Double French into High Pony Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA and today we are going to demo the double side French pony. So I like this ponytail and I’m secretly calling it the girly pony or the cutesy ponytail because it is a ponytail and it has all the great structure of a ponytail, but it has a little bit more pizazz so it is a little girly. OK, so oh, I was going to say also, I have a lot of fans ask me because I wash my hair for, like, three days, they ask me for style tips on day one hair, day two hair, day three hair. So what I’m going to show you is kind of a sequence on this hair. So day one on her hair, she just curled it and you can see she’s got lots of layers and these are leftover curls from her From a bun.

Double French into High Pony Hairstyles Photo Gallery

You did a bun? A twisty bun. OK, so she used a bun and these are the leftover curls. So day two, because your hair starts getting maybe a little more oily on top, this is a great way to hide day two hair. User a little dry shampoo and pull it up into a little puff on top, a pompadour and use bobby pins. So day three would be the one I’m going to show you right now. So I’m going to start by just sectioning off about from the top of her ears I will turn her so you can see back, just straight back from her ear. And then I’m just going to kind of put a clip in there just to keep it out of the way. And now I’m just going to start a very basic French braid. Because she’s getting a little older she likes it when I leave hairs down a little closer to her face. She does on herself, too. And I’m just going to do a French braid on this side. And I have already done the other side. So you are just going to do a very quick, easy, basic French braid. Just try to kind of follow that line that you made with your part. We’re going to maybe I call them stitches, which is like when you add in hair and then switch the hairs over, that’s like a stitch of a braid so we are going to do a few and when we get back just a little ways, not too far, we are just going to finish the braid off, or at least do a little past that point.

OK. And then you can use another clip like this or an elastic to just hold it. I’m going to have her just hold it for me for a second. And I will flip her around so you can see. We’ve already done the other one on this side. So this is where you get the double side French braid name because it has two French braids. And we are going to now take hold this side, too, please just the remainder of her hair and pull it up into a high ponytail. And a great way to get high ponytails is to actually turn your head upside down if you need to, and then that gives you a really nice high ponytail when you are gathering up the hair. When you get it combed the way you like it, then simply pull the French braids back and add that hair into the ponytail, as well. There we go. Secure it with an elastic, fluff it a little bit. I’m going to just loosen this a smidge so that it is a little bit more grown-up looking, and then I’m going to just take a piece of hair from underneath and wrap it around that elastic and bobby pin it. Or you can run it back through the elastic either one works just fine. And fluff up the ponytail, add a little hairspray to make it look fun, and you are done. And you have this fabulous, girly, totally cutesy ponytail but still very functional for people that are athletic and doing sports, very cute for cheerleading. And it is still an older adult looking or just cute. I would even wear this one. So I hope you enjoy. Leave a comment below and tell me if you like it and if you want to see more great ponytails. Also be sure to check out our Facebook page because we have lots of fans that post pictures of how they incorporate the hairdos that we do into their lives, around their own hair, and it looks great all the time. You can find us on Facebook at Hairstyles is our page name. So we will see you guys later. Hope you enjoy.

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