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Wonder Woman was one of my favorite movies this year and it was full of beautiful hairstyles. So I thought obviously, had to make this video. Now, I thought it would be most fun to wear this as a girl squad costume so I incorporated as many different characters as I could. So that whether you wanted to wear these hairstyles solo or as a group, I have got you covered. So let’s get into it. Starting off with Wonder Woman’s Braid. I have done a video on this one already which I totally stand by but I wanted to give you guys an easier option for today’s video. Start by brushing all of your hair over your ear to the top of your head and give it a twist and pin in place.

Or secure it with an elastic. Whatever works for you. Now grab some hair from your elastic or twist to make the ponytail a little thicker. Split that in two and begin doing a fishtail braid. For this portion, your sections can be kind of big which makes it go quickly. Once you reach the nape of your neck grab the rest of your hair, split it into the two sections you are braiding with and continue doing that fishtail braid. For bonus points, try to make the braiding pieces very small for this part of the braid. Now, I know a lot of people think that this part is an infinity braid but it does not move like one and Diana’s mentor wears a fishtail braid so I’m gonna stand by the fishtail braid.

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At the end of the braid, secure it with an elastic. And there you go. Full on Wonder Woman hair. And now onto Wonder Woman’s curls. Now you can get away with any curls here but I have got some tips to make them extra true to the film. First of all, use a large curling iron. Her curls are quite relaxed so you do not want to go tight with this. I recommend a one and a quarter inch iron but if yours is smaller, you can just curl large sections of the hair for the same effect. Second, curl the sections of your hair in different directions. If you go all the same way with this hair piece, it will end up looking a little bit more old-school Wonder Woman than useful. Third, use a texturing spray and maybe a tiny bit of teasing at the root if you need some volume. Finish everything off with the Living proof TBD by scrunching it into the hair to add definition. And of course you can’t finish off this look without the Wonder Woman famous headpiece.

And there you go. Ready to conquer world war one. Now, onto Diana’s mother Hipolyta. If your hair holds a curl well, curl everything away from your face with a one and a quarter inch iron. But if you struggle in the hold department you can use a one inch curling iron. And that’s what I’m gonna do. Once you have curled everything, you are gonna twist back small pieces of your hair from the top of your head and hairline. And pin them by pinning straight into the twist. You want to keep a little bit of volume as you do this but do not go full Snooki poof with it. Just a little bit of volume is enough. Hipolyta wears a different assortment of braids in the movie. I’m gonna use all of them. You can pick and choose what you want. First, I’m gonna grab a section of hair on one side and braid down. Secure with elastic at the end and deconstruct by pulling and rubbing with your fingers. At the end, wrap it with something gold if you can. I just used some gold craft wire for this.

Now repeat the same thing on the other side. Finally, grab a section from the nape of your neck and fishtail braid it securing with an elastic. And don your crown as the queen of Themyscira. And now for Menalippe. I know what you are thinking. Menali who? She’s the lieutenant and she’s the poster. She sports a hairstyle many of the warriors wear. So I’m gonna show you how to do it. For this one, start by sectioning your hair from your ears to the crown of your head. Brush it back and secure with an elastic. If you want, you can wrap that with some cord. Now take all the hair from the ears to the middle of your head plus the ponytail we made and secure it with an elastic. And wrap that with some more cord. At this point the warriors with curly or kinky coily hair pull apart the space between the elastics to form a bubble. And you can totally do that if you like. Finally, secure everything that’s left at the nape of your neck into another ponytail and secure it with an elastic and one more cord. And that’s it for Menalippe. Bonus tip for curly or coily hair. You can keep adding an elastic to your ponytail every few inches to create a bubble ponytail.

Another one of Hipolyta’s fighters does this as well. And of course, Antiope. The General, mentor, and my favorite character. Start by sectioning a Mohawk section of hair that goes just past the crown of your head. Clip that out of the way. Then create a section of hair for a dutch braid on either side of the Mohawk. Put everything else into a low ponytail. Now dutch braid each of the sections on either side of the Mohawk braiding a couple of inches normally afterward. And secure it with an elastic. And now for the fun part. Let the Mohawk down and tease the center of it for dear life. Then grab a large section of hair from the front and begin fishtail braiding. Every time you braid over, pick up a new small piece of hair from the outside of the Mohawk and braid that as well. When you are even with the dutch braids just at the tails of them into the fishtail braid and keep fishtail braiding as usual. Once you are done braiding your Mohawk section, you get to fishtail braid the rest normally. Once you get to the ponytail, split it into the sections you already have going on and continue to fishtail braid about three more inches and secure it with an elastic.

And you guessed it, wrap it with cord. For the finishing touches, pull the braid apart for some more volume. Then pin the braid to the head to help hide that ponytail elastic. And that’s how to get Antiope’s braid. I think this one was the most requested so I hope you enjoy it. And there you go. Those are all the lead amazon hairstyles. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate an action movie with a lady lead that rocks. I love this movie so much so obviously I had to make this video. I also want to give a shout out to Delphina who made the amazing costumes that I’m wearing for Wonder Woman. You can find her on Etsy and MudandMajesty made the amazing headpiece. Which you can also find on Etsy. I’m gonna list everything else that I wore in the description box below if you have any questions. That’s it for today’s video. I hope that you guys enjoyed it.

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