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Hey guys, Abby here from Twist Me Pretty, and I back with Savvy and CGH today, we are super excited. We have a really cute girly hairstyle for you today. Before we get started though, we are actually partnering with Dove on this post, and as you guys know, Dove is committed to redefine the standards of beauty, and they are at it again with their Love Your Hair campaign. A big thanks to Dove Hair for partnering with us on this post. As a mom to four, I recognize the big responsibility I have to ensure that my kids grow up with self-confidence, and that they are not afraid to be different, that their inner voice is an uplifting and positive one. In fact, a recent Dove study found that of girls learn to care about themselves from their mother, and that’s why Dove hair is on a mission to get the conversation started with moms on how and why they should share hair positivity with their daughters. So, Dove hair is actually asking everyone to share a photo with their daughter, and share it to social media sharing reasons why they want their daughter to love their hair, and they have a website where you can go and customize your own little mother-daughter photo.

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It is so cute. So, make sure to check the link in the description box and use the tag @Dove and the hashtag #LoveYourHair to create your own custom photo. You ready to get started? All right, onto the tutorial. To get these pretty curls, I’m just using a straightener. I found that with her length it is easier to use a straightener than a wand or a curling iron. Just take it section by section, clamp the straightener near the roots and then twist your wrist and pull the iron down the length of your daughter’s hair, and then I like to just twist the curl at the end to set it. Get her roots a little wet to tame any frizz and then split the part down the center. Just use the clip to secure one side while we are working on the other. We’re gonna be doing just a dutch braid, so take a small section near the front and divide it into three, and then braid the outer sections under the middle. Then, we are gonna add a new section of hair to the top strand, braid it under the middle, and then we are gonna add a new section of hair to that bottom strand and braid it under the middle. And this is just your dutch braid. You wanna keep the sections tight, and if you need to, go ahead and use some hairspray or some gel to keep those fly aways tamed. When you get to about the ear, go ahead and secure the braid with a clear elastic, and then I like to fluff the braid out just a tiny bit to give it a little bit more volume. Divide the hair top and bottom. I like the section on the bottom to be just a little bit thicker. You can use a comb, I’m using a Topsy Tail, you can also use your fingers, and then we are just gonna split that top section in half and secure one half with a clip so that it is out of the way. Now, we are gonna take that other section and make a little loop. So, wrap it around your finger so that the tail goes in towards the center, and then squeeze tight at the base of the ponytail. Take a clear elastic and secure the section to the base of the ponytail.

I prefer elastics over bobby pins because it helps the style stay all day while she plays. Now, we are gonna repeat on the other side, so make a little loop with that second section, making sure that the tail goes in towards the center, squeeze tight at the base of the ponytail and then secure it with a clear elastic. You’re going to need Topsy Tail tool, or you can secure with bobby pins, but just push the tool down the middle of the first ponytail and then take the bottom half of the section and pull it up through the hole of the Topsy Tail and just pull it through. Then, we are gonna just repeat on the other side, so a dutch braid all the way down to above the ear, tie it off with a clear elastic, and you are gonna split the hair in half and in half again, secure one side, and you are gonna start making your little bows. Take your Topsy Tail down the center of the elastic, push your tail up through the Topsy Tail and pull it down, and you are finished with the too cutest little bow hairstyle every. Don’t forget to create and share your custom Love Your Hair animated message with Dove by clicking the link in the description box. And it was so good to see you guys. You can also comment to CGH right here. You can find more of my posts up here and more of CGH’s posts down here. So, I hope you guys have a wonderful week and we will talk to you soon, bye.

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