, I do next is, I just take this and, I insert it into my braid and it is very very pretty, I think it’s. So perfect if you are you know going to a wedding you can do that not just into a braid you can insert into your updo or anything but today we are doing a braid. So I’m gonna continue to do the same thing with the rest of this necklace.

So I’m just gonna take this trend out take the Pearl and certain into a pin and then it is away that’s it my lovelies now you know two new ways to wear your hair and take it from date tonight let me know how you like it down below leave me a comment, I absolutely love reading your comments like this post down below and comment for more hair tutorials love you guys see you soon bye first step is always brush the hair. So my choice here and you are gonna need some curls and I’m just abusing you.

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