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Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog, I have another really great eye makeup tutorial for you using all makeup geek eyeshadows really affordable and really really great quality. So you guys know that. If you use a white pencil eyeliner it is actually a really great eyeshadow base it is very good for color payoff and very good to have the colors last on all day long. So just apply the color all the way up to the crease and just blend out with your ring finger to make sure it is very soft and gentle on the eyelid the first eyeshadow i’m going in with is called ice queen by makeup geek, and it is a really pretty color is described as a frosty shimmery white eyeshadow and, I went in with a flat shader brush, I think this is by Sonia Kashuk and, I just packed on the color until, I got the whole pigness that, I wanted from an inner corner all the way up to the crease the next shade is called creme brulee, and it is described as a medium sand color with a soft matte finish this is part of my favorite transition shade ever. So starting from the outer corner make your way towards the inner do not go all the way in. Because we are not making this a really smoky eye and I’m trying to put more focus on the outer and rather than the inner corner of my eyes. So the next shade is called frappe, and it is described as a medium maple color with a matte finish using the same blending brush as before I’m just gonna focus the color mainly on the outer corner of my eye and creating that v-shaped look and blending the colors ever.

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So slightly towards the middle he’s a pretty cool fact about me, I really really enjoyed candles. So the last shade I’m using is called mocha and this is described as a very deep rich brown shade with a matte finish I’m taking a two and seven brush by Mac and then just placing the color right into my outer corner and creating a more defined V and start blending my way towards the middle to create this gradient effect of rich Browns and then go with my ring finger with the color ice queen I’m just gonna Pat the color right into my inner corner to the middle and just blend it out with my finger next step is eyeliner this is seriously one of the best eye lines I have ever tried. If you are a beginner at line liner use one of these self tip pens it is seriously going to save your life next, I went in with the same colors as, I use previously creme brulee and frappe and, I smoked out the lower bottom lashline, I do this step. Because, I feel like it makes my eyes wider and larger and to highlight my eyes, I just put the color, I screen right into my inner corners of my eyes and on my brow bone to help accentuate my eyebrows and that’s been at least is some mascara and here’s what the look looks like with the finished eyes. But you guys think of those names man makes me want to get a Starbucks drink be right back and to finish off this whole makeup look I’m just gonna put on some lipstick really bright red lipstick and this color is called Annabella and this is by the new NARS that lipstick collection have any of you tried that lipstick collection it is amazeballs that’s all, I gotta say amazeballs I have actually been sporting a new hairstyle lately, I think he makes me look very pretty yeah I’m just kidding alright here’s the finished look what do you guys think please let me know in the comments down below and, I need your thoughts concerns and as always thank you for reading my posts.

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