My Fall Hair and Makeup Routine

So today I wanted to do kind of a fall routine of some of my favorite hair and makeup that I have been wearing a lot recently I also wanted to show you some of my favorite products in action like my new my octo on to my sea otter eyes palette I hope you guys like this kind of new post and let’s go ahead and jump into it I’m going to start off with my foundation and I’m using the Too Faced Born This Way I’m just dotting it over my face and then blending it in with a buffing brush then I’m going to use the Maybelline fit me concealer.

I have to mix these two to match my skin tone and I’m just going to do that under my eyes and on any area that needs a little bit of extra concealing finally I’m going to set it with the Mac mineralize skinfinish in light I’m going kind of heavily over my under eyes and my nose and then I’m just going to go lightly over the rest of my face and now moving on to the eyes first I’m going to prime them and then I’m going to move on to the si si and Olivia Palermo smoky suede I have Hallett because the outside makes makeup now and it is amazing I’m going to use this topi bronze shade I’m going to put it over my lid and then start working it through my crease then I went to blend it out as if I’m blending out a crease color.

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You want to be able to see this over your crease when you are looking straight ahead and these eyeshadows blend out super well so just blend away until you have a nicely diffused crease then I’m going to pick up this light matte shade and I’m going to use it just underneath my brow and blend it into the color that we just placed and now I’m going to work on smoking out some eyeliner I’m going to start with the ciate chisel eyeliner and I’m going to use this to create kind of a base for my smoking liner this has a really precise tip which I would normally use for like winged eyeliner but for this look I’m going to line my upper lid with kind of a thick ish line and this is going to create the nice dark base for our smoldery blended out liner.

I always love to put down a liner that’s going to lock in place and not budge at all so that I can smudge out the liner that I put on top of it as much as I want and get the perfect smoky later so this is step number one for step two up taking the gel coal liner and I’m going to put that right on top of the liner that we just did now you can do this step with any creamy product you give you to use like a creamy eyeshadow if you want to but you want to put this over the liner and then use a brush to smudge it out and as you do that you will see that you get it perfectly smoky and blended but you do not lose any intensity right next to your lash line and that’s because we put that first eyeliner down first so yeah that’s my tip.

And trick and kind of secret in the lower lash line I’m just going to dot on the liner because this liner is really pigmented and a little bit goes a long way so I’m just dotting it on and then I’m going to blend it out as well that way we get the perfect amount of smokiness on the lower lid I also want you to make sure that you keep the inner corner free of liner that way you do not close this eye off we do not want it to be raccoony we just want it to be smoky and that is it for the eye liner now I’m going to add in a little bit of this dark brown shimmery shade with a pencil brush and I’m going to put this between the liner and the bronze shade that we laid down first that’s going to create a perfect gradient from black to bronze then.

I’m going to go in with a fluffy brush and just diffuse that line so this is all perfectly blended this brown shade not only adds some shimmer which will make it a little bit more open and wearable but it also helps the eye to look very fall appropriate now that’s it for the upper lid for the lower lid I’m going to go back with this brown shade on a small fluffy brush and go over the liner this is actually going to make it a little bit more subtle of a smoky eye and it is going to help to open up the eye as well I like that we have the liner underneath it because it makes the shadow a little bit more intense it makes it just pop a little bit more then I’m going to go in with this amazing highlighting shade and I’m going to put it over my inner corners you cannot pry me away from my inner corner highlight I love it and I feel like it really connects this look and kind of brings everything together and this look is basically done.

But I decided to go in with a little bit of this matte purple and put it over the outside of my lower lids to add in a little bit more of that fall color this is also going to be great for any color of I I’m just doing that with a small fluffy brush and then I’m going to take a larger fluffy brush to blend everything out and make sure it looks seamless and now we are ready for some mascara obviously I’m going to curl my lashes first and then I’m going to use the ciate triple shot mascara and this is just going to add length and volume to the lashes it really helps them to stand out without overpowering the look that we just did with the eye shadow and this is going to stay in place all day long this mascara does not go anywhere now the eye look is done let’s go ahead and do some brows I’m going to use the benefit gimme brow and it has little extra brow fibers in it so it helps your brows to look thicker and I’m just going to comb that through to kind of fake bigger brows and then I’m going to use the Anastasia brow Wiz in taupe just over any sparse areas in my brows once that’s done this smokey eye is complete I love love love the smokey eye.

And I have definitely been pulling out at any point when a smoky eye is appropriate then I’m going to go on to the face I’m just going to use a little bit of hoola bronzer to contour my cheeks I really only do this when I’m filming just because I have light skin and with the bright lights that I use sometimes my face looks like a marshmallow if I do not add bronzers so I’m just doing a little bit of that and then I’m going to use the color pop blush in between the sheets and just do that over my cheeks I’m going to finish off the face with Becca shimmering skin Perfector and champagne pop this is the most beautiful highlight of all time.

I love how shimmery and beautiful it is and it just gives that perfect amount of glow I’m just going to keep this on my cheeks though because I do not want it to compete with the shimmery smokey eye for lips I’m using the love of color vibrant matte lipstick in first kiss I think this is the perfect pinky nude color and then I’m going to top it off with the pillow public loss from soap & Glory in nude in town and that is it for our makeup look I love the fall colors in this eye and how it is all smoky and smoldery and honestly I have been wearing it whenever I can get away with a smoky eye and now let’s move on to the hair as always I’m parting my hair on the side and getting it all brushed and ready to curl then I’m going to use these.

I will sexy here text as my heat protectant and I’m going to split my hair in half and curl the bottom half first to curl my hair I’m going to use the one edge attachment from my nume octal on set and I’m just going to curl sections of hair away from my face and once that is done I’m going to let it fall into my hand and let it just sit in my hand for a couple of seconds to cool down and then I’m gonna drop it and then I’m going to do the same thing with each curl and that’s probably why this is my go to curling method because it is so easy honestly you can totally just like check out like not even think about what you are doing just keep curling your hair until it is all done so once the bottoms done you can go ahead and let the top down when I’m in a hurry I do not split my hair in half but I do find that the curls lost a lot better when I split my hair in half and go in sections so if you want these curls to really last I recommend going in sections and then once you have all the hair curls away from your face we are ready to comb it out and I’m just going to use my fingers to break up the curls if you find that doing this ever makes your hair kind of poofy just shake the curls instead of running your fingers through them then I’m going to use this Tresemme perfectly undone wave perfecting gelee to comb through my hair and then I wait to scrunch with it and that’s going to create this kind of PC look to the waves but it also helps to really augment and define the waves then I’m using the bumble and bumble thickening dry spun finish through the hair and I’m just holding the hair out and spraying it in this adds texture and volume is really really great for fine hair I’m going to throw my hair over and tell us a little around a little bit throw it back and rub my fingers over any particularly messy areas once that’s done this hairstyle is complete you can always add in some hairspray as well if you want and that’s it for my fall hair and makeup look I have been loving this makeup I know that it is a lot for everyday but it just makes me so happy and these ciate products I love as well you should definitely swatch them next time you are in Sephora and then this hair like I just want to flip it around and swish it around like I mean this look as a whole is just giving me life I hope you guys like it too if you have not already be sure to click that subscribe button and I will see you in my next post wha bye.

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