Twisted Everyday Double Ponytail Hairstyle

Hey guys I’m going to be teaching you how to create this super quick and easy hairstyle that’s very versatile and can be used for work or school it is an everyday look that does not take too much time.

So if you like it and want to learn how to recreate it then keep reading and, I will take you through all the steps okay. So for this look we will need some really basic styling tools and that will be a curling iron this one is a one and a half inch hot tools curling iron I’m gonna use the teasing brush the subtenant III we are gonna need some bobby pins and some small elastic bands that match your hair color and I’m also going to use a little bit of texturizing hair taste texturizing spray on the hair and this one is bios’s and it is just called the liquid texturizing spray but any brand will do that’s pretty much all we need and to start off I’m going to take pretty large chunks of hair and just curl the ends of them and to fast forward this portion but still show you guys how I’m doing it and I’m gonna curl the hair away from my thing I will be back once the hair has all been curled okay. So none of the air has all been curled this is kind of what it looks like, I have not really opened it up yet.

Twisted Everyday Double Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So what I’m going to do is open up the curls and use the texturizing spray on the hair to add a little bit of texture to it I’m going to just run my fingers through the hair and that’s going to be luminize the curls and just add a lot more body to them. So next I’m going to just grab the hair from the bottom and use the texturizing spray on the hair a little bit you do not want to use too much of it otherwise it will get sticky but you want a little a little bit and you want to just use it from a little bit further away. So once the hair has been texture is next I’m going to grab the top portion of hair and bring it sort of to the back and I’m going to tease the roots not necessarily in a certain portion but just kind of grab the hair and start teasing a bit at the roots for extra body and extra volume.

So once. I have teased the roots I’m going to gather the top portion and sort of bring it to the back sort of messily you do not want to do this perfectly I’m going to turn around for this step and I’m gonna grab a bunch of bobby pins and you just sort of want to hold it up there and start to pin this in place in a messy mouth hold it somewhere in the middle and kind of twist it into sort of a shape and it is gonna look different every time you do it and you want to just create a bit of volume there at the top just sort of hold it in and use some bobby pins to attach this to the head. So now that we have the top portion attached I’m going to do basically the same process for the bottom instead we are going to be putting the rest of the hair into a pony going to grab the teasing comb and just start to sort of give the roots a bit of texture and more bodies.

So once we have this portion teased up as well I’m going to turn around and have my small elastic band here. So what we are going to do is just gather this into a pony tail sort of a messy ponytail and I’m going to just put this into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck once you have this in a ponytail you want to just tighten it up a little bit and then start to pull on the hair to create more of a service second bump up here. So what I’m doing is tightening it up and then bringing me here, I do wanna grab a piece of hair from one of the sides and sort of just cross it over the hair band or the elastic and what I’m doing is not necessarily just wrapping it around but sort of doing it once and holding it with my finger and I’m gonna use a bobby pin.

So just attach it to the head. So once you wrap this around and attach it to your head if you want to luminize the end of your ponytail we are just going to grab the teasing comb and just sort of hold the hair from the bottom and tease it up like that only one’s just gonna add lots of texture and body to the ponytail. So once you add a bit of texture to your ponytail this look is finished.

So, I think it is a perfect look for everyday it is sort of good to do on second day hair and it is perfect for school or work. So, I hope you guys enjoy it and definitely if you do recreate the look then share with us on instagram with the hashtag luxy hair for a chance to be featured on our luxy hair Instagram and we will put the link in the bottom bar for that as well. So thank you.

So much for reading and I will see you in the next post bye.

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