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Everything you do it sends me higher than the moon With every twinkle in your eye you strike a Match that lights my heart on fire When you are nearHey guys, it is Abby from Twist Me Pretty and I have got who do I have here? Savy Jane! Savy Jane, and you guys liked her back, so we are here to teach this cute little crown braid, but it fits little toddler fine wispy hair a little bit better, and her hair’s pretty short, so I’m gonna show you guys how to make it work. comment below, What? What? and if you want me in another post, give me a thumbs up. All right, let’s jump into it. You wanna start with fairly damp hair, and make sure to have some hairspray or wax ready, and then gather a section near the part and we are just gonna start a Dutch braid, so divide the hair into three sections and braid the outer sections under the middle.

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Then add a new piece to the top section and braid it under the middle, and transfer the sections into your other hand and add a new piece of hair to the bottom section and braid it under the middle, and you are just gonna keep on braiding down to about the ear. And just a few tips when you are working with little heads and super fine hair, you wanna keep the braid as tight as possible so if you have a little one that does not love to sit still, let her watch her favorite show or play a game on the iPad. We also used to do a lot of little activities, like threading large beads on a shoelace or poking different colored pipe cleaners through a Pringles cup. Um, I will leave a link below to some of our favorite little activities, but there are a million different games you can find browsing on Pinterest. And because her hair is so fine and it has a lot of little layers, I found it is easiest to tie the braid off when you get to about the ear. This is also where your bun is gonna sit so just make sure it is not too high or too close to the front, and then you are just gonna start the Dutch French Braid on the other side, and remember just to keep those pieces really tight. I like to angle my braid down and keep the braid closer to her neck so that those shorter layers in the back do not fall out.

Then just wrap the braid around and up and when you run out of hair, tie it off with a clear elastic. This is just how we get away with her short layers, so if you are styling hair that has longer length, you can turn it into a full crown braid or just meet the two braids together, and then just take those two ponytails and put them into a messy bun. And if your daughter has thicker hair, it’ll be easier to disguise the elastics and you can even pancake the braid so it looks nice and full. I like to keep Savy’s tight because I do not want it loosening as she plays, and then to make her shorter layers near her neck do not fall out, I just crisscross bobby pins in the back and hide it with the braids just to make sure that it is nice and secure. You like this hairstyle? Do you guys like this hairstyle? If you did, make sure to come check us out at Twist Me Pretty. That’s where my blog is and that’s where we are, so yeah! And you can click that little i button right up there to see posts we have done in the past. Yeah, right there. Right up there. And say, we will see you guys next week! We’ll see Or in a couple weeks! In a couple weeks! We’ll see you in couple weeks! Bye guys! Bye! Find me at Twist me Pretty. You wanna tell everybody what we are doing today? No. No. Do you like this hairstyle? Want me in next post, give me a thumbs up. Okay, let’s showem the hairstyle. Ooh, you are so pretty. This is my hairstyle.

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