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Hey guys, it is Bailey from LA. It’s your favorite CGH family member here to teach you how to do these CGH wand curls. It took me awhile after I chopped my hair to really learn how to work with my short hair and how to curl it, so I’m here to teach those people today how to do it, so they do not have to go through the struggle of the two years it took me to figure it out. First of all, I’m in a little bit of a scenario. I’m trying to convince Brooklyn to do a DIY hairstyle on herself, so comment below if you want her to do that, but do not tell her I said that, because she does not really know this is happening. So, yeah, let’s get on to the curls. All right, let’s get started with the curling. As you can see, I have my natural hair right now, and it is a little bit crazy. I’m going to curl my hair with a millimeter wand. I’m going to start out by separating the hair into layers. I’m going to start with my first layer right here. When I had really short hair, I would just not even curl the bottom layer, I would straighten it, and that’s because my hair is so thick that if I curled it, it would become kind of like Dora where it is triangular, which we do not want that at all.

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Now that it is a little bit longer, I go ahead and curl it, but I just make the curls really loose. That way, we do not get that Dora look. I’m going to start on this side, and I’m going to take a pretty good size chunk, that way the curl is not too thick. And I’m going to curl it away from my face. I usually try and hold the ends off a little bit, just to try and keep my hair as healthy as possible while curling. All right, so there you can see, we have a really good loose curl, and I usually tug on my curls, especially with short hair, that way, they come out a little bit looser. I will take the second piece back here, and go ahead and curl that. And I’m still doing it away from my face. Try and show you. ) And there’s that curl. I’m going to go ahead and curl all the way around my head for the first layer. ) Okay, so now I have the full bottom layer curled. I’m just going to comb that out a little with my fingers. You can see that it is a pretty good curl, really loose, which is exactly what I was looking for on both sides, which makes me really happy. Now I’m going to move on to the second layer, so I’m going to go ahead and take the rubber band out and split that up. I usually only do about three layers, only because I like to take thicker pieces when I curl my hair, but the number of layers you do with your hair depends on the thickness. All right, now onto layer two. I’m going to do the exact same thing I did on the second layer, where I take bigger chunks, I curl it and then I pull it out just a little bit at the end, that way the curl is not too curly, I guess (giggles).

Okay, so now the second layer is done, so I’m going to go ahead and move on to the third layer. When I cut my hair this last time, I went ahead and cut some really short layers in the front, so it kind of looks like I have bangs. Those might look a little funny originally, but I’m going to go back through and fix them later. So I’m just going to go through and do the normal curls first. ) So this is how I cool them. Get the wind flowing through your locks. Cool, yeah, okay. So now that they are a little bit more cooled down, we can go ahead and comb through with our fingers, and see how they turned out. All right. So for short hair, it is a little bit different than long hair. Like, you can’t just like comb out your curls and expect them to be like fan-tab-u-lous-ly perfect because short hair can be really temperamental sometimes. So, as I can see, I have my bangs in the front, and I’m not really happy with this one piece that’s really, really curly. I’m going to plug in my straightener, and I’m just going to take it and run it through the ends a little bit, that way it flattens out and lays just the way I want it to. All right, and there we are. Our curls are finished! That is how you should curl your short hair. If you have got short hair like me, high five, we are twinning. All right, we are good. And now, it is time for the final spin, so I will go around, ta-da! We’ve got our short wand curls. There you go! Thank you guys so much for watching this post! If you want to see more DIY short hairstyles from me, give this post a thumbs up. Also, do not forget to comment, it’ll be the red button down below, and click the information button if you want to see more CGH hairstyle posts. They’re awesome, so go check them out, and I will see you guys some other day, bye!.

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